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Monday, 2 June 2008

Things to do when you're not in college.

Go to London. If you live near the London area that is.

I'm today, am bunking college, hence this post. Partly to waste some time, and partly to... do.. something... so basically yes, I'm just here to pass the time.

I got depressed from making the stupid dolls and realised that i didn't want to face my pathway tutor, but i cant bunk tomorrow. Really, i shouldn't even bunk today but hey.. its too late now. Well its never too late, but I'll be really late by the time i get there it'll be real late. But i decided a while ago - while getting ready - that London would be where i turn up today. Also, it doesn't help that it takes a while to actually get to college.

In the library today, are lots of old people and from what it looks like, some young student kids revising for their up-coming exams and some weird old looking scraggy people with no computers at home using the computers here. Not forgetting Mr-Needs-A-Good Shave/Haircut/Wash who is right here on my left. Kinda creeping me out actually. I hope he doesn't notice me occasionally look at him in worry and scared-ness... that isnt a word.. i cant think of the correct term so 'scared-ness' will do. Ooh ooh! He's logging off i think. And sorting out his headphones. Trying to log off? Yes. I can see him from the weird angle im sitting at. He doesnt have very nice hands. I should stop talking about him.

I wonder what magazine are out today... i'll go make my usual trip to Borders that i tend to do when i go into London. Will go to H&M too to buy a cardigan or something... i need to figure out what im wearing for thursday's Private View thing. I am getting a wee bit more excited, as much as i can alone surrounded by some curiously odd people in a semi quiet library. Also, Mr Man is not actually logging off! He's still sitting there... and looking around on the web, if i could take a picture i would. I could ask him to pose for me.. a sexy pose? Perhaps.... but i think i may have spotted a glimpse of something shiny, a wedding ring? Or was it just me.

Hm. Im going to go look at some blogs now. This was truly some weird post. I will do much better next time. I'll add some pictures too.

I watched a part of The Science of Sleep. It's soooo weird! But very cute, i love the set of Stephane tv.

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