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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Paris playlist - 2010

I go to Paris tomorrow. 30minutes earlier than I thought. Good thing I checked the time!
I haven't packed yet. The previous post of the planned list of what I was going to take? Yes, indeed it has changed. I am definitely for sure, bringing 5 rolls of camera film - 100/200/400/800ISO and a Redscale film.

Anyway, made a playlist for my short time visit and thought i'd share the list :)

1. 'Gives you hell' - All American Rejects
2. 'You know I'm no good' - Amy Winehouse
3. 'The Gift' - Angels and Airwaves
4. 'Crown of love' - Arcade Fire
5. 'Only man ' - Audio Bullys
6. 'White winter hymnal' - Fleet Foxes
7. 'Electric bloom' - Foals
8. 'Everlong' - Foo Fighters
9. 'Old white Lincoln' - The Gaslight Anthem
10. 'C'mere' - Interpol
11. 'Phantom' - Justice
12. 'Phantom part. II' - Justice
13. 'Read my mind' - The Killers
14. 'Another brick in the wall part 1/2/3' - Korn
15. 'Krwlng' ft. Aaron Lewis - Linkin Park
16. 'Stockholm syndrome' - Muse
17. 'Dead star' - Muse
18. 'In Your World' - Muse
19. 'Citizen erased' - Muse
20. 'Sunburn' - Muse
21. 'Everyone nose (All the girls standing in the line for the bathroom' - N*E*R(*D
22. 'Want you bad' - The Offspring
23. 'Defy you' - The Offspring
24. 'All I wanted' - Paramore
25. 'Hallelujah' - Paramore
26. 'Propane nightmares' - Pendulum
27. '1901 (demo)' - Phoenix
28. 'Gigantic' - Pixies
29. 'Killer Queen' - Queen
30. 'The show must go on' - Queen
31. 'When doves cry' - Quindon Tarver
32. 'Skin on skin' - Queens of the Stone Age
33. '"You've got a killer scene there, man"' - Queens of the Stone Age
34. 'Paranoid Android' - Radiohead
35. 'Karma police' - Radiohead
36. 'Scar tissue' - Red Hot Chili Peppers
37. 'Otherside' - Red Hot Chili Peppers
38. 'Lights out' - Santogold
39. 'I'll let you live' - 'Taking Back Sunday'
40. 'Down river' - The Temper Trap
41. 'After hours' - We Are Scientsts
42. 'Undone (the sweater song)' - Weezer
43. 'Crystalised' - The XX
44. 'Save myself' - Willy Mason
45. 'Date with the night' - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
46. 'Maps' - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
47. 'Y control' - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
48. 'Isis' - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
49. 'DON'T TRUST ME' - 3OH!3
50. 'Kings and Queens' - 30 Seconds to Mars
51. 'Breathe me' - Sia
52. 'I am not a robot' - Marina and the Diamonds

Enjoy and i'll be back with pictures galoooooore!


Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Paris list

I'm quite anal in my personality, despite the hoarded mess that is my bedroom.

I love making lists. I get that e
xcited that I can't wait for most things and make lists while imagining whatever is coming up.

My trip to Paris (the one i'm constantly going on about - twitter) is coming up in just less than 2 weeks. Ya haaaaaa! This isn't everything i'm bringing. It's certainly most of the things.

What to bring to PARIS:

DAY 1: Black BikBok top - tights/Black H&M dress - blue leggings

DAY 2: Jean shorts - red AA top - blue tshirt/ZARA dress

DAY 3: Jean shorts - peach tshirt - white vest (tucked underneath)/Blue BIKBOK top - (over) Stripy H&M dress


AA "Legalize LA" tshirt - Batman pink shorts - leggings

3 x knicker/pants TOPSHOP

3 x bras - Strapless black/nude - yellow


1 x H&M flats

1 x Black Mary Janes flats



Free REISS bag

Elephant bag


Digital CANON IXUS 100IS

Diana Mini



1 x Polaroid pack

1 x Redscale film

1 x 800ISO

1 x 200ISO


The Devil Wears Prada

Time Out Paris

Professor Layton and Pandora's box/DS Nintendo

Extra beauty products:

1 x Suntan location (spray)

1 x Aftersun

1 x UV hair shampoo

1 x Face SPF moisturizer

1 x Body moisturizer (Firming)

This is a 3 day trip. I hope to edit things out clo

ser to the time. I already took out the Fish Eye and my ActionSampler cameras :(

Sunday, 13 June 2010

I come out of nowhere bearing information...

I'm back. Temporarily. As are all my posts and how I roll.

I have a draft post dating from a few weeks ago, planning to be about the Sketchbook exhibition... but err... this post definitely not about that.

Just wanted to do a quick mini-post...

Two weeks and a day until I go to Paris!!!! Just very very excited! I went last year, but it was only for two days and.. well, that friendship pretty much ended soon afterwards... strange things a mini trip can do, eh? This time, the friend i'm going with, we're much closer and its for three days! At the moment, I need to call up Eurostar and try and arrange my first train (to Paris) to an earlier. Staying somewhere in the Mo
ntmartre area, near the Sacre Coeur :)

I have FIVE possible cameras to bring..
1. Digital camera - Canon IXUS 100
2. Diana Mini (no flash, sadly)
3 Fish Eye
4. Polariod and
5. ActionSampler

I want to take the first three, makes sense, I have plenty of 35mm film and digital photos is convenient and easy. Diana Mini, the style of pictures I want and Fish Eye is the same.

The Polaroid... I don't know.. I brought it with me last time.. it's just clunky to bring with me everywhere.. but I have a few packets of very much expiring Polaroid film in my room unused... and my worry is that the ink is drying up sooner than I want. It's already about a year expired... and ActionSampler.. I have it.. I should use it...

But to take ALL five cameras...

Perhaps leave the ActionSampler.. Paris will always be a possibility as a holiday.. I am going Barcelona this september.. perhaps i'll bring all my cameras then because I have four days...

Does anyone want to buy some Polaroid film off of me? If there are any takers, i'll only take them from the UK i'm afraid.. and preferably in London so I can meet in person and hand it over.. rather than go through the hassle of sending via post -
now I come to think of it... money is a issue too... but it can be sorted out... I dunno.

Thoughts about the camera situation?