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Sunday, 20 September 2009

New York, New York

I'm coming, bitches :D

Well, its totally not official, I haven't booked the ticket and i'm no-where close with the money to book it. But come march/april, i'll be booking it. Or booking it asap. Hopefully in the next month or so, i'll be booking it. Just to make it official.

Its hard to want to make it official when your travel buddy is being a queen by refusing to stay in Brooklyn or hostels.

I want somewhere cheap, preferably in a upper area, or not involving the two former mentioned factors.

We're, well I say 'We', it's me, because I'm the one who really wants to go. Its just unlikely i'll be able to go alone though.

Watching Sex and the City doesn't help the
dream of going there NOW. Oh, and a little film called 'New York, I love you' comes out in a little while. I'm sure that will come to cinemas/DVD before I know it and by then my head will have exploded with the urge to book my flight.

Still looking out for cheap flights though, so far it's £304 for a return and the date is just under a year away. Bastards. But then it could be because i'm booking it for a 'peak' season. But I can't go during desired times like jan because of uni. I've chosen september to go because I kinda want to go coincide with NY Fashion Week, but I wanted to go when its cold... it sucks.

If any New Yorkers are reading, or people who know of NY well, can you email me or something? I want to know how warm/cold/hot NYC is in mid/late september.

Oh, and I'm thinking maybe I should go C
alifornia so I can go see the Ellen Degeneres show. I love her show. I love Dory.

"Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming."

Plus, maybe I can go pick up some cute jews with my 'cute accent'. Plus the crap theory that all guys love a asian girl, I should be like the fucking Queen Bee.

I'll be doing a wonderful post involving long johns next.


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Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I went in May last yr and it was so hot. Can't say anything about the weather now though, sorry! Do you follow Vex in the City? She frequently goes to NY, she is there at the moment - I'm so jealous.

One of my friends hasn't got a job and the other is in a bit of debt so neither can afford to go. I really, really want to go alone. I also think going alone would be great for the fact that you wouldn't have to please other people - there were a lot of things I wanted to do that I couldn't because the others I went with didn't want to do it.

I def recommend reading I Heart New York by Lindsay Kelk. I read it in a weekend and it is jut brilliant; about a girl who goes alone and stays for a while...read it!

Honestly, you will love it!