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Friday, 25 September 2009

Dr Martens

Long johns post will be coming up soon.


I've been wanting a pair for a few months now. But every time I imagine myself purchasing them, I've been questioning whether I should actually buy them or not.

(Luella S/S 2008 - LOVE this collection.)

I'm totally undecided still.

Today, I got to have another proper look at them. They're fairly stiff and heavy. Yes, I know they're boots so that is what is to be expected, and they have be broken in to be not so stiff.

I love the idea of boots. They look cool and they're definitely going to keep your feet safe from a lot of things.

But girls in boots? They're fairly masculine, not the dainty, girly, little shoe type. Somewhat recenetly, they're becoming more in fashion, generally being worn with girly outfits, floral skirts, cute stuff. To balance the masculine style of course. I've looked at a few links with answers of what people think of girls in boots. Mostly, the guys were idiotic anyway, and disliked the idea, most girls were pro it. One of my friends were them pretty much most of the time, she gets by fine, no problems with getting boyfriends.

(Image above and below, Daisy Lowe for DMs.)

Different strokes, difference folks, right?

The original reason for me not to buy a pair was because I have ma-hoo-sive calfs. I'm really aware of them, though it doesn't stop me from wearing skinny jeans and leggings. But if the shoes end from just the calf, that isn't going to be flattering, it'll just make them look bigger. And now, the added dilemma of looking too butch. I dress kinda grungey now anyway, not particularly girly. So added boots aren't going to help.


Despite my crappy body shape - apple if you must know, weight mainly shift around the middle. The worst shape of course. Thanks fate.

Luckily, despite this, my legs are fairly skinny, hence me just wearing leggings all the time. Because I can. I don't show cleavage, I show leg. Short little legs.

I'm making an effort to lose weight, so hopefully by the time I wear them all the time, i'll be this skinny asian chick with boots.

Agy Deyn is a good example for a constant boot wearer. Quite a few images of her wearing them around.

I just want to go NYC now. Fuck uni. NYC.

And I have a shitting headache.


nicole addison said...

i always adore fashion photos with these boots in them..especially paired up with a super girly, flowery dress and a leather jacket. but that would look rediculous on me even tho i love it! you should definitely go for them :) i can live vicariously through you if you do!

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

ah i always wanted those shoes...i have never got a pair though...hmmm.
ah i think on my blog, those drawings in the book were not from memory.
hope you are well.

Dinah said...

I own a pair of pointed toe Docs. They're so lovely and white and mod and they bring me inexplicable joy.

I vote yea verily.

And come to NYC! Vacation! And go to the Uniqlo! Though isn't there one in London? :/