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Saturday, 28 June 2008

Stupid *mumbles*

Blogger is being weird. Its that 'Edit Html' and 'Compose' bit that is confusing me. Like when its on the Edit Html you wont be able to change your font and font size via the little button or drop down list, though you can on the Compose bit. My laptop has now changed it to Edit Html everytime i go to 'post' - it usually turns into a shitty draft that i'll delete -


Ive tried to blog something in the past few days that ive not posted anything. But the blogs will usually turn out shitty hence the draft, then it'll get deleted. I want to post fashiony pics, but i want to do posts on someone interesting and not too obvious of a style/fashion icon. I dont tend to take pictures of my own style/outfit because its kinda crap and pictures are not flattering! There are not a lot of photos of myself on this blog. There really isnt. So here is a polaroid image/s of me and a friend that i took on monday. He's keeping the one on the left. He's from Portugal and is leaving next tuesday!!!! He's leaving for the majority of summer, but will hopefully be back in time for my birthday. I just realised earlier that its on a SUNDAY not the saturday that i thought it was. Great, one day further. Maybe i'll go to a club or something... it'll be cooooool.

He's like my little brother. My little foreign brother. We layed on the floor to do this. With my NYLON magazine. We are sooooo weird. He'll be on the runways of London/Paris Fashion Week one day. I actually did a post dedicated to him actually...... CLICK ME FOR THE LINK.

Im going to shut the fuck up now and have a shower. Went to a lovely mini BBQ earlier were i got partcially sexually harrassed and unsuccessfully persuaded to go clubbing...

Going to watch 'Across the Universe'.

I love The Beatles.


Sugar Pop said...

why is he going to be on runways??? the polaroids are cute... :)

hmm, across the universe was good...interesting to see the song remakes. it depends on if you are offended by their attempts or if you appreciate what they did...i'm part of the latter group...tell me what side you take once you watch it!!


Dapper Kid said...

South London, brrrrrrrrrrap! Erm, anyhoo, I know what you mean about Blogger's Block, I try to do a post a day, it's hard at times, but...stick with it!

the tea drinking english rose said...

my blog was being really annoying the other day too! grr

i really really should get a poloroid camera.... i'm officially nagging myself for one.

head in the clouds. said...

my two favorite things in this post
across the univers & nylon.