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Sunday, 13 July 2008

Zac Posen 08

Oops, sorry for the recent lack of posts, i didnt know it had been so long! Doesnt help that i dont really know WHAT to blog about - its that 'bloggers block' thing...

I was going to do this on Luella A/W 8/09 but i know another blogger did a post on her already.. i cant quite remember who...

So this post is obvs. about Zac Posen.

(Images taken from Style.com)

I've always liked Zac Posen, i dont really pay attention to his work but when i do see it i tend to like what i do see (if that makes sense?). This collection - or the pictures ive shown at least - remind me of Luella, they have that Luella-style. But then maybe because im not that familiar with his usual style/designs. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Mary Janes. I love ANY Mary Janes. I dont wear heels but if i did? Mary Janes most of the way.


Dapper Kid said...

I think I just fell in love with the second dress, Zac Posen is genius!

gem fatale said...

Yeah I love this collection, but Luella is my no.1! :)

Sugar Pop said...

Pretty cool collection. The ruffled collar/combo makes it look very victorian but it's toned WAY down by looking like a modern day student. I like it.

Katlin at URPLE said...

Yeah, I usually don't pay that much attention to Zac's stuff because I just picture drapey evening gowns and stuff, but I really liked this collection! Especially those ball things that look like Minnie Mouse ears!