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Tuesday, 29 April 2008

FMP - part1

(I'm posting this post in two parts for some reason....)

Yay, i'm unofficially on the FMP! (Final Major Proj.) My tutor hasn't assessed my previous project yet, it's SO bad though. I really didn't do much at all. I don't want to dwell on it too much because i've spent so much time worrying about it already. But yeah, i'm kinda on my Final Proj now :)

I'm going to post a few pictures today, not personal pics, i'll post some tomorrow or something, but some random photos from interneet.

Oooh, i also bought some sharpies today

I gots them for £1.25 and 2xsquare-ish versions of a A3 sketchbook, not good quality paper mind, for £4.95 each. I've probably mentioned the sketchbooks before, I bought like (in the end) three of the square-ish (A4 sized) with the crap quality paper, one of the A4 types that i'm using for my FMP.

I do love the Cass Art, the website does not do the shop any justice, i've only been to the Leicester Sq. branch, i've heard the Islington one is like THREE FLOORS. It is like my slightly over-priced heaven *swoons*. Got my little discount card too. 15% off, but with student card and not on sale products. So no discount for me today. I usually tend to buy products that are on the sale. But i'm looking at buying some sharpie-esque pens...

I still haven't got the current (may) issue of NYLON. GRR. But i will be constantly checking for it.

Twas in London earlier, ooh, Ben and Jerry's 30th birthday today (Happy Birthday!) and to celebrate, they were giving out - well not giving out, you had to go up to their counters - free scoops. Mmmm, Cookie Dough....

Tasted good indeed.

Ok, i need to update my little bloggy list thing, i do look at more blogs than it says so on the list on the right, but for those who do wonder, for any person who reads this blog, yes it is a partial fashiony blog too. It tends to be more random than anything else. But that is me and this is MY blog. But i will try and add more fashion stuff and other bits too so it is not false advertising.

I don't know if i mentioned it before on the blog, if so, in the previous posts or so, but i got in my first choice uni!!!! Like officially too with the UCAS and accepting thing. Yay! All i have to do is pass my current course......

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Statement of Intent

Also known as 'SOI' to us Art Foundation lot. As far as im concerned. So yes, i would love to blog something 'proper', but due to my missing of assessment - i so wish i had RUSHED some work and went to it because i heard that it didn't go down so well, for EVERYONE and just about everyone got a mini bollocking and it was just damn awkward. At least it's over for them! So yes, but the majorly important thing is the SOI. Like i've probably mentioned in past posts, it's about the FMP and what we intend to do (of course). This is a mini essay, 500words max. So far, i've written it briefly, very briefly, but im of course having trouble with bits. Mainly the first section, where you say what you are doing, along with the title and the propsed outcome. I've written that, and for someone who's never been good at writing long paragraphs and always been able to write short straight to the point stuff this is my problem. It's meant to be roughly 100words and i've written about 50. Half the recommended amount. Of course it's still brief, but adding 'My intended project is about' or adding a lot of 'a' , 'the' and 'also', yes it may seem a lot but i dont want to write a load of bollocks. This piece NEEDS to be good otherwise it will fuck me up in the long run. I emailed my tutor with my worries and have yet to have a response, which i hope he will soon.

And until recently, the influences and bits like that - section two, oh god, and contextual references. Um.. i don't have a lot. It's still early days and this is the INTENDED research and i will get to write about WHAT i did (past tense) in my last essay of the course, the Supporting Statement of Intent. I don't know the actual name off the top of my head but that's roughly what it's called. About what i DID in my project and why i didn't (or did,) things in my project that i said i intended to do in my first Statement. I'm sure after this week, or whenever i have that damned assessment, i will be a lot less stressed and will be able to post a decent post. For once. Ok, back to the desk.

Monday, 21 April 2008


Yeep indeedy. Or shall I say, 'Bad. Arse.' Making every letter pro-nounced.

I am skipping college later. I do not intend to go in no indeedy. Why? Because my sketchbook which is due for the monthly end-of-project assessment is empty. Well, not empty, about 3-4double pages, and none are even finished. Why do that to myself and everyone else? Me get a bollocking and the tutors waste their time and give me the referral I know was coming. There is a bit where some of us may get two extra weeks if my main tutor doesn't think we've not done enough - including on the past projects - to carry on to the Final Major Proj. (FMP). But im not sure if that is the referral or the refferal is something entirely different on it's own. I'm too scared to find out later so that's why i'm not going in. Unlike most of you, my parent's work in the evenings, so mornings and part of afternoon is spent sleeping, plus they're chinese, if you are chinese, well im stereotyping this part though I know some parents - including the chinese ones, and it's not always JUST chinese families, that education is just frickin' everything, it comes first. Oh course it should be one of the most important things as a general, but for chinese/asian people - oh come on, you hear about the 5year-old chinese kid in America or somewhere who has just into Oxford, see, it's that bad. Not in my family but you get the gist. So yes, obviously waking up and seeing their daughter playing around on the internet and not being at college, that's not a good thing. I gots to hide. I don't know why i'm jabbering really. But yeah, so i'll probably go to London really, i'm going to go to WAITROSE oh yeah and pick up an application form and then probably go to London. But the thing is, i don't know what to do.

I live in Saarf-East London innit, well i don't actually sound like that, it's more 'souf' because I don't tend to pronouce the 't' sometimes, but anyway, I'm used to London, so i've seen most of it. It gets pretty tiring after a while, but i'm trying to think of places to go to. All I can think of is Fopp and Borders. And maybe the huge Primark. Seeing as i'll be a fashiony student once again in sept - hopefully, if the teacher lady at my interview wasn't lying to me, i'll need to stock up on some plain tees and customize them with my weird ways. There is a tee i have, well two tees, but one 'Peas' has become part of my work uniform so it smells a lot like oil, not a good smell, and the other is 'Pirate', i tend to get compliments from people saying 'oh wow, i like your tshirt' usually mentioning the word 'pirate' and a few ask where i either bought it from or how i made it. Well, i did make it. It's not that fancy but it is fairly original. It's just a plain black tee with 'Pirate' written on in red fabric paint. I'm glad i have nice handwriting. It's one of the very few things about myself that i'm proud of :) oh my artistic ways. Yeah, it all comes back to being an artist.

I currently work part-time for my parents, so i do have a job, but i don't really count it as one as it's for my parents, though my Ma has registered(?) me as working there.... it's not a proper job though. I work if it's busy and i'm needed as we have a part-time girl working there already, but seeing as she's not family, her work is more stable and therefore is there everyweek, busy or not. I'm just on standby, if there is no work, no money and therefore me moaning. This is why i need a proper job, to get some proper money because the most I tend to work on a busy weekend is £35 if im lucky and i don't remember doing that much, not if there is the other girl. £20-25 is lucky enough. But this weekend i got about £25 which is nice. That'll probably buy me a few tees and a few cheap books and dvds...

I don't see the point of today's post, my left arm feels really weird, it's been like this since earlier, it's like it's aching or really cold... Can't wait until April is over, then i'll be off doing my FMP, i'll know if i got into Uni or not and if so, with what condition to get in. Also, hopefully i'll be with a proper job too, part-time though, but i've heard the bonuses are really great which is why i mainly want to work there and not any other place. I haven't really looked wherelse, just a small part-time work that pays ok will do.

My local Zavvi does some cool cheap-ish books, just random books for like cheap prices, like Fopp. I bought the Tim Burton's 'The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy' for like £3! It was good because i bought it as part of research stuff for my Tim Burton based project.. the one leading me to my downfall. Yet the teacher at the Uni liked that i was inspired by him. So yeah, there is always some bargain somewhere round the corner, in the most unexpected place. I'm babbling here so much.


I looked at the newsagent that i bought my first copy from on friday and it didn't have the new copy..

Yeah, the photo looks fairly TINY. But yeah, thats one of the two covers of the new NYLON. The other cover has the girl playing Blair Leighton Meester. I don't think i saw NYLON when i went to Borders on thursday, but then it was hard to concentrate when lugging a friggin A1 folder around. For those who don't know the A1, it's like.... 8? A4 pieces of paper. Around that, and then make yourself about 5''3, with a shoulder-bag weighing around half a stone i'd say, or a third, about 5lbs i thinks, i havent actually weighed it and the A1 portfolio about 12lbs - i just weighed it, and you've been up since 8:30 that morning, you've been carrying that portfolio as well as the side shoulder bag thats digging into your neck/shoulder in just past rush hour 5pm-6pm, and no, you're not going straight home, you got lost getting to the train station after getting out of the uni, waste 40mins, 40mins on the tube, then about 15mins on about little detour to Oxford Street and walk along up the road to Borders, and walk to the back of the shop to the magazine section. But yeah, i didn't see it and on friday making a special trip to see if the mag was in the newsagents, nothing. Or did I check on saturday? I can't remember.

I know, i really don't know what's with me these days, my posts have gone really bad, and ranty and half-arsed. Darn. I'm sorry, i'm fairly stressed and there's so much going on but i don't want to neglect this blog. Not good.

Quick sum-up or general stuff that i've been ____ to:

Song: the MGMT song 'Time to Pretend', i want to get their album
Book: trying to get into 'The Portrait of Dorian Grey'
Film: the last one i watched was at my friend's, Lords of Dogtown, it's really good. Emile Hirsch looks so cute, but in other films, not to much for some reason...

The film which was out 2005 features the late and beautiful Heath Ledger, Emile Hirsch, Nikki Reed as well some other cool people. I know, lame, i don't really know the names, but the story is based on the real Lords of Dogtown guys, Dogtown and Z-boys is the film. The real guys who the characters are based on i think they, most of them at least, make a small apparence which is cool. But yeah, it's a really cool movie, mainly about skateboarding really. When i get a proper job, i'll buy a skateboard and learn to skate. I bought one aages ago, back when i was 13 i think, but it was a crap skateboard and none of my friends were into that stuff back then. But i think i inspired one of my friends to buy one, she learned to skate, which later influenced my other friend a lot - they became bffs, long story, but yeah, little circle thing beginning with me and the skateboard and then the other friend finding this film.. well i'd heard of it, but didn't really think much of it, mainly due to not having much internet access with a credit card for online shopping, only since me having money to buy crap online has my mini dreams been fulfilled and my random-ness... being able to fulfill it's weirdness and watch the movies i longed to that i didn't get to watch in cinemas.

That reminds me, Son of Rambow and Funny Games.

Extremely late, must shower and stuff, and read. Will try blog a more readable post next time.

Night yo.

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Interview 2

And so I had my interview today. They looked at your portfolio first and if they didn't like it, then no interview. It was my first choice uni too.

I got my interview. And i got a place too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's not official, UCAS haven't said anything yet and they'll - UCAS - will send me a letter confirming my result, but on the sheet that the tutor had my photo - for office use etc - and on the bottom, before i left, she had written 'YES'. I saw her write it too. She offered me a place. So i wouldn't say yes to my second choice who i didn't really want to go to anyway. They're going to phone me too apparently. But i'm so fucking chuffed!!!!! I won't go into detail about the interview because it's long and it will bore you. Plus carrying that A1 folder around to the Uni and into central London where I bought the latest issue of WAD, the website doesn't have the issue that i do, it says it's a bi-annual mag but the one i have is quarterly and is the mars-avril-mai issue (March-April-May to yous who don't know their french months).

Like usual, i haven't read it yet but do plan to soon. I bought NYLON, well I have the April issue with Anja Rubik, Chloe Sevigny and Clemence Posey.

The uploading on blogger is currently not working so for now i cannot show you how the new WAD mag looks like unless you actually go out and purchase it.

My arms still ache and the finger palms(???!!! - i know this is NOT the right technical term) STILL have some redness and are very sore. They are partly still visibly red even when stretching the fingers out. I hope to never have to carry a portfolio again. Without gloves or something. Why will i never learn?

I'm so hungry. I feel bad for eating so late but i also feel bad if i dont eat. I'm not a slim girl nor am i big big. Big? Im not sure... From the back maybe-ish but from the front i dont think i do.. but it's a personal opinion, but ive only had two glasses of orange juice, two bits of gum and.... a muffin. That is what i've had to eat since yesterday.... Oooh, over 24hours really. I do not condone starving thy self in any way because it's just not good at all. It is 10:50 as i type and in 10mins i'll decide to eat something. Perhaps some toast but i cant be bothered due to very very very achey arms. Have some fruit or yoghurt too.

I want the new NYLON, it has the two girls from Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester and Blake Lively... I think that is how you spell the names, i'm spelling it from off the top of my head. It costs £4.95 or something but it's worth it in the long run i guess. Treat myself for the interview thing. I worked. Not my arse off, but i worked.

I'm going to stop moaning about my arms and decide what to have for my late breakfast/lunch dinner thing.

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Things. Teen problems.

It's problems like these that make hate being a teen.

I'm totally loving 'Superstar' by Sonic Youth at the moment, its on the Juno soundtrack. I'm not going to talk about much else but the thing in my head, and I would hope for this who read this post/blog to please just give me some sort of advice, big or small. It's really bugging me.

Ok, i'm going to try and tell this story in the most non-bias way as possible and in the clearest non jumbled up way too.

Yesterday, after work, I went to my friend's 19th birthday party. So, it started out as normal and blah. My friend's ex and who is also our friend (our refers to most of us at the party as we've known each other since secondary school, same year and most of us same form group from at least year7-9), my friend's ex is in the year above us so he's just a wee bit older. We all know my friend, we'll call her... err.... Girl. She split from the ex, we'll call him Boy - I know, real original, - a few months ago due to his schedule being pretty busy and therefore not being able to see each other that much and so she was forced to, unwillingly, call it a day. It was for the best. So, Boy came to the party not long after me, him too being late due to work. It was fine and dandy, we get on pretty cool and stuff, me and the Boy. We've got a joke that he's my Father due to this weird little joke before I turnt 18 that they could've adopted me, I later told him this and now we're Father and Daughter, it's just a weird joke. Through the night everyone's getting along, i'm trying to sort out things with my ex-bff, I tend to like being outside so I was around in the garden a lot, or if not in the garden, I would be inside where everyone was hanging out too. So, me and Boy, including Girl, we're all getting along and stuff, separately though, but it wasn't on purpose, she was just talking to other people and I was just mingling around with everyone. Everyone, not sure about Boy, we all know that Girl still has feelings for him, and according to Girl, they are kinda secretly seeing each other but on a kisses and thats it kinda level.
I was sitting outside, and then Girl randomly comes to me and says 'Boy wants to get on you, you should do it, I don't mind etc...' So i'm sitting there thinking... 'Err.... no, you know I won't, are these one of your theories? You know I'm not gonna etc...' I've NEVER had feelings for him in that way. She's said it before, him having these 'apparent' feelings for me, she said it before I set them up together and then she said it when they were on the verge of breaking up. I partly think she's doing it for attention, and partly because she's just so fucking insecure she needs more attention. I don't understand.

Backlog - they split in around... february? And late Feb, I was going to go London, I was planning to go on my own due to peole have different schedules, and Girl had called me that night, just chatting, then told me that Boy had seen me around town the other day and had waved and I had blanked him - I hadn't seen him, I was listening to my ipod, i'm generally gone after the music starts. So after she got off the phone, I texted him saying if it had really happen and my apologies and my excuse. Due to random-ness, I asked him if he was free the nex day to join me in London, I wasn't expecting him to be free or planning to go London the next day too because he's usually very busy but of course he was free and all, so we made plans to meet and go together. This was the day that I told him about the adoption thing and where Father and Daughter started. Either that night or the next day, Girl called me up, and I had totally forgotten until he was mentioned in the call that I told her I had went to London with him. She was like 'Why didn't you tell me?' and I told her that I hadn't really planned to go with him, It was a spontaneous invitation. Later that phone call, maybe because of this, she got very upset and was crying and was feeling very stupid for 'feeling like this' and I the ever great friend was nice and telling her it wasn't stupid and that it was normal to be upset etc. When she heard that I had went London with Boy, she had also said 'i'm not mad or anything, i don't have a problem..' and then few weeks ago, maybe a week or two after the London thing, Boy calls me, it was random and unexpected but I still chatted to him regardless.

About two weeks ago, Girl calls me, just random chatting, mainly her talking about her 'problems' as usual, just because I don't moan constantly about stuff that goes on in my life, she sees it as everything and everyone's problems are much less important than hers, I know, WHY do I still talk to her? And I mentioned the phone call. She said she knew, she was there and that Boy had called her just to annoy her because she was pissed off at me. I don't chat to her that much anymore. So I don't know WHY she was apparently annoyed at me and I didn't ask why. I texted Boy earlier today and asked him about this and said that he only called just to honestly chat to me... Hm... I may text HER later... She can be a real attitudey bitch half the time, she's quite rude so I don't generally bother to question her and stuff.

But back to the partay. After that first time of her telling me about the 'get on you' at the party, which did kinda kill my vibe for a while, I forgot about it and carried on as normal, even chatting to him. There was mini scandals happening, including Birthday Boy's ex who still has feeling for him having mini breakdowns and I wanted to know the goss. There was a part, oh yeah, Girl also randomly SULKS sometimes, she'll just sit there on her own and be like '.....' and you know blatantly she's not 'ok' but you get used to it and leave her to it. She sulks even at other people's parties. It kills part of the vibe if you see her at it, even though other times she's vying for attention. So yes, random things happened I ended up on the stairs with her. After something, she told me that I 'should get with Boy' and something about how he looks at me or no, how he is when he's chatting to me... Like right...utter bollocks... and then I tell her about the Father Daughter thing, she makes a stupid excuse about it and is adamant about this stupid attention seeking theory of hers. But after that, I felt awkward and tried to avoid the both of them. That really killed my buzz for the rest of the night. Along with other things, but that was played a bit part. I felt bad because I felt I was ignoring him or just being suddenly cold but that was just to please Girl. Its stupid, I know, I shouldn't let someone get in the way of a friendship really. She was always 'offering' him to me one way or another, and even when I was like 'no' she would just offer him to me on a plate and say that I wanted to. Yet she's randomly pissed off at me and then I dunno... it's very annoying. I'm of course not going to ask him if he has ANY feelings for me at all, I would guess that he DIDN'T and regardless of his answer, yes or no, it would be just damn awkward having asked him this. You don't go randomly asking your friends if they have feelings for you do you?

So yeah, please post of a opinion via comment. It would be nice to get an opinion. Any stupid comments WILL be deleted. Don't make it stupid.

Night yo.

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Avoiding work.

That's what i'm doing.

This is the last post of today I promise.

I may have an apple. Then do some work.

But like a loser that I am, I was sitting on my loser arrrse and was reading Picked Pics, going through her older/past blogs - the loser thing that I was going through older posts rather than cooling her the loser - she was tagged into writing seven things random or whatever about herself. And because I'm putting off work this was a good idea.

  1. As my profile states, I am chinese, I have read quite a few asian blogger's blogs and do to, know how it feels to be stared at or asked 'are you chinese or japanese'. My parents are both chinese and from Hong Kong. People often will say if my parents were from 'China', nooo i'm from Hong Kong. Maybe it's ignorance? But to me, Hong Kong isn't a part of China, so no, my parent's are not from China. Hong Kong can kinda count as it's own country and that is how I and have always seen it. In a way, it would be like asking is Canada a part of the US. And as far as I'm aware of, or have checked via google, it is not.
  2. I'm left-handed. Lefties. Ah lefties. 'Smarter', 'More creative'. But. 'Die earlier'. I think are more stressed? Or have I just made that up. But yeah, us LEFTIES, apparently are first to die compared to righties due to us not being able to function the right-handed utilities and therefore die first. That's patheitic. Well to me, in my case, it is. If I couldn't 'function' right-handed stuff and had to either do so or die, i'd fucking learn! I'd fucking adapt. It's fucking evolution indeed. Not quite survival of the fittest, but i'm sure not going to die for not being able to work a right-handed pair of can-openers or something. At least without a 'try'.
  3. The last 5 movies I watched in a cinema were - I havent watched a lot of movies in cinemas so theses may date back a while: (in order, lastest or later) Juno, Superbad, Rush Hour 3, Harry Potter 5 (yup, ages ago) and.... god knows.... my memory is so bad..
  4. 5 weird mini crushes, maybe someone can analyse them: Seth Rogan (Superbad, Knocked Up), Keith Murray (We Are Scientists lead singer), Michael Cera (Superbad, Juno), Daniel Kessler (Interpol), Ben from Reaper maybe the Sam buy too.... just small little wee crushes. They just make we want to hug them. Ok, maybe the last two aren't so weird but i'm not very good with on-the-spot kinda questions. Ok, and Paul Bettany. Was having a conversation with my friend today about him, she doesn't like him and I think he is very cute in A Knight's Tale, regardless of the 'missing' eyebrows.
  5. Hate Goofy. Yes, Goofy the Disney character. Years ago, back in '98? When I first went to France, went to Disneyland. Oooh, the parade! Go up, little ol' 8year old me with my bad hair and fringe, got the courage up to Goofy with my autograph book.. OHMYGOD. Fine, FUCK UP GOOFY!!!!!!!!!! I've never said/written that down EVER until now. But yes, he rejected me! He signed all those stupid bitches' stupidpiecesofpaper/stupidbooks but me? WAVED ME AWAY. Well, he waved like 'no, I can't I must go back,'sorry?'' In my 8 year-old humilation, I felt a wee bit of anger but very upset and sat back down and cried. Twat.
  6. Favourite movies: Almost Famous, Last Kiss and Girl, Interrupted.
  7. I have stalked Keith Allen (very briefly), asked Alex James if he could give my friend a free copy of his autobiography (he said she should go out and buy one!), told Pippa Hayward (Green Wing) that I loved her - though I don't think she really heard, got semi-hugged, well, he put one of his arms around me, by Julian Rhind-Tutt (I have the pictures for proof), giggled in hysterics in front of Glyn from Big Brother 7(?) who asked my two friends 'how to get to Canada Waters', looked back in shock when seeing Matthew from the first Project Catwalk walking down the stairs of Urban Outfitters london with his parents and Gok Wan G.A.Y.

Phew. That's a lot of information that no-one cares of. It's all in good fun.


So I did my photoshoot thing with my friend's little sis. The makeup was intented to be like the guy from Clockwork Orange but that didn't turn out the way planned because we didn't have a bowler hat so all you see is her with one eye with makeup. She doesn't usually wear makeup so I guess I should be happy that she was wearing any makeup at all.

But here are some of the pictures from today. I need to print some of the photos to make my sheet for my interview next week. NEXT WEEK!

Errr, so they're on the right... I can't be bothered to change it so it'll be left there.

This was shot in her garden - they have a swing AND a trampoline! It was a cold and sunny outside but it looks alright doesn't it?

The top is mine from H&M and the skirt I made myself.

Watching Happy Gilmore at the moment, I tapped it via my Sky+.

I love the Ben Stiller character. He's so mean yet lovable? Hahahah.

My Juno soundtrack should be arriving tomorrow. I hope. Been waiting since saturday for it to arrive. Been very impatient.

Anyone been watching Skins? I know it's late to mention it, but :O:O:O:O:O I saw the preview too! NOOOOOOO!!!! Don't you think Chris looks a bit like the lead singer - Rou - from Enter Shikari? Have I mentioned this already? My heart skips a beat, MARK HEAP IS IN THE LAST EPISODE OF SKINS!!!!!! I also love Heap, He played the great Dr. Stathem. Love.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008


Sorry about the pervious post, it did kinda get half-arsed towards the end.

I went in college today, got my portfolio reviewed by my tutor Dave. He's happy with what i've put in so far, the order too, but a bit worried about the amount which was my main problem that I don't have a lot of sheets but i'm working on it really. After this blog i'm going do another sheet and maybe if not too late i'll do another, same style as the 'Can't You Hear My Heartbeat' style, painted background with the collage and stencil thingy.

Doing a mini photoshoot with my friend's little sis tomorrow, based on the crappy skirt I did for my last brief - Dave and the fashion tutor asked me about if I were to have any photography, so that will be my contribution of photos, that and two more pages of one with me, my hoodies and Converses - I own 10pairs - the other one with me and drawing on outfits on top of the photo. Try and get 7-8 more pages of stuff before I stop, work on my current project and then interview. Oh, and I need a printer. Shit. My Interview Uni want me to bring along an essay. I have one printed out, but I'm not sure where i've put it. So I have to find it, or redo bits - I got a merit for it, but was told to put more of a personal opinion into it. Hmm, I would do that if I knew I couldn't find the original print out and well, I HAVE to have it printed it even If I have to go London to go to some random internet cafe and print it off. I need to go visit some galleries, including the China Design Now exhibition.

Watching How to Look Good Naked, I love Gok and I saw him in G.A.Y last year on my birthday! Well the morning after, I went to Koko to see Hot Hot Heat (featuring Blondelle and The Thirst, I got their setlist!!!! It was on the floor and the barriers were stopping me from getting it so I was like screaming at the sheet to come to me - I know, but I wasn't drunk I swear - and one of the photographer people was walking around and I asked him if he could pick the sheet up for me, he looked at me with a suspicious look like 'Hmm, what are you up to?' but he got it for me anyway. I didn't know that It would be a setlist, I just wanted it! Oh, I was RIGHT at the front too. Like I was for One Night Only who played Astoria2 earlier in Jan but that's a different story..) And going into G.A.Y for the first time, walking up the stairs and who do I see walking down? GOK!!!!!! Darn, I should've asked for a picture of an autograph but I never know what to do and it's awkward really, plus I'd feel really bad bugging him for a picture. Next time. Next time.

I have a bad photo. Of me and my friend(s) - I no longer talk to one of them, the one of the left. But yes, this is us after we got out of Koko. We look off our faces, but we were beinf rushed to go find G.A.Y so It was a bad quality photo besides us being/feeling very sweaty, dirty and hot. Yes, 1am is quite cold even in august.

Yep. This is me in the middle. I feel like a narrator of somesort. This is me just having completed my first day as a 18 year old. Not quite sure why we're not focusing or why my hair looks like a bob. My friend - the right - she looks off her face - i've got some pictures from Christmas Eve with her. She looks the same too. We only had two drinks each!

This is the latest and a much more flattering picture of us. My friend at least. She is 'normal'. Without that spot of her face which I just noticed.

Well i'm off for today.

Later yo.

Monday, 7 April 2008


Because i'm sad, and have no readers - I need people to read my blog, I don't know why but it's a loser thing, but I do have a comment! Thanks gemfatale :) my first and last comment.

Anyway, I ramble a lot as you can tell, but reading through cheapskatechic is was unofficially tagged. Yay.

So here are my things o list:

- 8 things I am passsionate about:
1. Art
2. Music
3. Fashion
4. Family and friends
5. Reading
6. Tv/films
7. Sleeping
8. Doodling

- 8 things I want to do before I die:
1. Go to Italy - I was meant to go this year but I the friend i was going with now can't make it due to have taken all her holidays for the year. Grrrrrrrr. Maybe next year eh?
2. This doesn't include that 'have kids and get married' kinda thing... purely selfish needs? Ok, second thing, be comfortable in my body. I don't care really, I just need to be slim then i'm happy.
3. Get really off my face. I havent yet and need to.
4. Full weekend at Reading Festival.
5. Have a cool CV. Which means interviews. Darn.
6. To work for or own my own cool successful fashion/art magazine.
7. Own a Chanel quilted bag. My mum owns one. She won't give it to me.
8. To get recognition for my work.

- 8 things I say often:
1. Um/Uh
2. Err
3. Fuck - I tend to swear a lot, especially in real life. I try to keep it PG on this blog.
4. Oh My God.
5. Yo
6. Sup
7. Grrr
8. Ok...

- 8 Books I have read lately:
(Don't judge me on my list of books)
1. Hollywood Girls Club
2. Dead Sexy
3. Tall, Dark and Dead - book 2+3 are in the same trilogy kinda thing
4. Jane Austen Book Club
5. Juno scriptbook
6. Luuurve Is A Many Trousered Thing
7. The Virgin Suicides (is next on my list)
8. Princess Diaries - To The Nines (also next, I LOVE the books and the first film, even though I have it, the second one was crap!)

- 8 songs I can listen over and over:
1. Ghouls - We Are Scientists
2. Return to Energizer - Enter Shikari
3. All I Want Is You - Barry Louis Pollisar
4. Nude - Radiohead
5. Cassius - Foals
6. My Blue Heaven - Taking Back Sunday
7. Boys In The Band - The Libertines
8. .. I don't know yet...

- 8 things that attract me to my best friends:
1. Their funny-ness
2. Random-ness
3. To let me in their house and chill
4. Free lifts
5. The bitching that we share together

I honestly can't name 8, err... They're just cool. Most of them. And I don't do the best friends thing anymore.. I know, bummer and what crap life I must have. The tv show I'm watching is actually really bumming me out! hang on...

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Just more random stuff

It's sunday and I should be working on my portfolio, but at this moment i'm not, i WAS trying to sort out my wireless and stuff.. but grr, i was never into computer stuff so I'm going to leave it until later. Too much to stress about.

So I didn't go London yesterday, ended up staying in town, didn't really buy anything, was mainly looking for the new i-D (which I found out comes out on the 10th earlier). I ended up going back home with a the April edition of TeenVogue - which i thought was the May issue, a bag from Primark (my first bag from Primmy, I've usually bought most of my bags from Topshop), a (cool) empty cup thingy and mug from Starbucks

I've always wanted a leather-esque bag so that I could wear the leather in, the colour is quite weird, slightly lighter than the one in the photo, so it's not yellow, it's 'ecru' or something like that. I was planning to take the handles off and leave the strap, but when I took it home it looked quite alright. Must be the Primark environment, putting me off. It was so busy! It's always busy in Primark though. It's NEVER not busy. Mad.

On the left is my tall Caramel Frappaccino and the mug on the right is my friend's tall Hot Choc. in my mug in which she took for me :)

I know, i know, theft is wrong, but it wasn't theft. And i go to Starbucks enough for them to not give a shit and earn plenty enough money to order thousands more of those cups.

It snowed today!!!!!!! I was sad enough to go out and take some pictures. The snow didn't settle on the ground properly, but it did on everything else. Here is my garden in all it's glory:

Aaah, so pretty.

Yeah, this post is pretty random.

Something I want to know, going to the cinema alone. Is that weird? I would go to my local one but it's weird because then i'll have to walk past these people everyday. I'm considering London, but my friend went there the other week and said she had to pay £10. Errr, i;m cheap. I don't want to pay that much. I only want to go see Son Of Rambow.... but another friend of mine said it was ok and that he'd done it plenty of times... so yeah.. i'm really considering it. Just after my interview and assessment.

Another film I'm going to see, when i'm not totally sure but I know i'm going to, is Funny Games. I've already read what the film is about on wikipedia, and just now I watched the trailer. So good. But it does make me worry about stupid people copying the film and then there will be the big controversy of some wanker being stupid enough to go round kill/toturing people in ways he watched in a film and then the film gets in trouble because of it. Just like songs, music getting into trouble because some twat actually goes and copies what someone has sung about. It's only a song.

Fairly hungry, haven't eaten properly today, will rustle up a caeser salad thing with toast and eggs. Mmm. Yummy.

I plan to do about 4-5 A1 sheets tonight.

I took a picture of the 'concoction' I made. Tasted good. I'll post the picture tomorrow. I'm now watching Jarhead. Why is he hitting Jakey?!?!?! This hurts my heart.

Darn my ways of writing.

Friday, 4 April 2008


My first interview is on the 17th. I can't do it! I don't have a lot of work, especially fashion based sheets, so im gona work like a bitch this up-coming days, and along with that I have to work on my Statement of Intent and my current project which I HAVE to pass otherwise i'll be given an extra two weeks to 'complete' it and then can I start my Final Project.

So, as promised, I have MY version of the fashion picture thing taken from Lula mag.

The general picture is from the magazine, but I stencilled in the title of the shoot, 'Can't You Hear My Heartbeat' and added glitter to the background, obviously. Oh, and added labels of where the pieces of clothing/jewellery, the model was photocopied but I did a faint wash of colour over her dress, eyes and lips.

Earlier, well it's like early sat. morning today, but earlier yest, my friend - the one I sold this piece in theory to - made me spray paint his top with the stencil. Impulse idea too I'd guess. Mad, but hey, that's what Fine Artists do. Yeah, he's our little Fine Art-er.

I'm going to do another sheet or two like this, painting the background with photocopied model. Then i'll reverse the idea with photocopied background and drawn model. I really don't know what they want from portfolio. I just know I NEED an interview. It'll suck majorly if I don't get it.

I'm going to London tomorrow, i'll go to Borders and see if the new i-D magazine is out yet, just some decent magazines to get some illustration ideas from.

A1 portfolios are a bitch. Not sure what time i'll be sleep tonight. I might have a piece of toast... watch some Superbad while I write some ideas down for general work and then sleep.

Night yo.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Art History

Relax, i'm not really meant to be posting, i'm meant to be writing my Statement of Intent/SOI - one of the last two essays, just for my Final Major Proj. about what I intend to do, hence the name, but earlier today I went through my paper thingy.. what they called... it's where lined paper comes from in packs... like you buy them in a pack together of 80-100 or so, and when you need one you rip/peel one off the glued side edge thing.. but yes, I usually write my notes of Art History on them, I don't usually read them, so just any paper usually will do. But I went over them earlier due to remembering having a 'secret' written conversation on them with a friend during the class. Being sad, and proud of being 'charismatic' - damn right I am folks, I thought some of the things I said, or the conversation were so funny I had to share it with you all.

Have an open mind, these are very random bits, but personally, some good lines.

(This part is just from me, my friend wrote his responses on his sheet....)
- How are your eggs today? (my friend in the weeks prior to this conversation, told me he could.. how you say, make his 'scotch eggs' come out of their case... yeah... it's weird.. not out of their case, but into higher levels, higher than they're usually stay)
- So no party trick? You crappy 'mo
- Brian (the teacher) is on LSD (he wasn't)
- Nooo, it's always the quiet ones. He's a hardcore raver.
- Lets buy some and drop it in his morning coffee.
- It would be soo tempting.

Ok, so now this conversation is with my friend, his resposne will be shown in blue...
- Meg is trying to lez me up. HELP. (I'm not homophobic, she was trying to recruit me to her ways. She's bi... err...)
- you need a tazer!
- I'll leave her twitching on the floor
- then you should kick her a few times, till she dies. JOKING

- really!
- (drawing a face with BIG eyes) yes
- Can you see me ole?
- hole? No... Um.. She's trying to recruit me to the other side.
- maybe you need coke bottle glasses?
- I do
- what do you prefer?
- NO fanny please
- Good Girl
- Good Mo.

- I will stop writing cos Brian will go apeshit when he knows we know about his drug habit. (Brian is retired and in his late 70s I would say? I'm tempted to say 80s but he moves quite normally for an old man... he's not very frail at all.... and i'm pretty sure he doesn't have ANY sort of drug habit/problem)

Yeah, this is one of the random conversations I tend to have on a general day-to-day basis.

*Sigh* I'm off to do my statement now.. Easter is coming up so.. yay? Interviews will be coming up to which SUCKS.

Night night.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Across the Universe...

I'm watching a taped Joan of Arcadia so that song is stuck in my head because 'Across the Universe' - cover by Fiona Apple played on there. Ah, how my mind works in it's weird and wonderful way......

This song is so lovely... God Bless The Beatle (insert heart shaped thing here) :)
But anyways, back to my jabbering, yesterday during college, thinking of ideas for my portfolio work... - my current project is going sooooo bad, i'll rush some shitty work for my up-coming assessment... but yeah, I started a piece and after a while of drawing the image - I brought back the piece thinking I was going to work on it, but sadly I couldn't because I needed my weird stack of tissue paper to finish the piece but it's ok now, i've resolved the issue of how i'm going to finish the piece if I don't find the tissue paper, yes this is the shorter reason of why - It still wasn't going right so I decided to do another piece. I haven't got an actual picture of my finished piece, but for now this is the image I was working from...

This is the original picture taken from the current issue of Lula, the photoshoot 'Can't You Hear My Heartbeat?', this is my favourite picture of the whole shoot, some pictures I don't really like at all, but this is my fave deffo.

I'll upload MY version of it tomorrow, I need to upload stuff for my deviantART too, i've been such a bad deviantART-er, i've only got ONE image and it was uploaded there last october when I started the account.

I know, I know, I've been rambling MAJORLY on this blog, sorry. This is just a fraction of how my mind thinks. It's mad.

Across the Universe - the film, I sooo have to see it! Now my memory is partially coming back to me, I do remember a brief small part of my life watching some sort of promotion but not enough to realise straightaway it was released in cinemas, or was it? All I know is that I want it. And the soundtrack, they're mostly, if not all, Beatles songs as far as I can recognise their titles and well, it is about the Beatles-esque thing so I guess they are all Beatles songs.

This is the random rambling blog so i'll make a list of what I want/need... but cannot afford at the moment.. or ever get....

  1. Across the Universe on film

  2. Across the Universe soundtrack

  3. Polaroid film x 40exposures

  4. A new laptop

  5. Clothes, tops mainly and a pair of skinny jeans

  6. A boyfriend

  7. Tissue paper!

  8. A slim body

  9. More time

  10. My old hard-drive back

  11. Jelly and ice-cream

  12. Reading 2008 tickets

  13. A camera similar to Juergen Teller's, I love his photography style, the way the images come up with a dreamy-ness, that's partly a reason for the polaroids

  14. New Vans

  15. Some nice colouring pencils

  16. An assortment of black fine liners

  17. A big sketchbook, like A2 or a big square one with decent paper quality

That's about it for now. I will try to blog better.