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Sunday, 4 October 2009

I watched this alone.

Is that sad? I've watched a few on my own now. It's weird. I don't watch the overly popular type films on my own, usually smaller type films. Ok, I kinda lie, kinda. Exaggerate, really, not lie. I'll go on times when I hope kids should be in school and not watching the same film as me.

On friday, I saw '500 Days of Summer'. I loved it. I really did. I would happily see it again.

Another crush to add to my list, Joseph Gordon Levitt. And he's jew. I sure know how to pick 'em.

Seth Rogan, Jason Segel, Andy Samberg... I also 'heart' other jew actors too, but I won't name them now because this post isn't about them at the moment.

I won't ruin the ending for those who haven't seen it, but I really fucking recommend you do!

The film is great. Thats what I'm trying to say.

I watched Lost in Translation back when it was released and didn't get into it. It was shown on tv a few weeks ago and loved it. I bought it on DVD and watching the 'bonus material' now.

I want to go travelling so so so so so much.

My parents are going Hong Kong at some point next month. I want to go, I need to sort out my passport card thing. For those who have some sort of close relation with Hong Kong, you'll understand, but for those who don't, it's pretty much your passport. When you go HK, you fill out a form for immigration purposes, it's like applying for a visa, but you just do it there in the airport or on the airplane when you're touching down soon. I have mine so I don't have to got to the 'immigration' line, I go straight to the other one, because I have the card. It's power. But yeah, when you turn 18, you're meant to change it.. like an upgrade? I'm not that sure myself, but I know I need to 'change' it. There is the whole thing of having to go back every 3 years because of this changing. I haven't been back since 2008. I was 17, too early to change it when I was there. I won't be going HK this year because uni. So if I go past my 3 year visit limit, apparently I can't be Prime Minister/President of Hong Kong - i'm not sure if it's PM or Pres, I tried googling, but it confused me a little bit more. I''ll have to wait 7 years before I can do so. That's ok, I can wait 7 extra years until I partially rule HK. Just a little bit longer until my start of world domination starts.

I heard a rumor that my course tutor wants to take 'us', I'm not sure who my friend meant by 'us', as if could count for the 3rd years, or even the 1st years, but yes, she wants to take us to Paris Fashion Week? That would be so fucking amazing. She showed at LFW, she designs hat and accessory wear. I would post a link, but I won't. Maybe when I finish this course i'll mention something. Or just email me and i'll send you a link.

Then there is the infamous NYC. It really is too early to start booking flights, mainly, because they're not showing up. I'm constantly looking for something less than £300. It's possible. I'll find it. Or get someone else to help me find it.

Back to the topic. Of films. I'm debating whether to buy myself a unlimited cinema card thing.

Oh, and I ordered the new Professor Layton game. Pandora's box. For my DS. Yay. Just waiting for the postmen people to stop going on strikes so they can send my shit.

This post was very off-topics. I had a idea for something last night, but I can't remember it.

Lovely wallpaper.

I didn't make it clear, but 500 Days of Summer was the film I saw alone. Amongst many other films I saw alone earlier this year.


Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

i very much like your lovely list of jews. they are all rather hot. :) i like.
ps, i love going to the cinema on my own.

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I love this film :)