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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

My sense of time is lacking.

I thought I had posted something recently. That was 10 days ago.

I still haven't done anything that I planned to
do. Its so bad that I didn't even go into uni today. I'm sitting in a Starbucks, using their free wi-fi - technically not free as you have to register a Starbucks card with them, having topped up at least £5 before said registering. But i'm a well recognized customer at 'local' 'Bucks so its fine. I deserve the 'free' wi-fi. I've spent many hours and hard earned pounds there.

The more time I spend outside of my house, the more i'm starting to dislike tourists. I think it's just the dislike of having so many people around me. I saw recording a video on the corner of Tottenham Court Road station. Why, Mr Man, why? I just find it incredibly strange. Especially the concept of them filling Primark up. No matte
r what time it is, that place is filled. Primarily with tourists. I know London is expensive, but come on. You stock up on places like Topshop and/or H&M. Clothes that will last more than once and you won't get at home. You don't buy your cheap basic everyday clothes on holiday, that's just crazy.

'An Education' is coming out on friday :D

I'm so excited for this film to come out.

This is another part of the unregular postings from me, where I mention and question whether i've mentioned a certain something before. I may or may not have mentioned the film and how I watched a trailer for it when I was waiting to watch 500 Days of Summer..

Peter's accent in the film... ah. He does a pretty decent english accent. And he looks scarily young too. Not that he's old.. (later edit - Ok, he doesn't look scarily young, but look at the film poster and tell me he doesnt look YOUNG there! Oh jesus. Photoshopped much?)

I'm trying to mentally memorize how many, and what films I've seen at the cinemas this year... So don't mind me while I list them here... (I'm trying to list them in order, but it's not working...)
  1. Revolutionary Road,
  2. Twilight (for the 2nd time, and it was hilarious),
  3. Coraline,
  4. 500 Days of Summer,
  5. Marley and Me,
  6. He's Just Not That Into You,
  7. Confessions of a Shopaholic,
  8. Harry Potter (twice),
  9. How to Be (I watched about 20minutes of it, but the audio to the filmed screwed up),
  10. Wendy and Lucy,
  11. Rachel getting Married,
  12. Little Ashes
It's not overly much considering it is within a 9month period. I had planned to see a lot more of them, but I never did. Compared to last year, it's like a 1000% increase, I saw 3-4 films in 2008, and that was quite a lot. Usually, on average, its about twice. I tend to watch them online or wait for the DVD to be released.

Sunday, 18 October 2009


I like them. I have a pendant of one that my friend gave me for my birthday last year. No chain though. I'm kinda still on the look out for a real proper chain, but I don't really know WHERE to find one. A thin chain, cheap one. I'll find it eventually.

Inspired by this jumper: (I couldn't get a decent sized photo so I had to screen paste/dump my screen of the image, but stupid shortcut controls kinda zoomed on it while I was doing said action.)

It zoomed a little, it looked more 'zoomed'. Don't judge me by the mini shortcuts I have on my laptop. I'm going to call it either Beatrice, or Arthur. I like the 'old' names.

It's an long jumper with a dodgy drawn cat. Lovely in real life. But £45 for a jumper? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME TOPSHOP?! Even with student discount of 10%, it's still amazing expensive.

So, to save money, i'm making my own version. With an owl. And i'm going to embroider the thing. I can hand embroider quite well, but i've never done anything bigger than lettering. Like this size maybe, this size I think. I don't know how big it will look when I publish the post, but hopefully the text will look huge. Perhaps 2-3 finger height, but text, so I didnt really embroider very big. And i'll be embroidering an owl. But it would take a LOT of embroidery thread, and quite awkward to do so. Maybe i'll only embroider the outline and machine stitch the inside? These types of planning thoughts, they are what goes on in my head every single day. Making random stuff in random ways.

Maybe I could get some slightly thick material, like maybe fuzzy felt, and appliqué it on?

It's also going to be finding the right shape of jumper. As you've established, i'm doing it on the cheap. I don't want to go to the cheapest shop for clothes known to man in the UK, also known as Primark, so i'll settle for second cheapest, Peacock, and get a man's jumper.

(I might get two and make a second jumper with my OWN dodgy cat. SUCK IT, SIR PHILIP GREEN. Maybe when I make my disaster of a jumper, he'll see it and offer me work experience? I do need a months experience in january.... *winkwinknudgenudge*)

But the trouble with men's jumpers are that they are not usually very long, and when they are, i.e XXXXXL, they are just as wide. Not good. But women's are fitted fits, and I was baggy and LONG.

Here are some cute owls for inspiration.

I also got the bag in this post :)

I found the image somewhere here. Blogger won't let me upload anymore because of some 'internal error', but thats what it did when I tried to upload this one the first time... but you get the idea. Owl on jumper. Very cute. Potentially. In theory.

Don't think i'm obsessed, i've seen it. In my friend's mum's house. She has owl ornaments, pictures, a stained glass window with one, plates.

Managed to get another image in :)

Friday, 16 October 2009

Diana Mini

I ordered it in a late night/early morning trying to avoid work thing.

I've wanted a Diana for ages. For at least a year, but I've always been put off because of the price, and that they use 120mm film. Soon afterwards, there was a wonderful thing called the '35mm back', which is what it says, a back of the camera for 35mm film which you use for the Diana so it takes that instead of having to use only 120mm. That meant more money, so for a while. I asked around friends if they wanted to split the price of delivery. Sadly, all being students, money is shit and when it all comes down to when and if we have enough to spare for something that's not exactly important.

I gave up the idea of having one for a while, and then on sunday night, I took another look on the lomography shop site and found the Diana Mini.
I don't really know the differences between this and the normal sized one, only that it takes 35mm film and not 120mm, that if there are any.

I'm really excited at the idea of square shots or having half and half on one 'shot'. That's either 72 half shots or 36 normal square ones on a roll of film. Then there is the long exposure thing - I want to try out the long exposure and 'drawing' in the air with glo-sticks/sparklers. And of course, the dreamy/exaggerated colours you as a a result. It'll be my somewhat replacement for the Polaroids. Until they get back into production that is. Save Polaroid.

I will shed a little tear when I finish my last stacks of Polaroid. I'm selling of two double packs and then i'll have about 40-50 left. I read somewhere that they should keep up to a year after their expiry date. That was in september. Starting to get a little worried that they might not last until my 21st and New York. Though it would save luggage weight not bringing the Polaroid cam.

Diana Mini picture from here.

That image makes me want to go Paris. Definitely want to go traveling. My parents are going to Hong Kong for two weeks next month while I suffer at uni :( I'm going to try and go somewhere up north for a day, maybe Brighton? But thats not north and i've been there before. Ooh, I could go Scotland! For the day.... Not really worth it.

When I finish a roll of film, i'll be sure to post some up on here and my other blog :)

Sunday, 4 October 2009

I watched this alone.

Is that sad? I've watched a few on my own now. It's weird. I don't watch the overly popular type films on my own, usually smaller type films. Ok, I kinda lie, kinda. Exaggerate, really, not lie. I'll go on times when I hope kids should be in school and not watching the same film as me.

On friday, I saw '500 Days of Summer'. I loved it. I really did. I would happily see it again.

Another crush to add to my list, Joseph Gordon Levitt. And he's jew. I sure know how to pick 'em.

Seth Rogan, Jason Segel, Andy Samberg... I also 'heart' other jew actors too, but I won't name them now because this post isn't about them at the moment.

I won't ruin the ending for those who haven't seen it, but I really fucking recommend you do!

The film is great. Thats what I'm trying to say.

I watched Lost in Translation back when it was released and didn't get into it. It was shown on tv a few weeks ago and loved it. I bought it on DVD and watching the 'bonus material' now.

I want to go travelling so so so so so much.

My parents are going Hong Kong at some point next month. I want to go, I need to sort out my passport card thing. For those who have some sort of close relation with Hong Kong, you'll understand, but for those who don't, it's pretty much your passport. When you go HK, you fill out a form for immigration purposes, it's like applying for a visa, but you just do it there in the airport or on the airplane when you're touching down soon. I have mine so I don't have to got to the 'immigration' line, I go straight to the other one, because I have the card. It's power. But yeah, when you turn 18, you're meant to change it.. like an upgrade? I'm not that sure myself, but I know I need to 'change' it. There is the whole thing of having to go back every 3 years because of this changing. I haven't been back since 2008. I was 17, too early to change it when I was there. I won't be going HK this year because uni. So if I go past my 3 year visit limit, apparently I can't be Prime Minister/President of Hong Kong - i'm not sure if it's PM or Pres, I tried googling, but it confused me a little bit more. I''ll have to wait 7 years before I can do so. That's ok, I can wait 7 extra years until I partially rule HK. Just a little bit longer until my start of world domination starts.

I heard a rumor that my course tutor wants to take 'us', I'm not sure who my friend meant by 'us', as if could count for the 3rd years, or even the 1st years, but yes, she wants to take us to Paris Fashion Week? That would be so fucking amazing. She showed at LFW, she designs hat and accessory wear. I would post a link, but I won't. Maybe when I finish this course i'll mention something. Or just email me and i'll send you a link.

Then there is the infamous NYC. It really is too early to start booking flights, mainly, because they're not showing up. I'm constantly looking for something less than £300. It's possible. I'll find it. Or get someone else to help me find it.

Back to the topic. Of films. I'm debating whether to buy myself a unlimited cinema card thing.

Oh, and I ordered the new Professor Layton game. Pandora's box. For my DS. Yay. Just waiting for the postmen people to stop going on strikes so they can send my shit.

This post was very off-topics. I had a idea for something last night, but I can't remember it.

Lovely wallpaper.

I didn't make it clear, but 500 Days of Summer was the film I saw alone. Amongst many other films I saw alone earlier this year.