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Saturday, 28 June 2008

Stupid *mumbles*

Blogger is being weird. Its that 'Edit Html' and 'Compose' bit that is confusing me. Like when its on the Edit Html you wont be able to change your font and font size via the little button or drop down list, though you can on the Compose bit. My laptop has now changed it to Edit Html everytime i go to 'post' - it usually turns into a shitty draft that i'll delete -


Ive tried to blog something in the past few days that ive not posted anything. But the blogs will usually turn out shitty hence the draft, then it'll get deleted. I want to post fashiony pics, but i want to do posts on someone interesting and not too obvious of a style/fashion icon. I dont tend to take pictures of my own style/outfit because its kinda crap and pictures are not flattering! There are not a lot of photos of myself on this blog. There really isnt. So here is a polaroid image/s of me and a friend that i took on monday. He's keeping the one on the left. He's from Portugal and is leaving next tuesday!!!! He's leaving for the majority of summer, but will hopefully be back in time for my birthday. I just realised earlier that its on a SUNDAY not the saturday that i thought it was. Great, one day further. Maybe i'll go to a club or something... it'll be cooooool.

He's like my little brother. My little foreign brother. We layed on the floor to do this. With my NYLON magazine. We are sooooo weird. He'll be on the runways of London/Paris Fashion Week one day. I actually did a post dedicated to him actually...... CLICK ME FOR THE LINK.

Im going to shut the fuck up now and have a shower. Went to a lovely mini BBQ earlier were i got partcially sexually harrassed and unsuccessfully persuaded to go clubbing...

Going to watch 'Across the Universe'.

I love The Beatles.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Music Video

I love this song,


Audio Bullys - Gimme That Punk.

I hope it works now.

Monday, 23 June 2008

Chanel S/S 2008

Uh huh. Thats what the post is about today.

I tend to do a lot of random un-fashion posts so here is the second of many many many to come! - Get myself ready as being COMPLETELY fashion obsessed Fashion (Design/Styling/Promotion) Student come September. Plus this is meant to be a Art/Fashion/Random-ness blog, the former and last are the ones the posts on this blog tend to be about, so i owe it to you that i have fashion images and fashion-ness.

Paris-Londres 2008

I love this collection. Chanel is one of the few designers that i can find few faults with - Karl is a legend. I think the Amy Winehouse inspired hair also helps, but the outfits alone are just amazing.

Oh, and it was Karl's first London show! Ooh.

Images taken from here:

I love love love the collection, especially these 5 pics (and a few others because blogger only lets you upload 5 at a time and there is about 7 more i love love, but 7 images in a row (with no writing in between) is a bit too much. ).

  • The purple one - just because its in purple!!! It reminds me of a russian doll.
  • The grey pops out quite a bit and the little bag is so cute!
  • Daisy Lowe.
  • Fuzzy puffball.
  • Devon Aoki - im going to do a seperate post on her.

Buying stufffff.

Action Lomo Sampler.
I dont know if i'll get it in that exact colour but it would be fookin' cool to get it!!!!

I've always lusted after one of these babies for at least a few months now but i kinda put the idea on hold when i had the art project, but now its over, i've ordered it and am now waiting for it to arrive. It should arrive roughly wednesday/thursday. Hopefully.

As i was waiting for my friend to arrive i went around looking for some Polaroid film. I bought the film and some normal film. The film will be for my Action Lomo Cam.

If you dont know about the cam, the quick explanation is that it basically takes 4 pics at a time on the same photo, and would show a moving shot basically. Take one shot and the image you get in split in 4...

Both images can be found on Flickr by typing in 'Lomo Action Sampler'.

Im reeeally tired now, so im going to watch a few more minutes of my tapes Heroes and then shower and sleep.



Indeedy i am. Hence this new post.

Its taken me a while to post as i dont really know what to say.

My Foundation course has finished!!!! I finished the dolls - i made one of everyone in my class - and my sketchbook, well, i rushed it and wish i had a few more days to finish it. But hopefully it'll be ok. There's always that referral but i dont really want to be referred. Today is monday as im writing this so in about 8hours all the tutors will start marking everyone's work... i wont hear until at least thursday if i passed or not. If i dont hear anything from my tutor on thursday/friday then that means i have at least a pass, but if i do, then i'll be referred.

My exhibition is 2nd-5th July at West Kent College in Tonbridge, if any readers or passers by read this post and are somewhat near and able to come see it, please do. The 1st is the Private View which i cant wait for!

I saw the Sex and the City film earlier..

And i just found out the girl who plays Lily York Goldenblatt (Charlotte's adopted daughter) is played by TWINS!!!! I love them! They are just SOOOO damn cute!

The film.. im not going to talk about the plot incase some people havent seen it so i dont want to spoil it for them, but it wasnt as good as i thought it would be!!!! I think it was knowing that it was the movie and not an episode so i was expecting it end all happily as it was the movie - which apparently there is talks of a sequel!!!!!?!!???!!?!! The part about Samantha... :O and the Charlotte thing, you know what im on about, that was SOOOOOOO funny. But i would give it a 9/10 if i was rating the film. I cant hate it, i love the SATC girls and most things they do.

I received the Moleskine notebook i ordered. I received it on friday, but i was fairly disappointed, i was expecting the same normal paper quality im used to and not the thick-ish paper, plus it was a bit smaller than expected too. Im considering buying a slightly bigger one, the size was my main problem.

Wow, im nearly falling asleep as im typing!

Wednesday, 18 June 2008


(Im not meant to be posting, but i was on the radio!!!!!! I wanted to share this with everyone. I was on XFM 104.9 if you ask, and the DJ man Rick Shaw had this mini comp. of giving out some flag for someone who had done something/an achievement they were proud of in the past 7days, I texted in, talked about my dolls - making them in 2-3ish days, getting just about no sleep, then i got the call! But it wasnt live! The call was slightly edited but i dont mind i was in SHOCK, and i managed to record myself on the radio. I sound so weird. Not as dudey as i'd thought but deffo not a girly voice. YAY. I was on the radio! Ive made the dolls, now i need to add hair and paint clothes on and then sketchbook. I need to go dry my hair now im meant to be leaving soon to go my to my friend's so she can help.

I made an XFM appreciation group for the DJ, it's called XFM's Rick Shaw and his Well Done flags appreciation group - both links are same. Listen online or normal FM or DAB - shameless promotion indeed. Its a facebook group, he's on 9am-1pm. Join my group or something please, im the only member!

Anyway, new post on friday!)

Monday, 16 June 2008


(Insert song by Green Day yourself because i cant remember the lyrics)

Just to say that i probs wont be updating my blog until at least friday night. My project, oh god, its due in friday 3pm and my dolls that im making are not going well, i plan to make about 20odd by tonight - my tutor (and most of the people who know im making dolls, just raggy cloth dolls, nothing special) keep asking me how they're coming along. To my friends i tell the truth - the progress is bad, but to my tutor its like 'Oh yeah, they're coming along.. ok.. i guess..' that kinda response. I was thinking earlier what my tutor must think i get up to when im at home.. i dont do a lot to be honest, watch tv, do some work, go online, facebook, check out blogs and eat. Plus i dont get home until around 6-7ish which doesnt usually help. I only got 2hours sleep last night and got a 40minute nap earlier. I plan to do the same tonight - more late nights until the project is handed in. I have to make 30odd dolls in total, hopefully 20 tonight - if i can find all the fabric and get them finished tomorrow - the 20ish dolls at least, tomorrow night is focused on sketchbook, wednesday going round my friend's so she can help, and then sketchbook the rest until friday 3pm.

Although i wont be posting anything new, i'll still probs be checking out the usual blogs and the occassional comment of come friday and you'll get a bunch of comments from me.

Ok, off now.

Brap brap.


This will be a partially rushed post so i do apologise in advance but i have been meaning to do this post for a while now.
Dedicated to the tea drinking english rose because she has friggin lovely taste in bedcovers, here is one my two sets of sheets.

Ive had these sheet since i was about.. roughly 7-8? So thats a good 10, nearly 11years now. I would post pictures of the other set i own, but im in a rush and my camera takes at least 15-20minutes just to upload pictures i dont see no point of it right now. Or in the up-coming days. Even uploading pictures to upload here via blogger is taking ages.

I think i had pillow cases to go with this duvetcover - Pongo? - but i havent seen them for a good couple of years so maybe during the weekend i might go have a look around...
It can be kinda embarrasing when people come round, although no-one says anything, i know they're thinking 'why does she have 101 Dalmation covers?'

Sunday, 15 June 2008


I was planning on a post about some sort of clothing outfit i was planning to buy once they hit the sales, but Topshop has already been done - and my letter of complaint to get the free stuff needs to be written, and H&M doesnt do that online ordering thing, there arent many shops i shop at that have online shops so i decided to have a look for more Moleskine journals.

Ive already got about 4 books ready in my basket on Amazon, just waiting for a small delivery of money on tuesday (i think, should things go my way) and they will be ready to be a 'confirm order' and ive already ordered one off Play.com. But ive found another website that does them. By now, im starting to think they're all roughly the same price, but im trying to avoid the actual Moleskine website and go to other sites, dont ask why, but going to different websites NOT Moleskine's, each site offers different selections of the journals/diaries/planners, so this is another reasont to justify why the fuck im doing this :)

I do apologize for the *ahem* bad language, but in real life, i do swear like a pikey. This blog, ive kept the swearing to a very low percentage.

Im fairly obsessed on this Moleskine journal buying thing. Ive already got 10 sketchbooks ready for Uni in sept. Its crazy. I have to stop going into Cass Art. My next obsession was Polaroids - i have 5 'spare' packs, and now this Moleskin, if, everything goes to 'plan', i will have 5. Possibly more.

If you think this is bad, i own 10 pairs of Converses and i only started buying them in 2002. Ok, 6 years and only 10 pairs, but last year when i went Hong Kong, in ONE 2 week trip, i bought 4 pairs.

I really want some Pigma pens too. That calls for a trip to Cass Art though... I was planning to go London next saturday, but i cant remember why. I was thinking of it earlier, go to London to do something, it wasnt go to Borders like i usually do... Could it be Cass Art? Ok, i will shut up about these soon, but i think it was about the Pigma pens i was going to go London for. Its kinda one of the downfalls of living so close there, its just a train away.

I think i need to stop going on flickr so much too.

I promise the next post is bedcovers based.

Friday, 13 June 2008

My heart melts.

This isnt the suprise post that everyone should brace themselves for, but i HAD to put this little one in.


Moleskine on flickr

I just discovered Moleskine - the link is for the UK, but obvs. for those in the US, just add .us to the end.

Ive always loved graphicsy/illustration things. Even though i'll be doing fashion design/promo. course come september, im a illustrator/visual imaginator at heart. Though my illustrations are not the best nor consistant. I do better with drawing random things when the time feels right. Which reminds me that i need to update my flickr and deviantART.

Since i was about 7-8, ive kept diaries/journals. I dont religiously write in them all the time - thats when i did keep them, i havent kept one this year, mainly due to college 'commitments', but now its (soon to be) summer, great time to keep one.

So these Moleskin books looks really nice, especially when you see them in this kinda style...

Yes, i do tend to get a lot of pictures via flickr too.

Moleskin sketch 026
When Will It Be Larger Than The Pocket Moleskin?
My internet is being pissy and not letting 'display' flickr anymore - its probably a sign, so i'll just leave at these two pics. I have roughly £6 something in my bank.. i think im going to buy one of these babies despite my low funds. They are soo cute. I'll pop into WHSmith, Sussex Stationers and Paperchase tmoro too to have a look around. I have overdue library books. I dont want to be fined! I cant afford it! I bought two packs of Polaroids today.

It was also the last day of my Foundation course :( we got the studio all cleared out - i never realised how much CRAP my little tiny space had, so much paint - but afterwards we went to 'Spoons (Wetherspoons) and i go to take some good ol' Polaroids. This is mainly for my project and the exhibition coming soon. I cant figure out how i want my space to look like, all i know is im having two white boards and two shelves holding my dolls.

Anyone been watching the new Gladiators? I dont usually watch it, but just watched one episode with my bro, and the little chinese man.. He's a tiny little man and the 'Gladiators' are like twice his size, it is ever so funny. Plus they pulled his little shorts down. The embarrasment.

Late night blogging. becomes Late night rambling.

I should really go to sleep.

Its either the early morning or late night re-checking of blogs.

I would like to share this with you all.

I read a LOT of blogs. Roughly (scamming through my 'favourites') 15-odd so blogs. The content of the blogs vary - did i spell that right? - mostly fashion, and from time to time there are what the blogger - usually the bloggette will talk about a 'girl crush'. This is not a 'girl crush', oh no, this is a I-dont-even-fancy-girls,-but-her-hair-is-so-cool-I-'would'. And by would is to make her my trophy 'wife'. And by 'trophy wife' is parade her around showing her off, i wouldnt even touch her, we'd have an open relationship of course :)

This is a hair crush. Her hair. Just SOOOOOO cool.

For those who dont know who she is, she is Katherine Moennig from The L Word. Her hair, seriously, wow. These were the most decent pictures of her i found off google.

There has been a time where ive seen her hair look bad. Not like 'bad hair day' bad, like 'i cant even look past this, why are you doing this to yourself, what was your hairdresser thinking?!?!?'

I cant a picture, but has anyone seen the film 'Art School Confidential'? If not, please. Do NOT buy this film. Dont bother renting it. Or buying it on pirate. I will GIVE you my copy, but to be honest i dont want to give you the pain of owning the copy and having to watch it and seeing it for the CRAP it is. Thats a personal review. I couldnt even get through HALF the film. I only bought this film for two reasons,

  1. Because Katherine Moennig was in it, thats how i found out about this film and
  2. The name says it all, Art School. The film is so bad. Ive generally BLOCKED out my feelings and memories of watching this film. Its cheesy and involves Sophia Myles being a life drawing model.

Katherine.M i think has a mullet in this film. It was so bad i was embarrased for her. Im glad i didnt buy the accompanying book that came with this film.

My Appletizer isnt tasting right. It doesnt have enough apple-y taste. I really should start complaining. Get some free complimentory stuff. Topshop would be on the top of my list.

My next post will be on my bedcover i promise. Prepare yourself.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Filler post.

Here are some random polaroids ive been taking recently...

Even though it looked like this outside...

It looks a lot darker in real life - the polaroid i mean. The sky a bluey green and the yellow much more yellow than the photo. Or in the photo i took of the sky.

Another post late tonight.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008


Ok, first things first, i was tagged by the tea drinking english rose, but i have done the quizzy thing before and err.. here is the link?

I have been trying to avoid blogging for the past few days, due to my course ending soon and me trying to avoid work and now having the thoughts of me failing which is very likely going the way i am... but i'll stay up late to make sure i finish everything.. just feeling so uninspired really...

I did eventually finish that essay - i stayed up until 4:15am! I went to college early to type it up - why i didnt type it up was my reason that my college have mainly apple macs, and they dont do the right click copy and paste you get with the normal microsoft stuff, but i ended up giving it late and while re-typing it felt so stupid all the things i said so i ended up shortening it and making it sound a LOT worse than what was originally wrote.. the last resort is me getting referred - basically, i failed my assessment, i wouldnt pass and my tutor calling said student up, telling them whats happened and giving them two weeks to make it work - like Tim Gunn but with an extra two weeks - but this would only let me have a Pass at the highest grade. To be honest, i am happy with a Pass, i only need a pass to get into my uni course.

This is bit of a shit post. Sorry. I'll be less annoying/depressing in the next one.I need to do work. My mind is everywhere but im trying to avoid it all. Just ignore this for now.

Next post - 101 dalmation bedcovers. Oh yeah :D

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Supporting study

Thats what im meant to be writing. My 'Supporting Study' essay for my FMP, the one that is officially ending on friday but i will have another unofficial week - also known as 'Hanging Week' to finish off everything before the assessement. Im feeling so tired and stressed. Im only about a third in, and i've written roughly about 300-odd words and im meant to write about 2000 in total. Or as my friend suggested, try to get about 1800. I cant do that. Ive never been much of a writer when it relates to formal questions, and even then its usually been straight to the point rather than detailed. I have so much to do. I want to just sleep or cry but its going to waste even more time. Off now. Must work. Due in tomorrow this essay. 10am sharp.

Listy stuff again.

I do these because they can be fun. I advise everyone to do this. And tell me that they have too.

Here goes.

5 things found in my bag:

- Money/Purse -
Although i got this picture from the David and Goliath website, that is what my purse actually looks like. And it DOES glow-in-the-dark!
- Digital camera
- Pencil case or a pen at least... This is what my pencil case doth look like :) Paper Chase - Mini Mutants. So cute!
- Tissue
- A magazine

5 things found in my purse:
- Money
- nector card - oh yes, points.
- Tmobile top-up card
- Probably some sort of receipt - Boots maybe?
- Dirt/germs!!!!!

5 favourite things in my room:
- My polaroid cams - i have the old skool one that flips up P-cam and the newest baby One Camera
- Bed
- Collection of sketchbooks - i have around 10 'spare' 'books for up-coming uni in september
- Desk, although too small to do just about anything, i still love it.
- The High School Musical calendar i have. NME magazine used to give away free calendars but this year NOTHING, i was going to not have one, but thankfully the Mirror (UK newspaper) gave one away. And HSM it was.

5 things i've always wanted to do:
- Raise my eyebrow. I can't do it. But i'm trying.
- Go to Italy.
- Own and play the bass
- Be content with myself.
- Marry a dirty rocker booooy.

5 things i'm currently into:
- Blogs
- Polaroiding
- Getting a freakin' job!
- Sleeping more than neccesary
- Trying to improve my typing speed.

Now, go free and copy this, reply with your OWN answers - not mine, we dont want a replica of my response, and then tell me via comment that you filled this out. And the world will be a slightly better place. Oh yeah.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

The shame.

Is it... and i very much doubt it isn't just the wee slightest... quite shameful to actually like the Miley Cyrus song 'See You Again'? The song is very catchy! I cant help but shamefully have already downloaded the song...

On the otherhand, Juno comes out on monday! I havent pre-ordered it yet, currently as usual low on funds and waiting for the price to drop from £12.99...

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Uni clothes.

Well, these are some of the clothes that i hope will be in the sale when they next have a sale.... i need to change my clothes for Uni in sept. Im gona be a partial Fashion student.. i need to look cool.

All from Topshop.

If only Topshop wasnt so damn expensive. Hopefully i can get most of these pieces when they have a sale. Hopefully i would have a proper job by then, god knows i need the money.

Converse Polaroids

Avoiding more work so here is a post of Converse and Polaroids. Pictures all taken off Flickr.

Who's Got Originality When You Got Kate?



I was planning to post some fashion based pics, but i couldnt think of anything decent to google up and post pictures on... so i chose Flickr and searched a bit.

Monday, 2 June 2008

Things to do when you're not in college.

Go to London. If you live near the London area that is.

I'm today, am bunking college, hence this post. Partly to waste some time, and partly to... do.. something... so basically yes, I'm just here to pass the time.

I got depressed from making the stupid dolls and realised that i didn't want to face my pathway tutor, but i cant bunk tomorrow. Really, i shouldn't even bunk today but hey.. its too late now. Well its never too late, but I'll be really late by the time i get there it'll be real late. But i decided a while ago - while getting ready - that London would be where i turn up today. Also, it doesn't help that it takes a while to actually get to college.

In the library today, are lots of old people and from what it looks like, some young student kids revising for their up-coming exams and some weird old looking scraggy people with no computers at home using the computers here. Not forgetting Mr-Needs-A-Good Shave/Haircut/Wash who is right here on my left. Kinda creeping me out actually. I hope he doesn't notice me occasionally look at him in worry and scared-ness... that isnt a word.. i cant think of the correct term so 'scared-ness' will do. Ooh ooh! He's logging off i think. And sorting out his headphones. Trying to log off? Yes. I can see him from the weird angle im sitting at. He doesnt have very nice hands. I should stop talking about him.

I wonder what magazine are out today... i'll go make my usual trip to Borders that i tend to do when i go into London. Will go to H&M too to buy a cardigan or something... i need to figure out what im wearing for thursday's Private View thing. I am getting a wee bit more excited, as much as i can alone surrounded by some curiously odd people in a semi quiet library. Also, Mr Man is not actually logging off! He's still sitting there... and looking around on the web, if i could take a picture i would. I could ask him to pose for me.. a sexy pose? Perhaps.... but i think i may have spotted a glimpse of something shiny, a wedding ring? Or was it just me.

Hm. Im going to go look at some blogs now. This was truly some weird post. I will do much better next time. I'll add some pictures too.

I watched a part of The Science of Sleep. It's soooo weird! But very cute, i love the set of Stephane tv.

Late nights/Early mornings

I cant do them anymore. I really cant.

But i have FINALLY started to make my damn dolls. And i havent finished the first one, but it hasn't worked out ok, or decently at all. It has gone so bad. I should have realised that it was going to go wrong like on saturday, and by yesterday - i say yesterday because it's now monday 1:26am as i type - i should have figured out a way to make it right. But no. I procrastinate and then it's too late. So i started making A doll late sunday night, now im kinda screwed. I have two weeks left of my project, havent started making the 30-odd dolls, havent finished the sketchbook and have an essay to do write for next monday. And yes, it IS possible to do and finish in time for my assessment and exhibition, but its me, im REALLY lazy nowadays which isnt good at all.

But i'll go in tomorrow, i'll talk to my pathway tutor, tell her i'll be down in the fashion/textiles room working on the dolls and hopefully she'll let me be. She'll understand and i now have a partial idea of how im going to make the dolls now.

Inspired by

Takiyaje and Le Train Fantome - click on creatures. I MUST dash off, i dont know what to do, i guess i should get ready to sleep to be honest.

I might FINALLY go watch The Science of Sleep. I still havent..... i will watch part of it now..... If only there were more hours in the day and i did everything about two hours earlier.. things would not be in such a mess...

Oh wow. I just downloaded some random 'Science of Sleep screen saver.. i think...

Here are some pictures while i go and watch it.

Is this movie in french or english? I guess i could just wikipedia that..

UPDATE: i googled it, and its actually trilingual, thats so cool. I might get distracted by the Superbad bonus dvd already in the dvd player.. i love Superbad... despite its extremely crude and dirty jokes!

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Vampire Weekend

One last thing.

I have a new weird crush. Just a tin small one. But a weird one. Plus he also reminds me of the dude who played 'Tommy' - i think his name was - from Big Wolf on Campus... the Tommy dude was in Charmed... oh god..

Its the dude on the second left that im talking about.. Chris T.. something...

Please dont judge.... he is a bit weird scarily happy looking.. i cant help it.. i think im kinda projecting my weird crush of the Big Wolf on Campus dude onto him. ALSO, you know who else looks like them? The dude from O-Town.


Lets get some pictures up.

I miss O-Town. His name is Dan Miller. He doesnt look good here. Or on google images.. but in that video, the slow song, 'Nothing At All'? 'ALL OR NOTHING'. Thats it. And not all in capitals either. But he looks quite nice in that video... according to my brain...

And the dude.. Brandon Quinn.. Big Wolf.. might as well choose a nice picture to show him off. Hahahhaha. This is fairly embarrasing. I cant believe i just googled them. So they DO have some sort of familiarity between them. Mad.