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Friday, 18 December 2009

Pop Life at the Tate Modern

Long time no blog.

Once again, i'm back with excuses. This time, uni. Again. But i'm finished for the term so it's great. I'm slowly updating all the stuff i've meant to have had updated many moons ago.

Plus it's snowing where I am. Woop. Hasn't snowed near a Christmas for a looooooooooong time.
This was taken just 10-30mins ago, depending on when I get this post published. Not the best photo, this was taken from my dad's room, by semi hanging my Mac out of the window. Risky. Yes, a camera could and would have been a better choice, but the Mac has it's own mini camera. Less hassle of having to upload :)

And so. The title 'Pop Life'. Oh so great! I finally got to go last weekend. So brilliiiiiiiiiant! My favourite bit was the Murakami bit. The video of Kirsten Dunst doing 'Turning Japanese' by The Vapours was the best bit in my personal opinion. Especially the ending scene that starred Murakami himself!

(Images from here, here and here)

The weekend I went to, was coincidentally this. In a nutshell, it was great, I spent an extra £30 and got to fangirl to Zara Wood! Off of her stall thingy, I bought some postcards, two badges and a tee.

But this 'flea market', besides the Zara Wood stall, to me, it seemed like recent grads trying to sell some of their hard worked work. Thats the only way I can describe it without trying to sound patronizing.

This creased tshirt with the wonderful fox illustration was by two guys - well, the stall was just two guys, under the name of 'We make t-shirts'. (I couldn't find a link to their site/blog, but they were just recent grads from illustration at Nottingham Trent... if anyone knows a link, let me know and i'll put one up.) The picture kinda looks like I could be wearing it. But come on, it's fairly impossible. Unless i'm flat as heeeeck. I'm just holding up the tshirt, hence the flatness. They also sold canvas bags and jumpers with very cool other various designs, but from my wondering around and coming back a few times to the stall, I felt that most of us 'buyers' were most drawn to the fox designs.

It's nice to support my fellow artists :)

Hope all is well. I know i've neglected the blog and not really been commenting on anyone's. But I promise that I do read, even if I dont comment.

I'm going to try and do another post at least, before the year is out, just a conclusion of 2009. Plus i was tagged agggggggges ago by the lovely Girl With The Golden Touch, and i've yet to even reply to her tag let alone do the actual post! But i will! I'm just looking for the right time!

Lots of things have happened since I last posted. I got my work placement for uni in January (another day, another post)! I've seen New Moon and Where the Wild Things Are. Something involving me being picked for Jury Service, aaaaaah! And other petty little things. But they'll be in the next posts or three.

If, if I don't post before Christmas, I hope everyone has a good one and be safe. 2009 has been a crazy year, it's made me fairly paranoid for reasons that i'm allowed to have :)

I'll post soon indeedy.

Oh, and now it's friday (for me at least, good ol' UK), the countdown to Christmas begins!!!!!!! Just a week away!

Friday, 27 November 2009

In nearly a month.

Wow. This is one of the longest since i've last posted something.

Sorry for the AWOL, I haven't left left, i'm just stupidly busy with uni. If I have to think about anything fashion/art based, anything fun, it's going to relate to uni. The less time I think about it, the slightly easier i'll sleep. Hopefully.

I should be back to normal occassional blogging after I break up for the holidays. Or when I hand in my work to be marked, which is mid december.


I'm mad at myself about not finding out about it sooner and buying the magazine.

I'll post when i'm less stressed.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. We need something like this in the UK.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

My sense of time is lacking.

I thought I had posted something recently. That was 10 days ago.

I still haven't done anything that I planned to
do. Its so bad that I didn't even go into uni today. I'm sitting in a Starbucks, using their free wi-fi - technically not free as you have to register a Starbucks card with them, having topped up at least £5 before said registering. But i'm a well recognized customer at 'local' 'Bucks so its fine. I deserve the 'free' wi-fi. I've spent many hours and hard earned pounds there.

The more time I spend outside of my house, the more i'm starting to dislike tourists. I think it's just the dislike of having so many people around me. I saw recording a video on the corner of Tottenham Court Road station. Why, Mr Man, why? I just find it incredibly strange. Especially the concept of them filling Primark up. No matte
r what time it is, that place is filled. Primarily with tourists. I know London is expensive, but come on. You stock up on places like Topshop and/or H&M. Clothes that will last more than once and you won't get at home. You don't buy your cheap basic everyday clothes on holiday, that's just crazy.

'An Education' is coming out on friday :D

I'm so excited for this film to come out.

This is another part of the unregular postings from me, where I mention and question whether i've mentioned a certain something before. I may or may not have mentioned the film and how I watched a trailer for it when I was waiting to watch 500 Days of Summer..

Peter's accent in the film... ah. He does a pretty decent english accent. And he looks scarily young too. Not that he's old.. (later edit - Ok, he doesn't look scarily young, but look at the film poster and tell me he doesnt look YOUNG there! Oh jesus. Photoshopped much?)

I'm trying to mentally memorize how many, and what films I've seen at the cinemas this year... So don't mind me while I list them here... (I'm trying to list them in order, but it's not working...)
  1. Revolutionary Road,
  2. Twilight (for the 2nd time, and it was hilarious),
  3. Coraline,
  4. 500 Days of Summer,
  5. Marley and Me,
  6. He's Just Not That Into You,
  7. Confessions of a Shopaholic,
  8. Harry Potter (twice),
  9. How to Be (I watched about 20minutes of it, but the audio to the filmed screwed up),
  10. Wendy and Lucy,
  11. Rachel getting Married,
  12. Little Ashes
It's not overly much considering it is within a 9month period. I had planned to see a lot more of them, but I never did. Compared to last year, it's like a 1000% increase, I saw 3-4 films in 2008, and that was quite a lot. Usually, on average, its about twice. I tend to watch them online or wait for the DVD to be released.

Sunday, 18 October 2009


I like them. I have a pendant of one that my friend gave me for my birthday last year. No chain though. I'm kinda still on the look out for a real proper chain, but I don't really know WHERE to find one. A thin chain, cheap one. I'll find it eventually.

Inspired by this jumper: (I couldn't get a decent sized photo so I had to screen paste/dump my screen of the image, but stupid shortcut controls kinda zoomed on it while I was doing said action.)

It zoomed a little, it looked more 'zoomed'. Don't judge me by the mini shortcuts I have on my laptop. I'm going to call it either Beatrice, or Arthur. I like the 'old' names.

It's an long jumper with a dodgy drawn cat. Lovely in real life. But £45 for a jumper? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME TOPSHOP?! Even with student discount of 10%, it's still amazing expensive.

So, to save money, i'm making my own version. With an owl. And i'm going to embroider the thing. I can hand embroider quite well, but i've never done anything bigger than lettering. Like this size maybe, this size I think. I don't know how big it will look when I publish the post, but hopefully the text will look huge. Perhaps 2-3 finger height, but text, so I didnt really embroider very big. And i'll be embroidering an owl. But it would take a LOT of embroidery thread, and quite awkward to do so. Maybe i'll only embroider the outline and machine stitch the inside? These types of planning thoughts, they are what goes on in my head every single day. Making random stuff in random ways.

Maybe I could get some slightly thick material, like maybe fuzzy felt, and appliqué it on?

It's also going to be finding the right shape of jumper. As you've established, i'm doing it on the cheap. I don't want to go to the cheapest shop for clothes known to man in the UK, also known as Primark, so i'll settle for second cheapest, Peacock, and get a man's jumper.

(I might get two and make a second jumper with my OWN dodgy cat. SUCK IT, SIR PHILIP GREEN. Maybe when I make my disaster of a jumper, he'll see it and offer me work experience? I do need a months experience in january.... *winkwinknudgenudge*)

But the trouble with men's jumpers are that they are not usually very long, and when they are, i.e XXXXXL, they are just as wide. Not good. But women's are fitted fits, and I was baggy and LONG.

Here are some cute owls for inspiration.

I also got the bag in this post :)

I found the image somewhere here. Blogger won't let me upload anymore because of some 'internal error', but thats what it did when I tried to upload this one the first time... but you get the idea. Owl on jumper. Very cute. Potentially. In theory.

Don't think i'm obsessed, i've seen it. In my friend's mum's house. She has owl ornaments, pictures, a stained glass window with one, plates.

Managed to get another image in :)

Friday, 16 October 2009

Diana Mini

I ordered it in a late night/early morning trying to avoid work thing.

I've wanted a Diana for ages. For at least a year, but I've always been put off because of the price, and that they use 120mm film. Soon afterwards, there was a wonderful thing called the '35mm back', which is what it says, a back of the camera for 35mm film which you use for the Diana so it takes that instead of having to use only 120mm. That meant more money, so for a while. I asked around friends if they wanted to split the price of delivery. Sadly, all being students, money is shit and when it all comes down to when and if we have enough to spare for something that's not exactly important.

I gave up the idea of having one for a while, and then on sunday night, I took another look on the lomography shop site and found the Diana Mini.
I don't really know the differences between this and the normal sized one, only that it takes 35mm film and not 120mm, that if there are any.

I'm really excited at the idea of square shots or having half and half on one 'shot'. That's either 72 half shots or 36 normal square ones on a roll of film. Then there is the long exposure thing - I want to try out the long exposure and 'drawing' in the air with glo-sticks/sparklers. And of course, the dreamy/exaggerated colours you as a a result. It'll be my somewhat replacement for the Polaroids. Until they get back into production that is. Save Polaroid.

I will shed a little tear when I finish my last stacks of Polaroid. I'm selling of two double packs and then i'll have about 40-50 left. I read somewhere that they should keep up to a year after their expiry date. That was in september. Starting to get a little worried that they might not last until my 21st and New York. Though it would save luggage weight not bringing the Polaroid cam.

Diana Mini picture from here.

That image makes me want to go Paris. Definitely want to go traveling. My parents are going to Hong Kong for two weeks next month while I suffer at uni :( I'm going to try and go somewhere up north for a day, maybe Brighton? But thats not north and i've been there before. Ooh, I could go Scotland! For the day.... Not really worth it.

When I finish a roll of film, i'll be sure to post some up on here and my other blog :)

Sunday, 4 October 2009

I watched this alone.

Is that sad? I've watched a few on my own now. It's weird. I don't watch the overly popular type films on my own, usually smaller type films. Ok, I kinda lie, kinda. Exaggerate, really, not lie. I'll go on times when I hope kids should be in school and not watching the same film as me.

On friday, I saw '500 Days of Summer'. I loved it. I really did. I would happily see it again.

Another crush to add to my list, Joseph Gordon Levitt. And he's jew. I sure know how to pick 'em.

Seth Rogan, Jason Segel, Andy Samberg... I also 'heart' other jew actors too, but I won't name them now because this post isn't about them at the moment.

I won't ruin the ending for those who haven't seen it, but I really fucking recommend you do!

The film is great. Thats what I'm trying to say.

I watched Lost in Translation back when it was released and didn't get into it. It was shown on tv a few weeks ago and loved it. I bought it on DVD and watching the 'bonus material' now.

I want to go travelling so so so so so much.

My parents are going Hong Kong at some point next month. I want to go, I need to sort out my passport card thing. For those who have some sort of close relation with Hong Kong, you'll understand, but for those who don't, it's pretty much your passport. When you go HK, you fill out a form for immigration purposes, it's like applying for a visa, but you just do it there in the airport or on the airplane when you're touching down soon. I have mine so I don't have to got to the 'immigration' line, I go straight to the other one, because I have the card. It's power. But yeah, when you turn 18, you're meant to change it.. like an upgrade? I'm not that sure myself, but I know I need to 'change' it. There is the whole thing of having to go back every 3 years because of this changing. I haven't been back since 2008. I was 17, too early to change it when I was there. I won't be going HK this year because uni. So if I go past my 3 year visit limit, apparently I can't be Prime Minister/President of Hong Kong - i'm not sure if it's PM or Pres, I tried googling, but it confused me a little bit more. I''ll have to wait 7 years before I can do so. That's ok, I can wait 7 extra years until I partially rule HK. Just a little bit longer until my start of world domination starts.

I heard a rumor that my course tutor wants to take 'us', I'm not sure who my friend meant by 'us', as if could count for the 3rd years, or even the 1st years, but yes, she wants to take us to Paris Fashion Week? That would be so fucking amazing. She showed at LFW, she designs hat and accessory wear. I would post a link, but I won't. Maybe when I finish this course i'll mention something. Or just email me and i'll send you a link.

Then there is the infamous NYC. It really is too early to start booking flights, mainly, because they're not showing up. I'm constantly looking for something less than £300. It's possible. I'll find it. Or get someone else to help me find it.

Back to the topic. Of films. I'm debating whether to buy myself a unlimited cinema card thing.

Oh, and I ordered the new Professor Layton game. Pandora's box. For my DS. Yay. Just waiting for the postmen people to stop going on strikes so they can send my shit.

This post was very off-topics. I had a idea for something last night, but I can't remember it.

Lovely wallpaper.

I didn't make it clear, but 500 Days of Summer was the film I saw alone. Amongst many other films I saw alone earlier this year.

Friday, 25 September 2009

Dr Martens

Long johns post will be coming up soon.


I've been wanting a pair for a few months now. But every time I imagine myself purchasing them, I've been questioning whether I should actually buy them or not.

(Luella S/S 2008 - LOVE this collection.)

I'm totally undecided still.

Today, I got to have another proper look at them. They're fairly stiff and heavy. Yes, I know they're boots so that is what is to be expected, and they have be broken in to be not so stiff.

I love the idea of boots. They look cool and they're definitely going to keep your feet safe from a lot of things.

But girls in boots? They're fairly masculine, not the dainty, girly, little shoe type. Somewhat recenetly, they're becoming more in fashion, generally being worn with girly outfits, floral skirts, cute stuff. To balance the masculine style of course. I've looked at a few links with answers of what people think of girls in boots. Mostly, the guys were idiotic anyway, and disliked the idea, most girls were pro it. One of my friends were them pretty much most of the time, she gets by fine, no problems with getting boyfriends.

(Image above and below, Daisy Lowe for DMs.)

Different strokes, difference folks, right?

The original reason for me not to buy a pair was because I have ma-hoo-sive calfs. I'm really aware of them, though it doesn't stop me from wearing skinny jeans and leggings. But if the shoes end from just the calf, that isn't going to be flattering, it'll just make them look bigger. And now, the added dilemma of looking too butch. I dress kinda grungey now anyway, not particularly girly. So added boots aren't going to help.


Despite my crappy body shape - apple if you must know, weight mainly shift around the middle. The worst shape of course. Thanks fate.

Luckily, despite this, my legs are fairly skinny, hence me just wearing leggings all the time. Because I can. I don't show cleavage, I show leg. Short little legs.

I'm making an effort to lose weight, so hopefully by the time I wear them all the time, i'll be this skinny asian chick with boots.

Agy Deyn is a good example for a constant boot wearer. Quite a few images of her wearing them around.

I just want to go NYC now. Fuck uni. NYC.

And I have a shitting headache.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Twisted Princess

Disney + Marvel comics =

I don't really care for Disney, nor much for Marvel Comics. Yes, i've probably watched quite a lot of cartoons/films of both.. companies? Is that even right to call Marvel that? It just doesn't sound right.

Righty ho.

Until just now, i've only heard about an illustrator named Jefffry Thomas. I love illustrations/things to do about illustrations, so why i've not heard of him is crazy as I usually do stumble upon the most random people, but again, i'm not very into comics, and some things to do with comics. Ok. I'm just contradicting myself a lot here, and perhaps offending comic fans. Disney... meh. Not so much. I mean thanks for High School Musical, but you also gave us HSM 2 and 3 - I would like my money back please, and Miley Cyrus.

I found this gem.

Most people stereotype themselves and say, "Oh, i'm (insert your hair colour)" or "Oh, i'm (insert Disney Princess) because i'm just like her." or something kind of annoying like that. Oh come on, just because you DYE your hair blonde doesn't-make-you-god-damn-Cinderella.

By all means, I would say i'm fucking Mulan. And allegedly, she wasn't even a Princess. Thanks. Just take that away from me. Like the time in secondary school when my close I hung around with 3 other girls (they were one group I hung around with, I had many, the art freaks, the music freaks... etc,) and the two girls named themselves after either the two caucasian (is it wrong to call them 'white girls'?) re-make characters of Charlie's Angels, and giving my other friend Lucy Liu. I got Bosley.

But none-the-less, if I have to be Mulan... It's not too bad, look at the arrow in my leg. I'm badass. Plus i'm thin, get in.

Now, nothing wrong there. I love people of all races and so on, but my 'other friend' was black, and i'm the asian one. See what we got th
ere? So what the FUCK girls, WTF. It's ok, I didn't like one of them... she surely didn't like me. Perhaps it was too much swearing from me, and too much blasphemy perhaps?

Nope. She don't like. It's ok, me and said other friend have found solace, in that we are Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker of Rush Hour. No-one will take that from us.

BUT, i'm so going off topic, my favorite is Alice. The eyes are scary as hell, but I love it. Oh, I found one who is scarier, Cinderella. Omg, if she comes running after me, I hope someone will tell my family and friends I love them.

If you've missed the link where this came from, here it is again.

Mr Jeffry Thomas Man *insert fist bump*

Monday, 21 September 2009

Change of name

Title says it all.

I changed the name from 'Art Music Fashion and Random-ness'. It's a fairly long name yeeeeesssss. And the new one, 'Midnight Snackings' was something I briefly named my LJ account, which is just me swearing a lot, nothing fancy, but its not.

Long story short, i've been wanting to change the name for a while, its better to change the name than start a new one all together. I mean, the layout has changed, why not the name while im at it?

Plus, if it all goes as it should have done, if you look at the times I've posted posts, it's not at a normal time... i.e, I post at 3-4am, yes, got a problem?

Thank you for reading and business will continue as usual.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

New York, New York

I'm coming, bitches :D

Well, its totally not official, I haven't booked the ticket and i'm no-where close with the money to book it. But come march/april, i'll be booking it. Or booking it asap. Hopefully in the next month or so, i'll be booking it. Just to make it official.

Its hard to want to make it official when your travel buddy is being a queen by refusing to stay in Brooklyn or hostels.

I want somewhere cheap, preferably in a upper area, or not involving the two former mentioned factors.

We're, well I say 'We', it's me, because I'm the one who really wants to go. Its just unlikely i'll be able to go alone though.

Watching Sex and the City doesn't help the
dream of going there NOW. Oh, and a little film called 'New York, I love you' comes out in a little while. I'm sure that will come to cinemas/DVD before I know it and by then my head will have exploded with the urge to book my flight.

Still looking out for cheap flights though, so far it's £304 for a return and the date is just under a year away. Bastards. But then it could be because i'm booking it for a 'peak' season. But I can't go during desired times like jan because of uni. I've chosen september to go because I kinda want to go coincide with NY Fashion Week, but I wanted to go when its cold... it sucks.

If any New Yorkers are reading, or people who know of NY well, can you email me or something? I want to know how warm/cold/hot NYC is in mid/late september.

Oh, and I'm thinking maybe I should go C
alifornia so I can go see the Ellen Degeneres show. I love her show. I love Dory.

"Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming."

Plus, maybe I can go pick up some cute jews with my 'cute accent'. Plus the crap theory that all guys love a asian girl, I should be like the fucking Queen Bee.

I'll be doing a wonderful post involving long johns next.


Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Just to get this rolling..

It's not easy wanting to blog, but having nothing to actually blog.

Well, there are millions of possibilities of subjects to blog, but I want to actually not make people want to die/fall asleep.

I'll post random listy posts until it gets back again. I miss blogging properly.

This is stolen from (Ice Cube Confidential - an old post, but fun post.)

List 6 unimportant things that make you happy:

1. Stationary
I sure do love it. Especially when its back to school

time or anytime you get those ideas that involves having to 'plan' thigs. 'Plans' mean writing down in lists on nice clean notebooks/paperpads. Pens. Oh. Love them. I prefer the fine liner type, 0.5mm. It's a good thin line, but not too thin or thick that everything looks messy and massive.

2. Food Porn.
It is especially enjoyed by those who like food. Food eaters and food voyeurs. My main two favorite blogs are The Girl Who Ate Everything and Serious Eats. One is a self run food writer/blogger who works for Serious Eats, the
other is Serious Eats and just amazing. It doesn't help having posts like these or
these (NAFV/V - Not appetizing for Vegetarians/Vegans). Yes, not all posts are from writers of S.E, they do do posts that are outside of S.E-land, but I love it all the same
. Its a shame i'm not a native of NY (Where Robyn of T.G.W.A.E is based, or even the US) because the things like the burger
s look sooo good.

3. Hollywood Jews.
Mainly these two guys, Seth Rogen and Andy Samberg. Funny and adorably cute. If I could have chosen to be brought up in a religion, it would be a flip between Buddhism and Judaism. Happy New Year my lovely Jews!

4. References to Jack and Karen, Will and Grace.
I aspire to be Karen. Pill popping alcoholic. With a Jack to my side, I'd be unbeatable. And totally fabulous.

And rumors, but rumors, nonetheless, that there may be a SPINOFF show with the two of them?!?!? Rumors and nothing official, I hope this is true. If so, it really should be debuting soon, like this autumn/fall.

I love them. Yes yes yes.

5. Alcohol.
I don't drink often, only when i'm out at parties or at clubs. I was lucky to not be brought around drink - my parents barely drink - so i've brought up used to not drinking, which has been a great positive. It means I can go out and not drink, I don't have to have one. But because I don't tend to, I like to when I can. I don't go too far though. Good to know i'm a good semi-drunk.

Drink of choice? A simple Vodka and coke. Or simple blue cocktails. Why the blue? Because it's blue. I don't like wine/beer or cider. Vodka based stuff is fine by me.

6. Harry Potter and Twilight.
Honest to blog, I do hear about the two being compared and it does bug me a little. The two are totally different. Although both based on books first before being made into films two 2+ directors, and both involving the supernatural of some kind.

One was well written with decent explanation for loopholes, and the other, one so great and crap explanations for the loopholes. But I do love both.

Although I prefer Robert to Taylor, i'm more of a Team Jacob.

Oh, and if anyone is into FanFic, let me know! Especially if you're a ff writer too!

- Oh, it seems I may have done something of this type of list before. Well, it'll be nice to see what things have changed since then!

Tuesday, 8 September 2009



Yes. Over.

It's probably jinxed now. Ooopsy.

I was always cautious not to go over my 100th post. The 'hiatus' post was the 100th. Dang. And we never got to 'celebrate'.

I barely got to celebrate my 20th too, but lets not talk about that anymore.

Lets post a pretty picture and distract everyone while I work on an oooold vintage draft of a old post that I saved from deleting-town.
(500) Days of Summer.

This was my desktop background at one point, it isn't anymore. But it's a great picture.

Hopefully, despite all the stuff that is going on in my life, i'll be seeing this on thursday *fingers crossed*

I'm back bitches.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Video post

'Pull My Heart Away' - Jack Peñate.

I've also opened a tumblr account, i copied I Get Sassy, I Get Randy... im not really sure where it will go... i'll definitely keep blogger, even though i hardly post. Blogger is for longer posts i guess, tumblr for shorter ones?

Here's the link regardless.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

On unofficial hiatus.

I'm really sorry for neglecting this blog for so long, i havent done what some bloggers do and just disappeared.. Not that there isnt anything wrong with that, it's their blog and their decision, so its not my business to judge. Ive said plenty of time that i should blog more and im just going to blame uni for it all :D

Like the title says, ''On unofficial hiatus', well, it isnt 'unofficial' because im actually telling you that i am on 'hiatus'.

One main reason really, despite actually having time to blog, im too lazy at the moment and i should be trying to do re-submittion work for uni that will ensure my entry into 2nd year. Although there too is a summer project, a place in 2nd year is much more important. So, i guess, it isnt so 'hiatus'-sy as i will, from now and maybe the end of this week, i will be perhaps, posting something, a small blog or a picture, or a link or two. There sure will be a post after this, so.... perhaps the 'small break' is a bit pointless and im waffling, but for that i'll blame the hilarious comedian dude, Tim Minchin. Im watching one of his tapes shows and he semi waffles, except his 'waffles' are his acts and they're hilarious.

How long my 'break' is, well, hand-in date is 25th August, and because my birthday is the day before (20!!!!!!), i hope to have it done before then so i can somewhat enjoy and relax. I'll hopefully start on thursday.... Get it done asap, so many birthdays in august.

So yes, this post was meant to tell, the small numbers of readers, thank you guys :) - that i will be back. If you carry on commenting on my posts and whatnot, i do promise to reply and comment, etc. I do read blogs still, but its just laziness stopping me from commenting and im dont really know what to say, i tend to sound like a fangirl when i comment so... you know... and if you dont reply to people... your blog.... goes to shits.... :D

Just whatever happens, im still reading blogs. I lurk a lot. Its great.

I hope this isnt my 100th post yet. I'll have to delete some other crap posts so i can do the, ''Gosh, wow, a suprise 100th post party for me?!?!?!?''

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

What have I been doing this summer...

nothing. No idea why blogging has been avoided for so long. Its nice to type without pressing the letter 0-n-e-b-y-o-n-e.

I am, of course, back from Paris :)

My brother is graduating tomorrow, and then by cousin is getting married next sunday. I dont get a lot of chances to get drunk, so this away from where i live thing and spending two nights with your best friend and a secret stash of epic alcohol and mixes in great proportions, is making me dribble at the mouth.

So, Paris.

Two night isn't enough! It really isnt, i've planned already to go back year, but with different company. My friend that i went with, kinda went all weird, her mood i mean, and she's that kind of person that will go all quiet and funny, i
ts something that isnt in their usual normal behaviour, but when you ask, she will bite your hand off, well, gnaw at it, and tell you that she's fine. I've never spent much time with her alone, when we have spent time alone, its usually in the comfor
t of her house, or its just a few hours and we go off our seperate ways. And by few hours i mean.. 5hours max. Or we've had some sort of gap and never, in a foreign place where you kinda have to stick together. But other than that, it was good. It was when the UK had the heatwave, and Paris is a few degrees hotter than the UK.

Staying in the area of Monteparnasse, with the nearest metro station (Ravin) about 4mins away, located near the Catacombs and a graveyard
which name i can't remember. The main purpose of the trip was to do touristy things and go see the sights. This is what we saw:
-Jardin Du Luxembourg - massive park, didnt explore most of it, which was my fault, it was too hot to move, we ventured in here while waiti
ng for our room to be cleaned up before offically checking in.
- Notre Dame cathedral,
- the Louvre,
- Eiffel Tower
- Moulin Rouge, which i was expecting live Can Can dancers outside, but nope, nada, but it was cool nonetheless. See, touristy.

That was the end of day one, the second day was meant to be visiting the rest of the places i wanted to see and shopping, only about half got done.

Day 2, we got to see the Design Museum thing, like the Pompidu Museum, but green, this was seen while on a train to the Bastille. Saw that, and then went off to trek to the graves of Jim Morrison and Oscar Wilde. Took aaages to navigate our way to the graves, but due to my lack to tolerance to the heat, we only got to see Oscar's. Plus i got the grave number wrong and because of me, took ages finding Jim Morrison's wrong grave. Next time.

I think that was it... that day started off with two naps, checking out and then looking for Man Ray's grave - unsuccessful, La Bastille ,idea of going to the Pompidu but making do with the Design Museum instead, search for Oscar Wild and Jim Morrison's grave at the Pére Lachaise Cemetery, shopping - which turned out a waste of time as there wasnt anything i really wanted. Except the Marc Jacobs bag that i didnt buy because i couldnt afford it... :(

I also wanted to look around the area of Gare Du Nord, which was were we were getting the train back home, because that was the area of where Amelié was filmed.. or something like that, but there is a bridge, Saint Martin? That i wanted to see. Next time, hopefully next year, with my best friend, who didnt go this year because i knew he'd be away so i asked another person, and we'll go for a bit longer and i'll visit the places that i never got to see :)

As much as im bitching now, i did enjoy myself and there were some good times. Such as the conversation with the taxi driver, telling me that i was indeed, chinese, repeatedly. Asking where we were from, London/England, "But you're chinese, you're not english". And then saying 'Hello' to me in Mandarin, which, am home, i speak cantonese, but it knew he meant well, so i replied and for him to get all excited and start laughing his face off. It was fun, he said things that we didnt understand, but the telling me that i couldnt be British because i was chinese was hilarious. Or the time me friend - who has a fairly high pitched voice - telling a souvenir vendor 'No thank you' and while we walked away, he mocked her high pitched-ness. That was quite funny, but she didnt seem to like it. She said nothing so im not sure what her reaction was. There are a LOT of Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince film posters in Paris, about 9.99 out of 10 stations with a poster of it. The doors are quite scary to open, most of the having you to open it yourself, with a scary metal latch. Omg, DOUBLE DECKER TRAINS. Wow. Scary train barriers too. Next time i go, i will film it. Unless you can youtube/google it, i advise you to do so if you havent seen it in real life.
I bought my first pair of heels today. Its for my cousin's wedding, i bought a proper dress and everything. Nothing fancy, about 2.5 inch heels. Baby steps. Ive walked around my room fine, but stairs are fairly intimidating.

I finished watching my Six Feet Under boxset. True Blood is coming to the UK soon, can't wait. Trying to do a lot of reading this summer, re-reading as many Harry Potter books as i can get my hands on. Today, the release of the new HP film. It makes me SUCH a geek :)

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

One week until Paris..

in one week's time, i'll be on my way to the train station to go Paris!!!! Its the first train from King's Cross... then an overnight stay in Paris, yeeeesss!

This week, i generally have something planned everyday. Today, im going shopping with my friend - the one im going Paris with. Wednesday, picnic in Hyde Park with some uni friends that i wont see a lot over summer. Thursday, friends i havent seen for a while. Friday, im free, sleeping perhaps. Saturday, crashing a friend's birthday party, not so sure yet. Sunday, packing up. Following monday, buy last minute things, snacks, go over to my friend's. Tuesday, PARIS!

The hotel im staying at is situated opposite a cemetery, until now, i thought it was the one Jim Morrison was buried in. I wikipedia'd it... the only person i recognize on that list, without reading the little bits telling you who they are, was Man Ray. Fail. My friend is adamant that she must have 7-8hours sleep. NOooo!!! Two days in Paris, less than 48hours mind, and she needs to sleep properly! I plan to sleep little, which most likely means me wondering around the area of Montparnasse... which is where im staying... me wondering around means, hopefully taking photos? Im planning to buy a little book so fill up with sketches, doodles, whatever. But how many polaroid packs do i bring? Is 3 too much? Yes. Yes it is. I'll only bring 2. All this holiday stuff is getting me excited.

Aaaages ago, sometime last year, i was tagged to list 6 unimportant things that make me happy, well, here they are, at long last:
1. Making lists, something about it somewhat satisfies the OCD within me, like this trip thing, making lists of what im bringing to the mere 2-day trip!
2. Watching SATC, i have all the series on boxset, except 1, but that was not the best, so :)
3. Harry Potter.
4. When all the songs, album, podcasts on my iPod has all their album cover art. Again, another OCD thing. A need for order perhaps.
5. Puppies and kittens.
6. Wonderful blue skies.

I got stuck after the list thing. Nothing that makes me happy is ever 'unimportant'. Plus, im not so good at thinking of very specific personal things under pressure.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Not yet my 100th post..

because i have quite a few posts in their drafts stages that will never get posted.

Have i really not blogged in so long? Seems much shorter, since last week or so.

A weird itch is trying to develop into a rash on my foot/leg, more of the ankle really, but if i refrain from scratching, maybe it will die down, seeing as the scratching caused it to develop into potential scariness.

No particular idea where im going with this post as usual, so here's an A-Z type list to get you through the bi-polar english weather.

BTW - MacBook :) its nice to have wireless/internet in my room. My old laptop screwed up even more, coincidentally the days leading up to the purchase of Mr MacBook, i said my goodbyes, caressing it a little... maybe it realized what was going on and
 decided that parting on good terms wasnt good enough, so it died on the inside a little and decided that having a decent quality desktop picture wasnt interesting and having it pixilated, or perhaps the occassional missing background was a brilliant way to go out.

But im here now. On the MacBook, which i am tempted to name 'Arthur', but i have a feeling ive named something else an 'Arthur'.. too new to vandalise it with stickers and labels yet.

My mind has gone *blank* i guess the next post is my little A-Z thing, its nearly 3am here, im beat, tired, kaput. Watching 'Bridget Jones: The edge of reason', waiti
ng for the bathroom to be free. Yes, my family work on slightly later bodyclocks compared to the genral public, or maybe its an asian thing, my parents work in the self-employed catering based company, so therefore in the evening/late evenings, which means they are up at night and asleep in the mornings. Not so great that this is how ive led my life and uni is in the mornings. Im a night-bird at heart, all these early mornings, i can wake up and eventually drag my arse out of bed, but its so hard when everyone else is awake and im just tempted to mooch around online all through the wee early hours.

This picture is in honor of those who have just showed at their last year of uni gradate shows. I had to help mine on the private view night, i didnt have a particular person to help, so i was left being bored out of mind for a few hours, but when i did help, i mainly helped the fashion tutor with something un-fashion related and then partially helped stand by the door when letting people in for the fashion show. 

The picture of the weird little things are my final major project, the one i did for my art foundation course last year (- have i already posted these pictures?). These little rag dolly things, were meant to represent each person in the class. Alright, its not quite degree standard, but this is the closest ive got. The idea of making something, rather than 2D stuff that i usually do. Of course, my 3D skills are pathetic. Its too soon to think of what i want to do, thats if i get as far as the 3rd year! But im thinking of something 2D, mixed media, 2D pop-up world. A mix of Rob Ryan and The Science of Sleep.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

8 Things....

I stole, 'stole' this from anther blog. Oh plagurism, how i do admire thee.

8 Things I'm looking forward to:
1. Finishing uni for the summer, techically im kinda finished now, but my tutor has made my class bitches/slaves/minions to set 3rd years, helping them in creating/finishing their graduate shows, then i have a tutorial with them on the 17th, then im done :) hopefully.
2. Paris. All i need to do is compare and contrast hotels i prefer to stay in with my friend's choices, then actually book the fucking thing.
3. My one night stay in Manchester, as said in the previous post, its my cousin's wedding, yeah, a lot of alcohol is planned to be drunk in a hotel room that night. By me. And my friend.
4. Roma!!!! This STILL needs to get booked!!!
6. Ugly Betty, season 3..?
7. Getting fit, this is getting crazy now, the past week or so, mentally forcing myself to get off my arse and do something.... this on my arse.
8. Snow. That means its around Christmas. Yessss.

See how im not mentioning my turning of 20? Yes, i dont really look forward to it, my counting down days of being a teen.

8 Things I did yesterday:
1. Be there for my friend before and after the breakup of her relationship :( She had to do it, she wanted to, she had to do it, but its a tough thing, its never fun breaking up with someone.
2. Watch the Gilmore Girls episode of the aftermath of after Emily tells Christopher that she doesnt like Luke and that he should be the one dating Lorelai, not Luke.
3. Eat wholegrain rolls with Dairylea cheese.
4. Found a new Paris buddy after Plan A bailed.
5. Think about exercising.
6. Pay off a little of my scary library fine.
7. Sneak out of the house.
8. Freeze in the cold/drizzle of rain waiting for the bus.

8 Things I wish I could do:
1. Measure myself and say, ''Hey, im 5''10 with great long legs''.
2. Skate and breakdance.
3. Sing. Sing well.
4. Be good with languages, i can pick little tidbits up, but nothing enough to speak in a coherent, correct sentence.
5. Not go red when i drink alcohol....
6. Not go red/blush easily, or at least hide my nervousness.
7. Robert Pattinson. Oh come on, its not like most of you wouldnt.
8. Go out and stay out, and just party party party. Without the parents on my back.

8 Shows I watch:
1. Desperate Housewives.
2. Green Wing (I miss it!)
3. Skins.
4. Gilmore Girls.
5. Greys Anatomy.
6. CSI - Vegas and NY
7. 30 Rock.
8. The Big Bang Theory

Now go, shoo and copy this list but change MY answers to yours!

Friday, 15 May 2009

Location, location, location.

I want to do a lot of things year, too many to mention here, some too personal to mention.

But this year, things that are pretty certain..

  • I'm going Paris,
  • Rome


  • Manchester.

Ok, Manchester, not that interesting because it's still in the UK, but i've never been so that gives it some excitement and it's for my cousin's wedding.

Paris, not official, it was just a thought i had on wednesday night, about going to Paris, alone, just spending a day though, taking photos with my various cameras (digital, Fish Eye and Polaroid - nothing fancy, i do want to buy a Diana), but i thought it would get pretty lonely, so it's best to go with a friend. She's interested, and although she's yet to reply to my facebook wall post thing, i plan to go late june, early july. Just to get uni out of the way, totally. I also want those 'I *heart* tees', i would love me one of those 'I *heart* NY' ones, like a tourist, but i'll have to go there myself. I went to France briefly last year, just a small place in Lille, and because it was a fairly small quiet town, no tourist shops selling such souveniers. In the lead up to this trip, i'll be watching Paris, Je t'aime over and over again, i'm so excited already!

Rome, again, not official, but i was meant to go last year, it was a idea i had for a while, and is the place i want to go to before i die. Last year was a we'll-see-when-it-gets-to-summer kinda idea, now it's a we're-going,-sort-out-the-flights/hotel. This will be around early summer, although i've read how the Romans (the residents of Rome, duh), leave for a long holiday in august, i hope that they haven't left by the time i arrive. (Would it be too fangirly if i went to stalk out the area that will be used in the New Moon film?) I'm not looking forward to the crazy heat though, here's hoping that there is air conditioning.

After all this, i'll be awaiting my 20th, it sucks it falls on the weekend/aftermath of the Reading/Leeds Festival, as some friends will be away. No idea what i have planned yet, maybe another trip away somewhere, i do want to go Liverpool at one point... or perhaps a day out in Brighton? There's plenty of time to think about that....

Oh, and i love me some french/italian accents, preferrably the french :)

Saturday, 9 May 2009

How To Be

Im flogging another Robert Pattinson based film. I sure am. I - like the NERD i am - have just booked a ticket to see How To Be :) (also see here)
Im not really sure what the film is about still. Ive read quite a few reviews from fans who have seen it, but im still a bit ......

Its at the Clapham Picturehouse on 20th June, but im seeing it alooone. I havent seen a film on my own for a while, its weird when there are people in the screening room.

I should have been working on my portfolio that is due on monday, im going to regret it later.

So, after my Gilmore Girls episodes finishes, im going to go shower, read my Atonement book, which is taking me a while just to get through one page, i dont know why, doesnt help im reading it around 3-4am while im knackered. The film i enjoyed though.

A few more days then its over :) well, im being forced to help the 3rd years on my course put up their space for the up-coming graduate based shows. Apparently, im in with the group who are putting IKEA furniture together. Oh yeah, cant wait!!!!

Also, after i had in my portfolio - 10:30am deadline, we're having a small meeting with the stylist/designer Thom Murphy who is doing a project with us in the 2nd year, if i make it that far!!!! I bought 3 supermarket Red Bull ripoffs in preparation for sunday night!!!

We're getting a step closer to me posting proper posts!!! Ooh the giddiness!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

*Lots of swearing*

Havent posted in nearly a month, dont give up hope on me, im still here. Oh crapping bollocks, i hadnt realised that i hadnt posted for THIS long.

This is pretty bad.


Uni is taking a toll and therefore i havent even thought about my blog until about an hour ago and when i started commenting on blogs i read - which is about 3, and i just commented on 2, yeah, i cant be bothered with some blogs anymore, they get so many readers and then they go all *blech* and change their style, this is like a mini bitch but its not on purpose, the blogs i stick to these days are still themselves and yeah, thats why i still read them. Its like a compliment that sounds like im sucking up to certains blogs, ok stop talking now.

Fashion is making me all bi-polar with how i feel about it. In a way im just trying to avoid it if i can, when in uni all im thinking about it fashion and how to make/design/create stupid things!!!

Personally, although i do it, i feel weird posting pictures that arent mine to fill a blog/apologise for lack of posting/breaking promises, but in the next/upcoming posts - WHEN i actually post them, i have work to actually show, i have to submit my portfolio for the whole year on monday and im planning to do quite a lot of illustration type work so i'll get to show it off here, and maybe update my incredibly-worse-than-blogger-blog-deviantArt profile. There is so much to do, so little time.

Today i went to a gig, yeah, i went on the WRONG day, its tomorrow. What a freaking twat.

I need to stop going on facebook so much, that is a big reason why im not on blogger, ever since facebook chat, its so distracting.

This picture makes me happy. Im mainly posting for that little ginger kid you see right in the middle. Dont question WHY, but ive developed a little love for the kid, even though i swear he's like 16 or so. Not sure who Pable is, but you see on the right, Tom, yep, same Tom as this guy. Arthur is from here. Its pretty hilarious from the video ive seen on youtube, and it has the other little kid from Son of Rambow - Will Poulter - if i could, and i will, im going to adopt him as my son.

Ok right, its 2:44am, regardless what the time blogger says, im off, I in theory, should be sleeping to get to uni early to do some work for said portfolio, im sure i can fill in a post there.

Fingers crossed.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

If i had actually posted when i said i would...

which i didn't because im crap? Yes.

Well, i was going to promote this little film :)

And no, im not promoting it because there is, *swoon*, Robert Pattinson, but because it is actually a pretty good film!

I went to see a preview of it on the 29th March - which makes me realise how long ago i've not posted... - and it involved a Q+A.

I saw it at the Cine Lumier in South Kesington somewhere, it took me about 45mins to find because i kept walking away from where it was, and afterwards, walking to the station took me about 4minutes, i was late to the preview...

Anyway, the film is basically mainly kinda talks about the relationship between artist Salvidor Dali (Robert Pattinson) and poet Fedorico Garcia Lorca (played by Javier Beltran), and its set.. back some time, but at a time where being gay is illegal and stuff, and both are gay. Theyhave their ups and lots of downs, but mainly is about their little moments together and moments where they have to hide any romantic feelings for each other. I dont know, i went to the screening not knowing much about the characters, but came out knowing a lot more.

Yeah, as you can tell, film reviews are not my thing, im just trying to promote this! But i really did enjoy this film, i did go to see this film mainly for RPattz, but i personally enjoyed seeing the Lorca role afterwards. Its a really nice film, there are serious and funny moments, and a sad moment towards the end. Its only on a small release so go see it if you can!

Out of the 8th May, UK and US and semi worldwide?