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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

What have I been doing this summer...

nothing. No idea why blogging has been avoided for so long. Its nice to type without pressing the letter 0-n-e-b-y-o-n-e.

I am, of course, back from Paris :)

My brother is graduating tomorrow, and then by cousin is getting married next sunday. I dont get a lot of chances to get drunk, so this away from where i live thing and spending two nights with your best friend and a secret stash of epic alcohol and mixes in great proportions, is making me dribble at the mouth.

So, Paris.

Two night isn't enough! It really isnt, i've planned already to go back year, but with different company. My friend that i went with, kinda went all weird, her mood i mean, and she's that kind of person that will go all quiet and funny, i
ts something that isnt in their usual normal behaviour, but when you ask, she will bite your hand off, well, gnaw at it, and tell you that she's fine. I've never spent much time with her alone, when we have spent time alone, its usually in the comfor
t of her house, or its just a few hours and we go off our seperate ways. And by few hours i mean.. 5hours max. Or we've had some sort of gap and never, in a foreign place where you kinda have to stick together. But other than that, it was good. It was when the UK had the heatwave, and Paris is a few degrees hotter than the UK.

Staying in the area of Monteparnasse, with the nearest metro station (Ravin) about 4mins away, located near the Catacombs and a graveyard
which name i can't remember. The main purpose of the trip was to do touristy things and go see the sights. This is what we saw:
-Jardin Du Luxembourg - massive park, didnt explore most of it, which was my fault, it was too hot to move, we ventured in here while waiti
ng for our room to be cleaned up before offically checking in.
- Notre Dame cathedral,
- the Louvre,
- Eiffel Tower
- Moulin Rouge, which i was expecting live Can Can dancers outside, but nope, nada, but it was cool nonetheless. See, touristy.

That was the end of day one, the second day was meant to be visiting the rest of the places i wanted to see and shopping, only about half got done.

Day 2, we got to see the Design Museum thing, like the Pompidu Museum, but green, this was seen while on a train to the Bastille. Saw that, and then went off to trek to the graves of Jim Morrison and Oscar Wilde. Took aaages to navigate our way to the graves, but due to my lack to tolerance to the heat, we only got to see Oscar's. Plus i got the grave number wrong and because of me, took ages finding Jim Morrison's wrong grave. Next time.

I think that was it... that day started off with two naps, checking out and then looking for Man Ray's grave - unsuccessful, La Bastille ,idea of going to the Pompidu but making do with the Design Museum instead, search for Oscar Wild and Jim Morrison's grave at the Pére Lachaise Cemetery, shopping - which turned out a waste of time as there wasnt anything i really wanted. Except the Marc Jacobs bag that i didnt buy because i couldnt afford it... :(

I also wanted to look around the area of Gare Du Nord, which was were we were getting the train back home, because that was the area of where Amelié was filmed.. or something like that, but there is a bridge, Saint Martin? That i wanted to see. Next time, hopefully next year, with my best friend, who didnt go this year because i knew he'd be away so i asked another person, and we'll go for a bit longer and i'll visit the places that i never got to see :)

As much as im bitching now, i did enjoy myself and there were some good times. Such as the conversation with the taxi driver, telling me that i was indeed, chinese, repeatedly. Asking where we were from, London/England, "But you're chinese, you're not english". And then saying 'Hello' to me in Mandarin, which, am home, i speak cantonese, but it knew he meant well, so i replied and for him to get all excited and start laughing his face off. It was fun, he said things that we didnt understand, but the telling me that i couldnt be British because i was chinese was hilarious. Or the time me friend - who has a fairly high pitched voice - telling a souvenir vendor 'No thank you' and while we walked away, he mocked her high pitched-ness. That was quite funny, but she didnt seem to like it. She said nothing so im not sure what her reaction was. There are a LOT of Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince film posters in Paris, about 9.99 out of 10 stations with a poster of it. The doors are quite scary to open, most of the having you to open it yourself, with a scary metal latch. Omg, DOUBLE DECKER TRAINS. Wow. Scary train barriers too. Next time i go, i will film it. Unless you can youtube/google it, i advise you to do so if you havent seen it in real life.
I bought my first pair of heels today. Its for my cousin's wedding, i bought a proper dress and everything. Nothing fancy, about 2.5 inch heels. Baby steps. Ive walked around my room fine, but stairs are fairly intimidating.

I finished watching my Six Feet Under boxset. True Blood is coming to the UK soon, can't wait. Trying to do a lot of reading this summer, re-reading as many Harry Potter books as i can get my hands on. Today, the release of the new HP film. It makes me SUCH a geek :)