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Saturday, 9 May 2009

How To Be

Im flogging another Robert Pattinson based film. I sure am. I - like the NERD i am - have just booked a ticket to see How To Be :) (also see here)
Im not really sure what the film is about still. Ive read quite a few reviews from fans who have seen it, but im still a bit ......

Its at the Clapham Picturehouse on 20th June, but im seeing it alooone. I havent seen a film on my own for a while, its weird when there are people in the screening room.

I should have been working on my portfolio that is due on monday, im going to regret it later.

So, after my Gilmore Girls episodes finishes, im going to go shower, read my Atonement book, which is taking me a while just to get through one page, i dont know why, doesnt help im reading it around 3-4am while im knackered. The film i enjoyed though.

A few more days then its over :) well, im being forced to help the 3rd years on my course put up their space for the up-coming graduate based shows. Apparently, im in with the group who are putting IKEA furniture together. Oh yeah, cant wait!!!!

Also, after i had in my portfolio - 10:30am deadline, we're having a small meeting with the stylist/designer Thom Murphy who is doing a project with us in the 2nd year, if i make it that far!!!! I bought 3 supermarket Red Bull ripoffs in preparation for sunday night!!!

We're getting a step closer to me posting proper posts!!! Ooh the giddiness!

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