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Saturday, 23 August 2008

Just hanging around.

Been neglecting this blog as usual.
Nothing really interesting really, this week has mainly been a build up to my birthday so ive been putting off things until the big day comes.

Last saturday i went out to my friend's pre-birthday do - her birthday is only a week before mine, and we went out to Black Sheep Bar which is like a alternative type bar, but it does some hip-hop type music while mainly focusing of the rock side. It was the first time i went there, and here are some of the pics i took, mainly because no-one was taking any.
Trying to get this post done before 12am - aka my birthday but it seems impossible as i type its 11:57pm.

The girl in the second photo, that was the pre-birthday girl.

Hoody:H&M, top:Urban Outfitters, bag:Topshop.

This thursday i re-went to the Black Sheep again, this time getting very nearly pissed and i havent uploaded the photos yet to my laptop. Oooh. Its nearly 12....

Going to be having a picnic i think for my birthday.. and getting drunk in the park too... DRINK RESPONSIBLY KIDS.


Happy 19th to moi :) and there is a random fly in my living room.

The Olympics are ending like any hour now, which is strangely making me feel kinda sad.. the passing of the torch to London is happening later too, i would probably like to go, just for the fun of it, but my friend did wisely tell me that is probably would be very very busy.... but Michael Phelps is going to be there! Not that i will see him. Im getting over this mini obsession/crush but its still funny. I cant wait until the 2012 London Olympics, but i'll be 22!!!! I feel weird enough that im now in my LAST year of being a 'teenager', i dont really want to be 20... im am honestly just ranbling here. Just wanted to share those photos :) im also slacking in the commenting of blogs, i am honestly reading them! I dont comment as much as i would as im not that articulate most of the time when im reading a blog, hence my 'wow thats cool... hmm... umm..*' type comments.

Im going to stop and open a birthday card and watch more tv.

Here is my friend's very cute baby :)

Isn't he cute? This was taken like 3weeks ago and he's 10months. The goo around his face is a mixture of Dairylea and Doritos. Mmm. E-numbers.


Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

Happy Birthday!!!
enjoy still being under 20!!
i am so sad the olympics are over... :(

Sugar Pop said...

Happy birthday!!! Screw, I'm still 13. :|

Cute behbeh,I think I want one (Again, I'm 13)

head in the clouds. said...

happy birthday! haha, i get where your coming from sugarpop. & the baby is adorrrrable.