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Thursday, 31 July 2008


a new post!

Yes, im finally posting. Just really trying to find interesting things to think of. I really cant wait until the September issues of magazines come out!!!! But im seriously low in money so its kinda hard....

Been applying for jobs so hopefully something will come along, and my students loans.. oh god.. not going so well. Long story short, waiting for them to ask me for passport stuff etc still which, compared to my friends, im ever so far behind. Which is worrying.

Applied for a few jobs so hopefully will hear from them with an interview? And then i gets job.

Got my Uni sumer project! Finally! Its not as fun as i hoped. Basically have to go to three different exhibitions (Skin+Bones at Somerset House, The Supremes at V&A and the one im looking most foward to, Viktor and Rolf at Barbican) and under three different headings of texture, line and form, i have to find garments under the headings (oh, texture has like beading, crochet, knit and some others) and draw them etc. I dont mind it all so much, but in my crappy situation, i have very limited funds and i have to buy a new A3 sketchbook and then pay to go see these exhibitions. I'll save money by taking the bus (free travel!) instead of train so i can save money on a travelcard, although it ill waste sooo much of my time. I would usually do what most people do and leave it until last minute, but the Skin+Bones exhibition ends next friday? (10th August is all i know) so i HAVE to go see that one at least. Kinda sucks though. Probs. go like on tuesday or wednesday. So if any fellow bloggers are around in London, please do come and visit, say hi, but not in some creepy way, i'll be on my own... going to be a long day.

Didnt really do much this week, seen some friends, potentially got a job somewhere... but i dont have any photos of my own to share. I brought my camera out yesterday and when i turnt it on, NO BATTERY! Nooo! But im going out again in saturday so hopefully i'll take something there...

So to pass the time, here's a photo of the ever-so cooooooooooooool Karen O. image taken from here.

I do love her, she's so cool like i just said earlier.

Apologies for the crappy posts. Im working on it. It will get better.


Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

yay welcome back!!! :)
ooo your summer project sounds interesting..and you get to go see exhibitions!
good luck!!

One Sweet Day said...

Thank you~ are you asian too? Yeah... I can never even imagine wearing shoes inside the house. UCK! I think it's dirty.

=) I'll think about how I'll talk about ice cream.. hehe... maybe I'll just mention a few of my favorite flavors. Thanks for the idea.. please keep them coming. ^^

Sugar Pop said...

Ooh, hope the job search goes well!

Dapper Kid said...

The project sounds fun, good luck!! I sooo want to go see the Viktor & Rolf at the Barbican! Annnd Somerset House, yay, I go to uni there, the Courtauld Gallery is amazing...well I would say that, but it is!

Nadir Tejani said...

Darling, go and see the Skin+Bones and take shitloads of photos and write a huge post about the exhibition. I'm seeing and exhibition in Lisbon tomorrow, it's on Le Corbusier (which reminds me of Cath. Cath Bliss.)

Missing you a lot sister, can't wait to see you again.

Dinah said...

DUDE viktor and rolf. totally worth it.

rather-robyn said...

Ha I think you are lucky living so far away from Asda-or as I call it Asbo. On your summer project-it sounds pretty fun, and that Viktor and Rolf exhibition looks brilliant

rather-robyn said...

Oh flippin eck sorry about this-my computer is being ridiculous and I flagged your blog by accident! Aaag! I really didn't mean it, I thought I was clicking something else!!! Sorry!