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Wednesday, 2 July 2008


Lovefoxxx - Lead Singer of CSS.

Trying to think of someone to post about, someone not too obvious, well, she is fairly obvious depending on how you see it, but to me obvious is Alexa Chung and The Olsens. I do want to post about them, but i'd rather just read it on someone else's blog rather than repeat similar ideas... so i racked my brains and thought of her......

I love love looooooooove her. At first, i thought she was overhyped so i paid no attention to her, then CSS grew on me.. and Lovefoxxx did especially.... why wouldnt she?

Here are more pictures.

Pop Magazine, 2007.

Fringing:Glastonbury 2007: Rocking the rainbow sparkle and headband. Alphabet dress: Soooo cute.

Drawn on glasses? Tick. With the guy you love? Tick.

Taken these images from Flickr.

She's wicked. I love how she's just dresses.... different. And that she has fairly faint eyebrows. But i guess thats partially an asian thing.

1 comment:

head in the clouds. said...

ahhh the photo from pop magazine is fantastic.
and i love the alphabet dress too.