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Friday, 18 December 2009

Pop Life at the Tate Modern

Long time no blog.

Once again, i'm back with excuses. This time, uni. Again. But i'm finished for the term so it's great. I'm slowly updating all the stuff i've meant to have had updated many moons ago.

Plus it's snowing where I am. Woop. Hasn't snowed near a Christmas for a looooooooooong time.
This was taken just 10-30mins ago, depending on when I get this post published. Not the best photo, this was taken from my dad's room, by semi hanging my Mac out of the window. Risky. Yes, a camera could and would have been a better choice, but the Mac has it's own mini camera. Less hassle of having to upload :)

And so. The title 'Pop Life'. Oh so great! I finally got to go last weekend. So brilliiiiiiiiiant! My favourite bit was the Murakami bit. The video of Kirsten Dunst doing 'Turning Japanese' by The Vapours was the best bit in my personal opinion. Especially the ending scene that starred Murakami himself!

(Images from here, here and here)

The weekend I went to, was coincidentally this. In a nutshell, it was great, I spent an extra £30 and got to fangirl to Zara Wood! Off of her stall thingy, I bought some postcards, two badges and a tee.

But this 'flea market', besides the Zara Wood stall, to me, it seemed like recent grads trying to sell some of their hard worked work. Thats the only way I can describe it without trying to sound patronizing.

This creased tshirt with the wonderful fox illustration was by two guys - well, the stall was just two guys, under the name of 'We make t-shirts'. (I couldn't find a link to their site/blog, but they were just recent grads from illustration at Nottingham Trent... if anyone knows a link, let me know and i'll put one up.) The picture kinda looks like I could be wearing it. But come on, it's fairly impossible. Unless i'm flat as heeeeck. I'm just holding up the tshirt, hence the flatness. They also sold canvas bags and jumpers with very cool other various designs, but from my wondering around and coming back a few times to the stall, I felt that most of us 'buyers' were most drawn to the fox designs.

It's nice to support my fellow artists :)

Hope all is well. I know i've neglected the blog and not really been commenting on anyone's. But I promise that I do read, even if I dont comment.

I'm going to try and do another post at least, before the year is out, just a conclusion of 2009. Plus i was tagged agggggggges ago by the lovely Girl With The Golden Touch, and i've yet to even reply to her tag let alone do the actual post! But i will! I'm just looking for the right time!

Lots of things have happened since I last posted. I got my work placement for uni in January (another day, another post)! I've seen New Moon and Where the Wild Things Are. Something involving me being picked for Jury Service, aaaaaah! And other petty little things. But they'll be in the next posts or three.

If, if I don't post before Christmas, I hope everyone has a good one and be safe. 2009 has been a crazy year, it's made me fairly paranoid for reasons that i'm allowed to have :)

I'll post soon indeedy.

Oh, and now it's friday (for me at least, good ol' UK), the countdown to Christmas begins!!!!!!! Just a week away!