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Monday, 4 August 2008

Oh wow.

Im getting antsy about not having yet received my copy of Elle Uk - i get a subscription - and remembering being told that Zooey Daschanel was on the cover of Elle US and curious to see what the cover was like... Jessica Simpson is on the cover?!?!!? I wonder where Zooey came from.. unless the image on Elle US website is old and have not updated the image of Jessica on the cover.. in the corner where it says subscriptions? ANYWAY. I saw this

and i HAD to see what else there was....
The third photo, there is another one in the slideshow of pictures you can see, which is similar to this, but from a wider angle and looks what Ashley Tisdale's legs.... like it was one of the many shots for idea and probably accidently put it in the slideshow because the pose from Zac and Vanessa are pretty similar in both photos (- did i just repeat myself?).

I've never been one of the millions of fans that are like 'OHMYGODIT'SZAC/VANESSA/ASHLEY/HSM1/2/3', although i DID watch the movies - well only 1 and 2 so far, and 2 was SHIT in my opinion. And, for a larf, i will try and get to the High School Musical 3 UK premier - whenever it comes out over here..... if i can past the crowds of screaming kids and their pushy mums.

These are my favourite two pictures. I really love Vanessa's stare/pose and the purple-y/pink background. And the last photo, i love the images that all three are together in. But the one with Zac and Vanessa seperated by a fence is kinda cute as they're a couple in real life. Until they break up. If they do. I didnt want to add any photos with Efron (yes, we're on last name basis's now) as i said before, i dont really *heart* him. THOUGH, the pictures with him buffed up does make me think 'Mmm..' but otherwise nah.

Im going to the Skin+Bones exhibition tomorrow and i bought my sketchbook today so all i need is a few pens and im ready. Will try and take loads of photos for a friend and for those who wont be able to make it. The exhibition is £6 for students and ends THIS sunday (10th) so hurry!!!!!!

(I hope by the time i post this no-one else has already done a post on this!)

EDIT: Dapper Kid has told me that there is a fountain!!!!!!!! In the Courtyard (i googled it like a LOSER). Im going alone so it may be hard and may even break my camera, but i am determined to at least run through this and even take a photo while inside. If that is possible. WOOOOOOOOP!


Dapper Kid said...

I really like this editorial, it's far more grown up than the HSM lot have done in the past. And those dresses are incredibly pretty! Make sure to run through the fountains when you go to the Skins+Bones!!

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

these pictures are really cool. i saw the trailer for the new movie the other night...ooo it kinda looks good.
oh i really loved the 2nd one!! its my favourite one. hehe
have fun at the exhibition!! :)

emily said...

the editorial IS very grown-up. the last picture almost reminds me of a blair/serena/nate picture!

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

hey! i had not read the books(atas), but the movie was really sweet. but i am sure the books are better, its always the way!! :)
and yeah, it is tatty devine, my sister got it for me for my birthday. i love tatty devine so much!! i have quite a few pieces now...i love!! :D

One Sweet Day said...

thank you! yes, what is your fav. ice cream? hehe

Well, my moleskine is actually a 2008 yearly calendar journal. So one side, there's a week, then on the right side, there is a lined page. I love it! hehe

Dinah said...

I really life Zac Efff. He's my homeboy. That, and he was in the Hairspray remake. He's got street cred.

rather-robyn said...

Hahaha it would be a larff if you went to the premiere! My friend and I unofficially like HSM, simply for the ridiculous cheese factor...

Crikey when you said the 'bad-arse' thing the other day I was quite surprised because a minute after the flagging thing I thought 'Oh no! People will think you are a badass!'

yiqin; said...

I won't want to be in Ashley's shoes. The third wheel! It must have been so awkward! I love Efron's hair! Beauitufl photos!

rather-robyn said...

Dear Bad Arse,

I think a hosiery rant is perfectly fine, and not at all dodgy, unless it is very very strange. There do seem to be some odd tights fetishy people around, which scares me a bit.

Oh I probably sound a bit odd now don't I? Anyway, I think coloured tights are fantastic, especially after our 3 days of summer this year (I live in 'Up T'North' so it has been even shorter for us).

J e s s i c a said...

Vanessa is such a pretty lady.