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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Twisted Princess

Disney + Marvel comics =

I don't really care for Disney, nor much for Marvel Comics. Yes, i've probably watched quite a lot of cartoons/films of both.. companies? Is that even right to call Marvel that? It just doesn't sound right.

Righty ho.

Until just now, i've only heard about an illustrator named Jefffry Thomas. I love illustrations/things to do about illustrations, so why i've not heard of him is crazy as I usually do stumble upon the most random people, but again, i'm not very into comics, and some things to do with comics. Ok. I'm just contradicting myself a lot here, and perhaps offending comic fans. Disney... meh. Not so much. I mean thanks for High School Musical, but you also gave us HSM 2 and 3 - I would like my money back please, and Miley Cyrus.

I found this gem.

Most people stereotype themselves and say, "Oh, i'm (insert your hair colour)" or "Oh, i'm (insert Disney Princess) because i'm just like her." or something kind of annoying like that. Oh come on, just because you DYE your hair blonde doesn't-make-you-god-damn-Cinderella.

By all means, I would say i'm fucking Mulan. And allegedly, she wasn't even a Princess. Thanks. Just take that away from me. Like the time in secondary school when my close I hung around with 3 other girls (they were one group I hung around with, I had many, the art freaks, the music freaks... etc,) and the two girls named themselves after either the two caucasian (is it wrong to call them 'white girls'?) re-make characters of Charlie's Angels, and giving my other friend Lucy Liu. I got Bosley.

But none-the-less, if I have to be Mulan... It's not too bad, look at the arrow in my leg. I'm badass. Plus i'm thin, get in.

Now, nothing wrong there. I love people of all races and so on, but my 'other friend' was black, and i'm the asian one. See what we got th
ere? So what the FUCK girls, WTF. It's ok, I didn't like one of them... she surely didn't like me. Perhaps it was too much swearing from me, and too much blasphemy perhaps?

Nope. She don't like. It's ok, me and said other friend have found solace, in that we are Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker of Rush Hour. No-one will take that from us.

BUT, i'm so going off topic, my favorite is Alice. The eyes are scary as hell, but I love it. Oh, I found one who is scarier, Cinderella. Omg, if she comes running after me, I hope someone will tell my family and friends I love them.

If you've missed the link where this came from, here it is again.

Mr Jeffry Thomas Man *insert fist bump*

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