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Saturday, 16 August 2008

Harry Potter

The new film is being pushed back until next year 2009 :( in July sometime...


Im a fairly big Harry Potter geek and uh... its a saddening moment. This is a bit of a miscellaneous post but i wanted to share my sadness. And some pictures of the film that i googled up, hahah.

Not a lot of pictures i know but i cant be bothered to put some mini trailer thingy in here.

Oh man, im quite saddened by this, i was really looking forward to the premier - it was meant to be mid-November as the film was meant to be released Novemeber 17(?) - as i went to the last one. It was SOOOOO fun and im re-reading the books because im very antsy about the films coming out and now i find out its being pushed back. I understand it because something about blockbusters and already having the Dark Knight there is no point of Harry Potter coming out and taking in more money. Or something, i read it from here - finding the link to it from E! website. Also sucks that i have to wait ANOTHER roughly one year for it, they could have done it like maybe march or something, but nooooooooo, its pushed back to summertime, also known as familyandkidsandeveryoneinthebloodyworldhastimetogoseeit so WHEN i go, i'll still be surrounded by little kiddies or people who wont shut up. This is why i STILL havent yet seen the Dark Knight. I guess i'll have to get it when it comes out on dvd, but, as a consolation to Harry P film being pushed back, the dvd wil l likely be released by Christmas :)

.....of next year though.

Not really sure what this blog is about, i say i'll do one thing and i never seem to do and there isnt really a theme except it being extremely weird and random.

So here's some more.

Please dont judge, and im not a groupie-fame-seeking-trend-sheep person, but im developing a extremely dodgy crush on American swimmer dude Michael Phelps.

I know i know, he is a scary 6''4-5 - i dont know his exact height, this is what i read in the newspapers - and considering im like 5''3..., massive hands, feet, nose, CHIN - im sorry, but its kinda too big for his face, ears and this shoulders are like soooo broad, something about him is strangely kinda hot. Not really my type - i *heart* the musicians but i dunnno.. i need to get out more and meet new people.

But to fuel this even more, look what i found on Pink Is The New Blog! (the last bulletin takes you here).

The link is about 'baby pictures' of him, but there are some BAD pictures of him as a teen and they are BAD. Like, if i saw the guy like that and not as he is now.... maybe its just bad photos? But he was a seriously cute baby and little kid though!!!!! When he's on tv and screaming and shouting out of happiness because of winning more swimming medal stuff, meh, not so flattering on him, pretty huge mouth, but he's sooo cute - i DONT KNOW WHAT.

After this current subject and the last post, i think i need some serious help.

Now and again i'll get these weird crushes and this time of my life is when it pops up. Maybe its a partially mid-life crisis? Im not even mid-life yet... though i am turning 19 next sunday!!!!!! My friend's birthday is tomorrow - she's only a week older than me, but as a pre-birthday thing, we're going 'pubbing' and hopefully i'll take a few pictures as i hardly take photos nowadays. And my birthday is pretty boring, going to Greenwich park (UK's Greenwich) to have a picnic. Oh and the weather is meant to be raining on that day. Oh. Will try to make most of my last few days of being 18!!!!!

One last thing, my friend - i did that 'Naddy' post for him a while ago, we met on my art foundation course, him - he's been seen to post a comment or two before on this blog although he has no blog of his own - is back from his home in Portugal, arrived in the UK just yesterday as he has a interview with LCF (London College of Fashion) on monday and came down just to attend that interview which he will hopefully get in!!!! Its a Foundation in Pattern Cutting or something or rather. I'll be going with him. You can check out me and him here, its just an old post but with a picture of the two of us :) i think he wanted both the polaroids but i gave him the one with me (on the left) while i kept the other (on the right), he's like my little brother. Will try and do a video post in the err, next post.

Ta ta for now.

(here's one last random image from my personal collection)

An extremely old picture, maybe from october/november 2007 - our first picture together! Taken at the Tate Modern (by who???!!?!?!) by the Doris Salcedo's 'Shibboleth' - its better to find the proper name for the exhibition than saying ....'s 'crack' like i was going to.

Jumper:Dorothy Perkins, Jeans:Primark, Red Converses, Bag:Topshop (from like 2002/2003, its one of my oldest bags that i still use and love - the inside lining are cute cartoons of apples!) and tee:H&M. Holding a blue A3 sketchbook.


Nadir Tejani said...

Oh my. I have some skinny legs.

Betsey said...

ugh, i just heard about the harry potter movie too. i am SO dissapointed :(

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

thats sooo rubbish about the movie, why push it back until next year!! its crazy!!
Michael Phelps is kinda cute in a weird way, i see why you might like him!! :)

Hana said...

I actually screamed at my computer this morning when I heard about the date change. I even had a cute little black cardigan/gryffindor scarf outfit to wear when it came out but now i can't wear it. :(

Hannah said...

I hadn't realised the film was coming out so early but now I'm super bummed! I absolutely love Harry Potter!