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Monday, 2 June 2008

Late nights/Early mornings

I cant do them anymore. I really cant.

But i have FINALLY started to make my damn dolls. And i havent finished the first one, but it hasn't worked out ok, or decently at all. It has gone so bad. I should have realised that it was going to go wrong like on saturday, and by yesterday - i say yesterday because it's now monday 1:26am as i type - i should have figured out a way to make it right. But no. I procrastinate and then it's too late. So i started making A doll late sunday night, now im kinda screwed. I have two weeks left of my project, havent started making the 30-odd dolls, havent finished the sketchbook and have an essay to do write for next monday. And yes, it IS possible to do and finish in time for my assessment and exhibition, but its me, im REALLY lazy nowadays which isnt good at all.

But i'll go in tomorrow, i'll talk to my pathway tutor, tell her i'll be down in the fashion/textiles room working on the dolls and hopefully she'll let me be. She'll understand and i now have a partial idea of how im going to make the dolls now.

Inspired by

Takiyaje and Le Train Fantome - click on creatures. I MUST dash off, i dont know what to do, i guess i should get ready to sleep to be honest.

I might FINALLY go watch The Science of Sleep. I still havent..... i will watch part of it now..... If only there were more hours in the day and i did everything about two hours earlier.. things would not be in such a mess...

Oh wow. I just downloaded some random 'Science of Sleep screen saver.. i think...

Here are some pictures while i go and watch it.

Is this movie in french or english? I guess i could just wikipedia that..

UPDATE: i googled it, and its actually trilingual, thats so cool. I might get distracted by the Superbad bonus dvd already in the dvd player.. i love Superbad... despite its extremely crude and dirty jokes!

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Dapper Kid said...

Omg, I seriously need some of those oversized hands!!!