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Monday, 29 December 2008

Flickr and Weeds.

Just to fill in the blanks for not posting enough and probably not knowing when my next post is, just typing in phrases to flickr and finding some nice and interesting images. Some are kinda obvious to what i might've typed in......

Mission Accomplished

Ok, so maybe not so obvious, but they involved: Jelly Castles, Glowsticks polaroids, Glowstick writing and polaroids of Robert Pattinson. The crush will not die! Everything is getting all Vampire related in my life! Its wrong.

If you dont know about this show, i do suggest you try watch it, its sooooo good! I now own all three series that i can get my grubby hands on in the UK!

I present you, Weeds,
Basically, Nancy, mother of two has just been turnt into a widow and deals weed to maintain the lifestyle she has and to pay her bills for her family and stuff. Something like that. Its veeeeery good and the dude who plays her oldest son, Silas - Hunter Parrish is HOT.

Biro illustrations

* This was meant to be done AGES ago, my laptop has FINALLY decided to let me upload pictures!

Hopes you all had a very nice Xmas :) *
-STILL working on the happiness tag!-
Ages ago, much more before the tag, i said i would post some images of my work. Im just going to show some biro drawings. There are some more things i think i could show but i'll take photos of them later and do another post with those. For now this is what i have currently uploaded on the computer.
Yes, i understand her hand/arm is a bit odd but it looked good at the time.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Bad laptop.

Im trying to make a post, im TRYING to upload photos but my laptop doesnt seem to want to!!! Im working on an alternative way as i type dont you worry!

I've finished uni for this term - woo! - but im going back to do some last minute research for essays/projects due after Christmas which does suck a little but its fine, make the most of my weekly travelcard. How sad.

Twilight also comes out on friday! Like a NERD i will be there. On the first day. For the first showing, but i HAVENT booked my ticket. Now that a slightly teeny bit obsessive, even for me. But i have got my friend hooked on the book, i lent her the first one and she seems to have nearly finished it in one day.

Christmas is next week! I cant wait, not really sure what im doing but it usually has involved going to see family and seeing friends on Christmas Eve eating ice cream. They're selling Ben & Jerry's in Sainsburys for like £2 so... GO!

I also bought a Fisheye camera the other day, still on my first roll of film but its nearly finished. Is it kinda evil that i scared a poor innocent squirrel with the flash? Mind, you never realise how BRIGHT the flash is until it goes off... Oh, and i has a Nintendo DS too now. Its very geeky, it was a small gift for myself for my finishing work. I dont like that this post doesnt have pictures so thats why im not putting links to things. Crappy me.

Better standards next time.

Hope all is well.

Remember, TWILIGHT on friday :)

Wednesday, 3 December 2008


Today was the Twilight Premier. And i didnt go! Well i did, i went there briefly but didnt really want to wait on my own for 3-4hours. Plus i got there quite late in terms of premier so i wasnt really in a decent spot by the barriers, although it was quite small as some STUPID funfare thing was in the way in the Leicester Sq park where the you have most premiers and it was showing at Vue not Odeon - Vue in on the side and is tiny compared to the other cinemas there - Odeon and whatsitface.

I basically took two photos but only of the bit on top of the cinema with massive images of 'Edward' and Bella and it saying something about 'UK PREMIER'.

Sorry for the small talk, i really shouldnt even be online, i have my final assessment for uni due monday and i have projects to do and a portfolio to create and sort out.


And Twilight comes out in less than two weeks!

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Random Things.

I wasnt tagged. But im stealing this off Rather=Robyn's blog post thing.

Something to do with random things - i found the source, and its 7 things. I say a lot of random crap on this blog already so im sorry if i repeat myself.

1. I too, like Robyn, has a Harry Potter-like scar. Unlike him, mine is REAL. And i had stitches, i assume in the Wizarding world they dont 'do' stitches. This is my memory behind the scar, though im not entirely sure if it was a dream or not, but its the only memory i have. I was in reception and im running towards those crappy kiddy now-you're-all-grown-up-legs-included-you're-suprised-how-low-the-tables-are kinda tables, and im kinda as 90-degrees angle as one can be, charging towards the table. BAM. (This is kinda like the pensieve thing in Harry Potter books, the memory thing, where the memory is continuous in a badly edited kinda way.) Im getting into the back of what i think is my headteacher's car? I have something on my head. BAM. Im holding a can of Tango(?) and walking into the hospital. BAM. Nurse is kinda doing something on my forehead, it kinda feels weird, i thinking (or asking?) why or what she is doing... memory fades and i am no longer roughly sure of what i was thinking/saying to her. BAM. My mum is needing to buy bandages and im kinda on my way home. BAM. Im home and there is something involving ham and pineapple pizza which i am not happy with.

I also have a weird memory of wearing just my pants, with my mum in the room and getting on the table for a X-ray?
This is one of the memories, rather its completely true or not, but as memories go, its pretty vivid and its something ive never elaborated too much on, its its either true or unconsciously made up.

*BAM = blackout/fade/next scene.

2. I 99% have to read something, preferably a book like 90% of the time, before i sleep. Maybe something like a nap i'll just try and sleep, but if i can, doesnt matter how late it is, i will try and read. I dont know why, but its a habit. Ive often lost LOTS of sleep, averagely 30minutes of sleep, just by reading instead of sleeping. The main reason i stop to sleep is because it might be too late to carry on reading or my eyes wont stay open anymore.

3. I can make paper orgami Cranes. Not cranes as in the mechanical type, but in the bird Crane. It doesnt really look like a real Crane, but thats what they're called in the Origami world. I was taught by my mum's bff's daughter in Hong Kong like.. years ago... 2002? I was like 11 back then.. it was random. I still remember how to do it and along the way i've taught a few people and bedazzled many with the odd 'talent'. Ive retired from making them but am willing to make them for those who ask. (In a later edited version, i shall add a photo of one i especially made and then photo-ed for this blog.)

4. I have Grade 1 in the flute. YEAH. Random right? I was too scared to do Grade 2 as i probably just about passed the first one. I was sooooo nervous. This was back in year 5 i think. I carried on lessons until year 8 - obviously, my flute teacher changed after changing to secondary school, and i stopped mainly because my second teacher was a *insert really bad word*. I still have it around in my closet, i can just about remember how certain notes are played.

5. I love The Sound of Music. I helped out briefly backstage at my secondary school's production of it, and i think from there, i learnt to love it. I didnt really know the film but thought it was brilliant when watching from behind the curtains. I have the singalong version on DVD. Oh yes. But i dont understand why my friends wont go see it with me in theatre :( do any bloggers want to go see it? I would happily go and see it with you... if you havent seen it, its soooo good. The songs are just genius.

6. I miss maths. I just miss counting up stuff and the mulitplication stuff. Aaah. It took me ages to learn all my timestables but i still remember them quite well. But GCSE maths though, not too complicated. Besides Art, Maths was my second decent subject. Not that i did overly great. Didnt like things involving shapes though. Just numbers.

7. Im on my second re-read through the Twilight series - ive suprisingly not mentioned anything to do with my favourite Vampires until now. Im on the third one, just a bit ahead of the big fight-based scene - dont want to spoil anything for those who HAVENT read it, seriously, go buy the book. NOW. After you read this post of course. - and like the first run through, i dont like that im towards the ending of another of the vampire books, - its like Harry Potter, i love both series, i love the worlds thats been created, i want to LIVE in those worlds - i try 'prolong' the fantasy-ness by distracting myself with a different book. Last time i read... the 9th Princess Diaries book - the 10th is the last one! - and now its Wicked (some may know of Wicked: The Musical, but the book is what the musical was based on).

Finally, its over. I know you didnt really elaborate on the subject on random-ness.. and i did.. i rambled on a lot. Its a bad habit.

Sunday, 23 November 2008


Im in the process of another post, im just trying to mass blog. If i can. Because you never know when the next post from me is coming.

I've given in 3 projects for uni already, 3 doesnt sound like a lot, but i have another 2-3 due in within the next month and thats not including a essay and a on-going project due in march, so anyway, i had a week free along with this weekend - well, i have a project due monday - 2 actually, - and well, instead of working on my sketchbook, i watched a bunch of films. I mass bought films a few weeks ago and watched most of them very recently. Woo. Along with some very brief film descriptions.

Here are a selected few of the ones i watched:

Forgetting Sarah Marshall - Man get dumped by girlfriend, he's upset and she's already dating. He goes somewhere to try and get over her and she's there. it wasnt too bad, some nudity i didnt see coming and i loved the Dracula parts!

Notes on a Scandal - Narrated from the character played by Dame Judi Dench, a new teacher to the school has an affair with student, another teacher who has befriended the new teacher catches them and from there it begins, like blackmail. I really liked it, brilliantly acted, to me it was like watching Robin Williams for the first time in One Hour Photo. Now i really need to read the book, as for those who dont know, this film was based on the book of the same name.
Freedom Writers - based on the real story of a teacher encouraging her class that they can do a lot better than the gang-based life that they live in. Its really quite inspiring. At first i did not like most of the characters, but as the film progresses, you hear and see their background and they start to open up and you start to see through their harsh exterior. Something like that.

Into the Wild - I've been nagged to watch this since summer, or a little before. Dude from rich/well off respectable background ditches his materialistic background - including changing his name - and just travels around with the things he has and very little money because he burns it. His main goal is to get to Alaska. The film is partially narrated through his sister and is too, based on a real story. The ending made me CRY. This film i seriously DO recommend, Emile Hirsch played the guy brilliantly. Kristen Stewart of my favourite Vampire film features in this film too.

The Bad Mother's Handbook - Based on the book of the same name, im not really sure how to describe this book without giving too much away, basically just seeing a mother going through some life changing events of her life. Pretty bad synopsis i know. Catherine Tate didnt annoy me as much as i thought she would, but this film was quite sweet, not sure if it was worth me buying though to be honest. But my favourite (Vampire) Robert Pattinson - or as hard-corey fans like to call him, 'R-Pattz' - is in this, the reason i bought this film of course. It thought it was pretty awkward to watch him play this character who is extremely awkward, but verrrrrry sweet. And the hair, oh dead, please Robert, NEVER do that to your hair. Or anyone else for that matter.

Son of Rambow - i've seen this film three times already. Basically, some kids recreating parts of the first Rambo film. Its soooooo sweet this film. I didnt really like the ending, got a bit too soppy, but i enjoyed it thoroughly. 'I AM THE SON OF RAMBOW'. And Didier. This was my favourite of the bunch, the main film i was looking for when in the process of mass buying DVDs, i enojyed this more than seeing Robert in The Bad Mother's Handbook. This had a mainly non-speaking part with Ed Westwick. The illustrated bible was sooo cool, its something that im going to try and re-create, not with a bible, but with a large book at least. Southbank usually has this book stall/tables selling books, i might just buy one or two of those books and just destroy it with my drawings. Or i'll just get one from charity. Which reminds me to donate my old books to my local Starbucks :)

So that was the first in my list of badly described films.

I have In Bruge, Quadrophenia and The Chronicles of Narnia to get through still.

Might do a book list next. When you see the Tagged post you'll understand why.

Just trying to educate the masses.

Also, its meant to snow soon! I live in the crappy south and we dont get as much snow as the north generally does. I love snow. As soon as there is snow falling, im going to be mass Polaroiding.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Im starting to run out of titles...

Im baaaack! For a while anyway.
I definately passed one project, one is pass/fail and the other is definate fail. I have final assessments later in december so im going to try and not worry about it too much this week, the only week im not having timetabled lessons and lectures with random guest people. Woo.

I was planning to put some photos here, ok, like two, of these illustrations i did - just to show i WAS actually working and to share with everyone, but my camera today has decided to not want to upload photos. Bad camera.

Here's something... Ok, right. The uploader thing has decided to fuck up too. So this is just a nothing post.

There is another post that i need to get sorted out so i'll just go ahead...

Friday, 7 November 2008

Just briefly...

Im sorry i havent been posting recently, ive got two projects due in the next couple of days and therefore extremely busy even though i planned to do work tonight and ended up going drinking..... i gave in a project a few days ago.. one down, two to go.

Here's some stuff of recent:
  • Duh, Barack Obama being the future president!!!!! Yay, im so fucking glad its not the republicans winning.
  • I got tagged by Robyn of 'Rather=Robyn' and i WILL do the tagged post :D because i can gush about Twilight, it'll have to be after thursday at the very earliest.
  • Anyone found the winter issue of V Man? The one with Chace Crawford on the cover... It's this issue im looking for, if anyone has seen or got a copy and lives in the UK, particularly near-ish London... please let me know where i can get it so i can get a copy. Ive been looking for AGES, none of the Borders or main magazine shops have a copy or know about the Winter issue regardless of what they say. there IS a winter issue, its their first winter issue.

Yeah, thats it for bulletins, i havent been up to much, just uni work, so much work with so little time. But my last crit in the upcoming week is thursday - i have to film/design and edit a 60 second film, and crit for tuesday is to design a shop with all the bits inside, advertising and make a model. Hmm. But its over soon. The week after i have a 'Fashion Events Week' which i have no idea what it involves... but it means no crits and hopefully a few posts.

I am still reading the blogs even though im too not myself to comment, be very sure that i AM reading your post :)

OOOH, also, ive bought 'The Bad Mother's Handbook' - it has Robert Pattinson (and Catherine Tate), as well as a bunch of other dvds from the previous two weeks but im waiting until next thursday night to watch them!!!! Its nearly over! - the crits i mean.


Saturday, 18 October 2008


This post was soon going to be written anyway.

For those crazies who havent heard of 'Twilight' as the book/film, then.... click here, books written by Stephenie Meyer.

But for those who have.

Basically, girl moves to new town and is 'drawn' to this particular family of brothers and sisters who go to her school and then falls in love with one of the dudes. And the family are vampires. Woo. Vampires.

I LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOOVE the book. Twilight is a series of 4 books in total: Twilight, Eclipse, New Moon and Breaking Dawn.

But i hear there will be a book called 'Midnight Sun' which is told in the view of main vampire Edward. Words cannot describe how much i LOVED the book.

Im not going to try and give away too much, but im going to gush. Im currently a chapter or two into the third book. I started reading Twilight (the first book) last sunday... and now on the third. I finished the second in like two days. And the second book is im guessing AT LEAST 450pages. Thats how much im into this series-majig.

The first book has been made into a film of the same name and is being released in November somewhere. I HAVE to go to the premier. If i can. I dunno, im getting geekly depressed thats its all nearly ending and going to the premier may send me off the edge because im so full of excitement.

Here are some pictures while i try to think of some coherent sentances to type.

All my images were taken from here.

The main film poster:
The 'Cullens' and 'Bella'.

And a not-the-most-flattering-picture of the two main leads.Im kinda a twat and i dont really know or can be bothered to find out/know all the actors and actresses names, well, only of 'Edward' - Robert Pattinson - omg, my crush for him is starting all over again, some may know him mainly as 'Cedric' in the fifth Harry Potter film, or for my 'old school' bloggers, some may know or have even seen the images, that Robert used to be a model, at one point i think Bliss (UK) magazine... yes.. like a WEIRDO, I, for some reason kept his poster. Hahaaha, its sooo sad. Again, this was many years ago, PLEASE say someone remembers this too.... it was him along with some other guys and you was meant to vote which one was the cutest... as you can guess i thought Robert was, but i DIDNT vote. I swear. Anyway, getting back to subject, i also know the actress playing 'Esme', Elizabeth Reaser? She was 'Jane Doe/Ava' in Greys Anatomy.

Here's a imdb link for the film.

So in this new obsession, i think my last was a quickly faded Michael Phelps based one, though he is still very cute in a scarily tall dorky way, ive badly researched what potential mags are doing the promo for this film, and all i got is V Man. I dont care its a dude mag, this obsession has no bounds when it comes to magazines. The pictures in V Man are pretty cute though, the ones with the fangs.

If you are a fan of the said series and want to talk about them. Because i cant get enough and i only know ONE other person that knows about the books, but she's still on the first book and i shant see her until like wednesday - well, my email is available, feel free to obsess with me :)

(Later edit: silly me, here's the link to the film website and, if you've seen the trailor, is it me, or does Robert Pattinson look SOO good in Ray Bans?)

Wednesday, 8 October 2008


I havent posted in ages. Shit. Oops.

There isnt really an excuse for it, except im in uni now? But i'll also blame my laptop being weird and my camera uploading pictures in being weird.. i'll try it tomorrow because i have LOADS of pictures to upload/show you all. And having a scanner too woul REALLY help as i have polaroids.

So sadly, no personal pictures, but this is for everyone in the UK, just a small tip, Nike have a 'Pop Up' shop, which is basically just a temporary shop set up anywhere, and it being 'temporary', the amount of time it being there can range from a week (or even less) to a few months or so. This Nike shop is on Curtain Road, near one of the LCF campuses, nearest station being Old Street. Im not neccessarily a sportswear fan, but i friggin loved this place, especially the walls outside which have been painted/spray painted with different designs of Nike designs... i'll try and upload pictures in the next post, but here are some of the pictures from inside...
The place really is AMAZING. Its on until September, and i got those images from here. It's just soooooo cool, you really have to have a look yourself if you can. A quick story behind the last two pictures is that the room (the last three pictures are in the same 'room'), are that it is constantly being changed, artists are coming in and adding artwork to it the room, everything design is done by a different artist, like i said, you really have to see it for yourself. Its wonderful and inspiring from an artistic and fashion point of view, but from the view of someone in the public, its just sooo cool. That this place is just temporary, but yet so different from other shops. Im just rambling now :)

Im still reading everyone's blog even though im not constantly updating my blog, im always online... i think my email is availible on my blog profile so its not as if you cant just email me.... i have friggin' SIX projects for uni! Its not totally hectic schedule but its a lot, so when im not being distracted or worrying about work i will try and post as much as possible.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Things to do.

Ive got a few things to do this week, hence the crappy title. Feeling a bit scummy too, sore throat and weird headache thing, i suspect i has a fever?

So, this week i need to
  • Enroll at uni,
  • Get my money stuff and spend it on clothes, stationary, books, magazines and Polaroids.
  • Call up the gym and sort out a induction thing, woop free gym for 3months,
  • Go to the Supremes exhibition at V&A and finish off my summer project, the one that has gone horribly wrong,
  • See some friends before uni starts,
  • Sort out my 18+ Oyster card,
  • Pay off a fine,
  • Pay my friend back for tickets for a gig,
  • Upload the images from the gig and email them to her - Gym Class Heroes

and that i think thats mainly it. Not a lot, but im never too good with thinking straight on the spot off the top of my head.

Lipstick Jungle and America's Next Top Model starts in the UK tomorrow!!!! ANTM has started to get sooo cheesey, since about series 5-6 and after, its gone dooooownhill, yet i still watch every episode.

I think my laptop has a virus too. Its had this weird thing popping up since yesterday, after about 20mins on the laptop, it will start popping up loads of this symantic thing, - antivirus software? - and yeah, i have to disconnect the internet thing... but i dont really use my laptop much anymore, mainly for internet and Spider Solitaire. Im getting a new laptop next year so maybe finally THEN i can upload and change around my ipod which has had the SAME songs since feb/march of earlier this year.

Had a shitty interview this week, i was LATE, so bad. Think of the worst shop - clothing based - to work in, cheap shitty clothes, thats probably the shop i had my interview, im ASHAMED to name the place, i hate the shop even more than i already did, i just need 'retail experience', but now i just need a job in general.

My eyes are kinda hurting from the light so im gona give up, I'll post some Gym Class Heroes pics later or something, because this post is boring and ranty.


Saturday, 13 September 2008

I didnt really take photos of my time working with the Barry Manilow show thing, i do miss it, but my friend did take a little video with my phone, i thought she was taking PHOTOS, not filming hence most of my actions, if you imagine me thinking she was trying to take a photo and trying to avoid 'having my photo taken' you can therefore hopefully undestand why i was being so weird......

When you see my waving/shaking something at the camera, its a shoehorn. Please dont judge me by this video, and no, i wasnt touching myself. It's a pretty unflattering video of myself but its quite funny.

Btw: Pineapple Express, not bad, could have been better, but if you enjoy the Knocked Up/Superbad/stoner humour then deffo go see it :)

And the song being sang in the background, 'Looks Like We Made It'.

I <3>

Friday, 5 September 2008

Oh shizz.

I hadn't realised i hadn't posted in so long.

I'm also starting to re-use correct puntuation, as much as I can bother to remember to do so.

I had planned to post a day or so ago, but im currently kinda helping out on a theatre show thing in local town theatre place, and I wanted to post a proper post then, but that's over a day and half away, I hate neglecting this blog.

I'm being totally serious, but the show is called 'Can't Smile Without You' and for the normal people who don't know, it's a Barry-fucking-Manilow musical. The show is ending in town on the 6th - i'm helping out on the second to last show, which is basically the matinee show on the last day - before it goes off to another town. If you like/enjoy/LOVE musicals, and/or the idea or Barry Manilow songs makes you LARF, I advise you to check the show out, even if you get the cheap back row tickets. And the show's main star is CHESNEY HAWKES. For those SICK people who love a bit of Chesney for the eyes, i've seen in topless. He's fairly skinny, someone needs to feed him.

I'll elaborate more about this on a post after saturday when I can get some last show (for me) photos if that is possible.

Top end this, I was trying to find the image/dress she wore to THIS year's The Venice Film Festival, but alas, I can only find this, Diane Kruger at The Other Boleyn Girl film premier.

I think she looks cute, not entirely sure about the ruffled skirt/bottom, but I definately love the top jacket and bow tie combo. Partially liking the shoes.

Look, it's 2:21am, it's never a good time to blog especially if you've literally been up since 8:15am, 8:20am and again at 8:24am (curtisy of my phone's alarm clock/snooze). Wow, I hadn't thought of that until just now. Kids, don't follow my footsteps in this late night stuff malarky, it's not good, not as bad as drugs but not good.

I miss cheese. Melted cheese. Stringy cheese on pizza.......

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Lula Issue#7

I think i've gushed about Lula somewhere in this blog before.

For those who dont know, Lula is just this really pretty wonderful magazine, bi-annual, but worth ever penny. Low in advertising, but high in originality. This issue is fairly different from the last as the colours are much darker - and a lot of black involved, but thats perhaps because its the A/W copy.

The latest copy, weirdly, had two covers. At first when my friend showed me in the shop, we got extremely confused about it, but both ended up getting the same cover:

As i dont own a scanner, i have to rely on the internet to find (good quality) scanned images, and i got these from the facebook LULA group - if you look through all the uploaded photos on that group, you'll find MY version of a photo they had in issue #6, dunno, thought i'd tell you :)

Seriously, Lula is REALLY worth it, especially if you're into the arty/dreamy/fashion photo styling. I got my copy from Borders.

Last bit, regardless of what time it said i posted this, its actually about 2hours later because i went late-late-night food shopping with the parents, and uh... you know, we paid for it, me and my dad walking out to put bags into the back of the car, and well, just as we were coming out, i usually run with the trolley and then 'fly' my way to the car, i FELL. Oh man, i dont know what happened but right near the car the trolley rolled, causing me to roll. My knee still stings a tiny bit. I must've scared the crap out of my dad but all i was thinking was 'this is embarrasing/shit, get the bags into the car before my mum sees this and goes ape shit/i hope i get into trouble/man, that was pretty jokes'. I was deprived of that falling of my bike and hurting myself stuff. Now i need to fish out my old skateboard out and give it another go, i didnt react as badly as i thought i would in a flying-off-somewhere-to-the-ground type situation...

Thank you for the Happy Birthday stuff, my birthday SUCKED although my friend got me this really cool Owl necklace pendant, i just need the chain, i'll take a picture of it soon :)

Seriously though, Lula is worth buying!!!!!!

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Just hanging around.

Been neglecting this blog as usual.
Nothing really interesting really, this week has mainly been a build up to my birthday so ive been putting off things until the big day comes.

Last saturday i went out to my friend's pre-birthday do - her birthday is only a week before mine, and we went out to Black Sheep Bar which is like a alternative type bar, but it does some hip-hop type music while mainly focusing of the rock side. It was the first time i went there, and here are some of the pics i took, mainly because no-one was taking any.
Trying to get this post done before 12am - aka my birthday but it seems impossible as i type its 11:57pm.

The girl in the second photo, that was the pre-birthday girl.

Hoody:H&M, top:Urban Outfitters, bag:Topshop.

This thursday i re-went to the Black Sheep again, this time getting very nearly pissed and i havent uploaded the photos yet to my laptop. Oooh. Its nearly 12....

Going to be having a picnic i think for my birthday.. and getting drunk in the park too... DRINK RESPONSIBLY KIDS.


Happy 19th to moi :) and there is a random fly in my living room.

The Olympics are ending like any hour now, which is strangely making me feel kinda sad.. the passing of the torch to London is happening later too, i would probably like to go, just for the fun of it, but my friend did wisely tell me that is probably would be very very busy.... but Michael Phelps is going to be there! Not that i will see him. Im getting over this mini obsession/crush but its still funny. I cant wait until the 2012 London Olympics, but i'll be 22!!!! I feel weird enough that im now in my LAST year of being a 'teenager', i dont really want to be 20... im am honestly just ranbling here. Just wanted to share those photos :) im also slacking in the commenting of blogs, i am honestly reading them! I dont comment as much as i would as im not that articulate most of the time when im reading a blog, hence my 'wow thats cool... hmm... umm..*' type comments.

Im going to stop and open a birthday card and watch more tv.

Here is my friend's very cute baby :)

Isn't he cute? This was taken like 3weeks ago and he's 10months. The goo around his face is a mixture of Dairylea and Doritos. Mmm. E-numbers.

Sunday, 17 August 2008


From my last post, i was talking about my weird crush on Micahel Phelps. WELL. Not so much anymore. Yes, he betrayed me with Lily Donaldson!!! I cant 'compete' with models. Darn. That really sucks, this from Bryanboy has partially broken my heart, but on this post, you HAVE to watch the WHOLE little video at the end. If i could and there wasnt family behind me, i would have pissed my crappy pants. At the end of a shit day, that little video has made me smile.

Hint: Firebreathing.

There was also this picture in one of the posts, brace your eyes, he's looking SERIOUSLY HOT.

(taken from Sister Libby at Ice Cube Confidential)


I could probably stare at him - i was going to type 'image' but unconsciously typed 'him' - for a long long time. I dont know who that girl is.

I found where the image is from. April 2008 issue of Vogue, the one with Gisele and LeBron James dude, i remember the mini hype about it having a black dude on the cover and i remember seeing it and thinking 'i cant be bothered to get this issue', NOOOOO!!!!! That really sucks. There is a market thing near me on thursdays that usually has old (like just last months) magazines, hopefully if i go thursday there will be a issue lying around. OMG! I never knew he did Vogue. I never knew who he was until the Olympics. I didnt know who he was until i looked at the screen of the games after constantly hearing my brother and Dad mentioning some dude called 'Phelps'.

But that picture. Wow. Im used to seeing some pretty unflattering yet still cute images of him. My, my, my. He looks sooooooo hot. Like properly hot, not weird dodgy crush hot, but properly hot without having to be like 'hot but...', just HOT.

I'll do another post later with what i did last night - no biggie, just went out, got creeped out by my friend's cousin who has a crush on me, sadly he isnt hot :( - just to show i do get out and not just lust after hot swimmers (there was another hot dude somewhere in that team swimming relay race). I took pictures too, especially because i said i dont take enough pictures to share with everyone and no-one was taking pictures last night in general. But that is another post.

I would end this post with a picture, but if anyone can send me a link for a hot image of Michael then we'll have to make do with the Vogue one.


Saturday, 16 August 2008

Harry Potter

The new film is being pushed back until next year 2009 :( in July sometime...


Im a fairly big Harry Potter geek and uh... its a saddening moment. This is a bit of a miscellaneous post but i wanted to share my sadness. And some pictures of the film that i googled up, hahah.

Not a lot of pictures i know but i cant be bothered to put some mini trailer thingy in here.

Oh man, im quite saddened by this, i was really looking forward to the premier - it was meant to be mid-November as the film was meant to be released Novemeber 17(?) - as i went to the last one. It was SOOOOO fun and im re-reading the books because im very antsy about the films coming out and now i find out its being pushed back. I understand it because something about blockbusters and already having the Dark Knight there is no point of Harry Potter coming out and taking in more money. Or something, i read it from here - finding the link to it from E! website. Also sucks that i have to wait ANOTHER roughly one year for it, they could have done it like maybe march or something, but nooooooooo, its pushed back to summertime, also known as familyandkidsandeveryoneinthebloodyworldhastimetogoseeit so WHEN i go, i'll still be surrounded by little kiddies or people who wont shut up. This is why i STILL havent yet seen the Dark Knight. I guess i'll have to get it when it comes out on dvd, but, as a consolation to Harry P film being pushed back, the dvd wil l likely be released by Christmas :)

.....of next year though.

Not really sure what this blog is about, i say i'll do one thing and i never seem to do and there isnt really a theme except it being extremely weird and random.

So here's some more.

Please dont judge, and im not a groupie-fame-seeking-trend-sheep person, but im developing a extremely dodgy crush on American swimmer dude Michael Phelps.

I know i know, he is a scary 6''4-5 - i dont know his exact height, this is what i read in the newspapers - and considering im like 5''3..., massive hands, feet, nose, CHIN - im sorry, but its kinda too big for his face, ears and this shoulders are like soooo broad, something about him is strangely kinda hot. Not really my type - i *heart* the musicians but i dunnno.. i need to get out more and meet new people.

But to fuel this even more, look what i found on Pink Is The New Blog! (the last bulletin takes you here).

The link is about 'baby pictures' of him, but there are some BAD pictures of him as a teen and they are BAD. Like, if i saw the guy like that and not as he is now.... maybe its just bad photos? But he was a seriously cute baby and little kid though!!!!! When he's on tv and screaming and shouting out of happiness because of winning more swimming medal stuff, meh, not so flattering on him, pretty huge mouth, but he's sooo cute - i DONT KNOW WHAT.

After this current subject and the last post, i think i need some serious help.

Now and again i'll get these weird crushes and this time of my life is when it pops up. Maybe its a partially mid-life crisis? Im not even mid-life yet... though i am turning 19 next sunday!!!!!! My friend's birthday is tomorrow - she's only a week older than me, but as a pre-birthday thing, we're going 'pubbing' and hopefully i'll take a few pictures as i hardly take photos nowadays. And my birthday is pretty boring, going to Greenwich park (UK's Greenwich) to have a picnic. Oh and the weather is meant to be raining on that day. Oh. Will try to make most of my last few days of being 18!!!!!

One last thing, my friend - i did that 'Naddy' post for him a while ago, we met on my art foundation course, him - he's been seen to post a comment or two before on this blog although he has no blog of his own - is back from his home in Portugal, arrived in the UK just yesterday as he has a interview with LCF (London College of Fashion) on monday and came down just to attend that interview which he will hopefully get in!!!! Its a Foundation in Pattern Cutting or something or rather. I'll be going with him. You can check out me and him here, its just an old post but with a picture of the two of us :) i think he wanted both the polaroids but i gave him the one with me (on the left) while i kept the other (on the right), he's like my little brother. Will try and do a video post in the err, next post.

Ta ta for now.

(here's one last random image from my personal collection)

An extremely old picture, maybe from october/november 2007 - our first picture together! Taken at the Tate Modern (by who???!!?!?!) by the Doris Salcedo's 'Shibboleth' - its better to find the proper name for the exhibition than saying ....'s 'crack' like i was going to.

Jumper:Dorothy Perkins, Jeans:Primark, Red Converses, Bag:Topshop (from like 2002/2003, its one of my oldest bags that i still use and love - the inside lining are cute cartoons of apples!) and tee:H&M. Holding a blue A3 sketchbook.

Monday, 11 August 2008

Mary-Kate Olsen

I've been trying to avoid doing posts on something that i feel is 'common', as in a post that you probably have already read on another blog or in magazines, but this post has been itching to get out. Well, the post subject which you can see is Mary-Kate Olsen.Here she is with Irina. Im afraid i cant crop the picture at the moment so... i guess you'll have to get over it if it bothers you so.

I really do love her style. She's on the cover of Elle UK September issue, and because i subscribe i get a slightly different cover compared to the one image of MK currently on normal issues - just go over to the subscribe link button thing and you'll see the cover that i have with MK in three different poses.... and the cover... she looks so cool. I LOVE the current cover.

Less about the cover and more about my gushings of M-K O. As i was looking through images with her and Ashley and as well have watched their style form over the few years or so, it seem that MK's style is more... 'messy' and kinda wild, while Ashley is slightly more 'cleaned up'. Thats how i see it, because than otherwise i cant really tell the apart. Except that MK is looking like she kinda needs some sleep and look a bit less crazy. And that she seems pale compared to Ashley.

MK does, i have to say, really look kinda crazy with the pale face but she makes up for it with the cool red and white, while her sister looks lovely and tanned in a weird zebra-ishy dress.

Like i said earlier, i do oh-so LOVE MK's style, im gona try and use her as a partial influence when i start dressing better for uni. I should really descrive Ashley's dress a lot better than 'zebra-ishy' but im kinda crap with describing things in a 'proper fashion' and do often resort to using words like these. As you can tell. I love MK's style because of the scruffy but put together in a way you know the clothes are clean and havent been found off the streets in a rubbish bin. Even in the Elle interview she says something about just putting clothes on without really bothering or realising that she's got other stuff on. Im like para-phrasing? Is that the correct term?

Ok, here's the whole paragraph for you lucky people:

"Mary Kate could probably fit a few close friends inside her orange vintage flannel shirt, open to the navel and which, on her barely five-foot frame, seems almost Brobdingnagian. The sheer quantity of precious metals she is wearing would be preposterous on anyone else. Around her neck are four necklaces; on her tiny hands are five huge rings (one which opens like a locket to reveal a skull being strangled by a gold serpent); and around her wrists and up her arms are about 30 bracelets and bangles, which, at one point become entangled. ('Oh my God, I've handcuffed myself!' she says laughing.) The outfit is rounded off by a black seude Pedro Garcia heel and black Kova&T leggings. I've actually been wearing this for about the past 10 days, she says laughing, the jewellery jingling gently on her arms. It's natural for me to throw on whatever I'm going to wear and not think twice about it."

Im gona get sued for writing that arent i? Oh shit. And i know its NOT neccessary to type that whole paragraph but i thought i would share it with everyone.

Im not going to apologise for the poor quality of this post because i always do that but you know what im thinking.. i feel bad for not posting interesting things and for my lack of posting in general.

Will try and post up those pictures i got from Skin+Bones. Maybe that'll be a better post indeed. That post will come up sooner than later. Maybe later today or tomorrow or so.

Images taken from Style.com and GoFugYourself. And of course that article from Elle UK September issue 2008.

I really want some flannel shirts now (- i've wanted some for aaages like since 2006 but i had a few friends who wore them and i didnt want to feel like i was copying them. Then i watched Juno and my lust grew). And also some proper skinny black jeans. But i cant go out in just leggings. Im not thin. Even if my legs are the 'thinnest' part of myself it just wont work, my arse is just gona hang out.. hang? Well.. its pretty cold in the UK... my arse will FREEZE off... As much as i really would love to just go out in leggings, a long flannel top/shirt and some Converses. I see New Look are doing Flannel shirts... i might buy one on tuesday... i have one, but i got it from Topman. And its very blue based. And i look kinda lesbian-chic with it on.... so if i do wear it, it'll have to be with like a dress. Something extremely girly to take the masculine-ness of it away. And im meant to be a fashion/styling/promo student. I really should be doing outfit posts and stuff because of my great sense of style etc....


Thank you for getting so far. If you ever see me in the streets when im famous and you mention this part of the post, i'll buy you a Starbucks or something. Im suprised you got this far. I'll send you a hug as a way of saying thanks.

Last few words. This late morning thing is really getting to my part of the brain where i STOP typing. Its now 4:20am. Now 4:21am. Its taking a while to edit and re-edit this post. Im not making a lot of sense. Grrrr.

Monday, 4 August 2008

Oh wow.

Im getting antsy about not having yet received my copy of Elle Uk - i get a subscription - and remembering being told that Zooey Daschanel was on the cover of Elle US and curious to see what the cover was like... Jessica Simpson is on the cover?!?!!? I wonder where Zooey came from.. unless the image on Elle US website is old and have not updated the image of Jessica on the cover.. in the corner where it says subscriptions? ANYWAY. I saw this

and i HAD to see what else there was....
The third photo, there is another one in the slideshow of pictures you can see, which is similar to this, but from a wider angle and looks what Ashley Tisdale's legs.... like it was one of the many shots for idea and probably accidently put it in the slideshow because the pose from Zac and Vanessa are pretty similar in both photos (- did i just repeat myself?).

I've never been one of the millions of fans that are like 'OHMYGODIT'SZAC/VANESSA/ASHLEY/HSM1/2/3', although i DID watch the movies - well only 1 and 2 so far, and 2 was SHIT in my opinion. And, for a larf, i will try and get to the High School Musical 3 UK premier - whenever it comes out over here..... if i can past the crowds of screaming kids and their pushy mums.

These are my favourite two pictures. I really love Vanessa's stare/pose and the purple-y/pink background. And the last photo, i love the images that all three are together in. But the one with Zac and Vanessa seperated by a fence is kinda cute as they're a couple in real life. Until they break up. If they do. I didnt want to add any photos with Efron (yes, we're on last name basis's now) as i said before, i dont really *heart* him. THOUGH, the pictures with him buffed up does make me think 'Mmm..' but otherwise nah.

Im going to the Skin+Bones exhibition tomorrow and i bought my sketchbook today so all i need is a few pens and im ready. Will try and take loads of photos for a friend and for those who wont be able to make it. The exhibition is £6 for students and ends THIS sunday (10th) so hurry!!!!!!

(I hope by the time i post this no-one else has already done a post on this!)

EDIT: Dapper Kid has told me that there is a fountain!!!!!!!! In the Courtyard (i googled it like a LOSER). Im going alone so it may be hard and may even break my camera, but i am determined to at least run through this and even take a photo while inside. If that is possible. WOOOOOOOOP!