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Monday, 11 August 2008

Mary-Kate Olsen

I've been trying to avoid doing posts on something that i feel is 'common', as in a post that you probably have already read on another blog or in magazines, but this post has been itching to get out. Well, the post subject which you can see is Mary-Kate Olsen.Here she is with Irina. Im afraid i cant crop the picture at the moment so... i guess you'll have to get over it if it bothers you so.

I really do love her style. She's on the cover of Elle UK September issue, and because i subscribe i get a slightly different cover compared to the one image of MK currently on normal issues - just go over to the subscribe link button thing and you'll see the cover that i have with MK in three different poses.... and the cover... she looks so cool. I LOVE the current cover.

Less about the cover and more about my gushings of M-K O. As i was looking through images with her and Ashley and as well have watched their style form over the few years or so, it seem that MK's style is more... 'messy' and kinda wild, while Ashley is slightly more 'cleaned up'. Thats how i see it, because than otherwise i cant really tell the apart. Except that MK is looking like she kinda needs some sleep and look a bit less crazy. And that she seems pale compared to Ashley.

MK does, i have to say, really look kinda crazy with the pale face but she makes up for it with the cool red and white, while her sister looks lovely and tanned in a weird zebra-ishy dress.

Like i said earlier, i do oh-so LOVE MK's style, im gona try and use her as a partial influence when i start dressing better for uni. I should really descrive Ashley's dress a lot better than 'zebra-ishy' but im kinda crap with describing things in a 'proper fashion' and do often resort to using words like these. As you can tell. I love MK's style because of the scruffy but put together in a way you know the clothes are clean and havent been found off the streets in a rubbish bin. Even in the Elle interview she says something about just putting clothes on without really bothering or realising that she's got other stuff on. Im like para-phrasing? Is that the correct term?

Ok, here's the whole paragraph for you lucky people:

"Mary Kate could probably fit a few close friends inside her orange vintage flannel shirt, open to the navel and which, on her barely five-foot frame, seems almost Brobdingnagian. The sheer quantity of precious metals she is wearing would be preposterous on anyone else. Around her neck are four necklaces; on her tiny hands are five huge rings (one which opens like a locket to reveal a skull being strangled by a gold serpent); and around her wrists and up her arms are about 30 bracelets and bangles, which, at one point become entangled. ('Oh my God, I've handcuffed myself!' she says laughing.) The outfit is rounded off by a black seude Pedro Garcia heel and black Kova&T leggings. I've actually been wearing this for about the past 10 days, she says laughing, the jewellery jingling gently on her arms. It's natural for me to throw on whatever I'm going to wear and not think twice about it."

Im gona get sued for writing that arent i? Oh shit. And i know its NOT neccessary to type that whole paragraph but i thought i would share it with everyone.

Im not going to apologise for the poor quality of this post because i always do that but you know what im thinking.. i feel bad for not posting interesting things and for my lack of posting in general.

Will try and post up those pictures i got from Skin+Bones. Maybe that'll be a better post indeed. That post will come up sooner than later. Maybe later today or tomorrow or so.

Images taken from Style.com and GoFugYourself. And of course that article from Elle UK September issue 2008.

I really want some flannel shirts now (- i've wanted some for aaages like since 2006 but i had a few friends who wore them and i didnt want to feel like i was copying them. Then i watched Juno and my lust grew). And also some proper skinny black jeans. But i cant go out in just leggings. Im not thin. Even if my legs are the 'thinnest' part of myself it just wont work, my arse is just gona hang out.. hang? Well.. its pretty cold in the UK... my arse will FREEZE off... As much as i really would love to just go out in leggings, a long flannel top/shirt and some Converses. I see New Look are doing Flannel shirts... i might buy one on tuesday... i have one, but i got it from Topman. And its very blue based. And i look kinda lesbian-chic with it on.... so if i do wear it, it'll have to be with like a dress. Something extremely girly to take the masculine-ness of it away. And im meant to be a fashion/styling/promo student. I really should be doing outfit posts and stuff because of my great sense of style etc....


Thank you for getting so far. If you ever see me in the streets when im famous and you mention this part of the post, i'll buy you a Starbucks or something. Im suprised you got this far. I'll send you a hug as a way of saying thanks.

Last few words. This late morning thing is really getting to my part of the brain where i STOP typing. Its now 4:20am. Now 4:21am. Its taking a while to edit and re-edit this post. Im not making a lot of sense. Grrrr.


head in the clouds. said...

mm i love mk, as well as ashley. great post, and i totally agree about the flannel shirts.

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

love mk, and flannel shirts!!! fab.
you will have to check out the wackness with mk in, when it come out! :)

Betsey said...

i never get sick of posts about the olsens. they are just so great. ahh yes, i do agree it would be lovely to go out in just leggings & a flannel shirt. but i just can't do it either! oh well..

yiqin; said...

I love the olsens! I just think thst they can pull off ANYTHING! Maybe I am biased because I grew up reading their books!!

PS. I want a flannel shirt too!!

Wendy said...

I love MK's style, homeless like or not.

rather-robyn said...

I never really used to like either of the Olsens, I think I was just envious of their style, but I agree with you now! I looked into the Frosties kid a bit (Sven), because I also heard that he was gay/suicidal/had a sex change etc, and apparently he is alive in South Africa being a gymnast...?

Dapper Kid said...

MK is totally awesome! And you sooo need to buy some flannel!! I used to have flannel Converses, not sure whether they sell them anymore though..