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Wednesday, 18 June 2008


(Im not meant to be posting, but i was on the radio!!!!!! I wanted to share this with everyone. I was on XFM 104.9 if you ask, and the DJ man Rick Shaw had this mini comp. of giving out some flag for someone who had done something/an achievement they were proud of in the past 7days, I texted in, talked about my dolls - making them in 2-3ish days, getting just about no sleep, then i got the call! But it wasnt live! The call was slightly edited but i dont mind i was in SHOCK, and i managed to record myself on the radio. I sound so weird. Not as dudey as i'd thought but deffo not a girly voice. YAY. I was on the radio! Ive made the dolls, now i need to add hair and paint clothes on and then sketchbook. I need to go dry my hair now im meant to be leaving soon to go my to my friend's so she can help.

I made an XFM appreciation group for the DJ, it's called XFM's Rick Shaw and his Well Done flags appreciation group - both links are same. Listen online or normal FM or DAB - shameless promotion indeed. Its a facebook group, he's on 9am-1pm. Join my group or something please, im the only member!

Anyway, new post on friday!)

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