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Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Across the Universe...

I'm watching a taped Joan of Arcadia so that song is stuck in my head because 'Across the Universe' - cover by Fiona Apple played on there. Ah, how my mind works in it's weird and wonderful way......

This song is so lovely... God Bless The Beatle (insert heart shaped thing here) :)
But anyways, back to my jabbering, yesterday during college, thinking of ideas for my portfolio work... - my current project is going sooooo bad, i'll rush some shitty work for my up-coming assessment... but yeah, I started a piece and after a while of drawing the image - I brought back the piece thinking I was going to work on it, but sadly I couldn't because I needed my weird stack of tissue paper to finish the piece but it's ok now, i've resolved the issue of how i'm going to finish the piece if I don't find the tissue paper, yes this is the shorter reason of why - It still wasn't going right so I decided to do another piece. I haven't got an actual picture of my finished piece, but for now this is the image I was working from...

This is the original picture taken from the current issue of Lula, the photoshoot 'Can't You Hear My Heartbeat?', this is my favourite picture of the whole shoot, some pictures I don't really like at all, but this is my fave deffo.

I'll upload MY version of it tomorrow, I need to upload stuff for my deviantART too, i've been such a bad deviantART-er, i've only got ONE image and it was uploaded there last october when I started the account.

I know, I know, I've been rambling MAJORLY on this blog, sorry. This is just a fraction of how my mind thinks. It's mad.

Across the Universe - the film, I sooo have to see it! Now my memory is partially coming back to me, I do remember a brief small part of my life watching some sort of promotion but not enough to realise straightaway it was released in cinemas, or was it? All I know is that I want it. And the soundtrack, they're mostly, if not all, Beatles songs as far as I can recognise their titles and well, it is about the Beatles-esque thing so I guess they are all Beatles songs.

This is the random rambling blog so i'll make a list of what I want/need... but cannot afford at the moment.. or ever get....

  1. Across the Universe on film

  2. Across the Universe soundtrack

  3. Polaroid film x 40exposures

  4. A new laptop

  5. Clothes, tops mainly and a pair of skinny jeans

  6. A boyfriend

  7. Tissue paper!

  8. A slim body

  9. More time

  10. My old hard-drive back

  11. Jelly and ice-cream

  12. Reading 2008 tickets

  13. A camera similar to Juergen Teller's, I love his photography style, the way the images come up with a dreamy-ness, that's partly a reason for the polaroids

  14. New Vans

  15. Some nice colouring pencils

  16. An assortment of black fine liners

  17. A big sketchbook, like A2 or a big square one with decent paper quality

That's about it for now. I will try to blog better.

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