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Monday, 12 July 2010

Paris 2010 (Part 1 - day 1 and 2)

Yup, 'Paris 2010' is pretty much how I label everything relating to my trip to Paris this year. How inventive.

This is a brief run down of what
happened on my brief across-three-days-but-technically-still-just-under-48hours trip:

- Sat in the wrong seat on the Eurostar,

- Got our travelcards, learnt how to pronounce the name of the stop we had to get to, "Lamarck"

- Brief nighttime wonder around the area (Montmartre) and back to the non-existant aircon in the hotel room to sleep. (Too hot to leave the windows closed, but too loud to have them open.)

- Wonder around the area in actual daylight, visit a bakery or two.

- Back to the hotel to nap (because that's what I do ;)) and change.

- Louvre for outside watching and sunburning.

- (I didn't get to realize how sunburnt I got until we got back to the hotel. It wasn't BAD, but I was pinky red. With a tan. I both tan and burn. Go figure.)

- Still early in the day, (I'd guess it was about 3-4pm) so we went to the Pompidou, but turns out it closes on tuesdays :( we sat outside watching tourists get just as confused as we were and waited for them to read the sign that mentioned the museum being closed.

Young group of girls busking. The boy seemed to be there purely to turn the pages.

- After about 2 hours of sitting, eating and being confused, we decided to carry on with the day and go visit the Eiffel Tower.

- Getting sunburnt and the now lack of energy didn't help to my lack of enthusiasm to the Eiffel Tower, which would be a partial reason to the little photos I took of the actual Tower itself.

- We sat on the grass opposite the Tower for about an hour this time. We were tired, sunburnt and experience some uncomfortable rubbing and no way to stop it.

- This was the end of our day (7-8pm - all Parisian time) and thus we headed back to the hotel. A stop in the local supermarket shops for dinner and then to another restless night of minimal sleep, with my friend managing to sleep and me sitting in the bathtub for an hour planning the last day. (There is a picture of me in the tub on my twitter - look for the date of 30th June)

Fairly long post.

The next will be of the day 3, aka The Last Day.

(All photos were taken by me and are on my flickr. If you use any of my photos, please always rightfully link them back to flickr. Copyrights, dude.

Taken with a diana mini and digital cam.)