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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

If i had actually posted when i said i would...

which i didn't because im crap? Yes.

Well, i was going to promote this little film :)

And no, im not promoting it because there is, *swoon*, Robert Pattinson, but because it is actually a pretty good film!

I went to see a preview of it on the 29th March - which makes me realise how long ago i've not posted... - and it involved a Q+A.

I saw it at the Cine Lumier in South Kesington somewhere, it took me about 45mins to find because i kept walking away from where it was, and afterwards, walking to the station took me about 4minutes, i was late to the preview...

Anyway, the film is basically mainly kinda talks about the relationship between artist Salvidor Dali (Robert Pattinson) and poet Fedorico Garcia Lorca (played by Javier Beltran), and its set.. back some time, but at a time where being gay is illegal and stuff, and both are gay. Theyhave their ups and lots of downs, but mainly is about their little moments together and moments where they have to hide any romantic feelings for each other. I dont know, i went to the screening not knowing much about the characters, but came out knowing a lot more.

Yeah, as you can tell, film reviews are not my thing, im just trying to promote this! But i really did enjoy this film, i did go to see this film mainly for RPattz, but i personally enjoyed seeing the Lorca role afterwards. Its a really nice film, there are serious and funny moments, and a sad moment towards the end. Its only on a small release so go see it if you can!

Out of the 8th May, UK and US and semi worldwide?