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Sunday, 17 August 2008


From my last post, i was talking about my weird crush on Micahel Phelps. WELL. Not so much anymore. Yes, he betrayed me with Lily Donaldson!!! I cant 'compete' with models. Darn. That really sucks, this from Bryanboy has partially broken my heart, but on this post, you HAVE to watch the WHOLE little video at the end. If i could and there wasnt family behind me, i would have pissed my crappy pants. At the end of a shit day, that little video has made me smile.

Hint: Firebreathing.

There was also this picture in one of the posts, brace your eyes, he's looking SERIOUSLY HOT.

(taken from Sister Libby at Ice Cube Confidential)


I could probably stare at him - i was going to type 'image' but unconsciously typed 'him' - for a long long time. I dont know who that girl is.

I found where the image is from. April 2008 issue of Vogue, the one with Gisele and LeBron James dude, i remember the mini hype about it having a black dude on the cover and i remember seeing it and thinking 'i cant be bothered to get this issue', NOOOOO!!!!! That really sucks. There is a market thing near me on thursdays that usually has old (like just last months) magazines, hopefully if i go thursday there will be a issue lying around. OMG! I never knew he did Vogue. I never knew who he was until the Olympics. I didnt know who he was until i looked at the screen of the games after constantly hearing my brother and Dad mentioning some dude called 'Phelps'.

But that picture. Wow. Im used to seeing some pretty unflattering yet still cute images of him. My, my, my. He looks sooooooo hot. Like properly hot, not weird dodgy crush hot, but properly hot without having to be like 'hot but...', just HOT.

I'll do another post later with what i did last night - no biggie, just went out, got creeped out by my friend's cousin who has a crush on me, sadly he isnt hot :( - just to show i do get out and not just lust after hot swimmers (there was another hot dude somewhere in that team swimming relay race). I took pictures too, especially because i said i dont take enough pictures to share with everyone and no-one was taking pictures last night in general. But that is another post.

I would end this post with a picture, but if anyone can send me a link for a hot image of Michael then we'll have to make do with the Vogue one.



Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

oh i am really really starting to like him...i love the pic of him in this post!! :D

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

i am soooooo up for that!! i will bring my dark glasses tooo!! :)

Oh Lady E said...

I thiiiiiink the female model is Caroline Trentini.

Sugar Pop said...


and the HP film?

!!!! :(

i JUST DIED. and then saw Phelps again :)