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Sunday, 30 March 2008

L-O-L-A Lola.

Today has been one very unproductive day. And i'm meant to have a mini portofolio review tomorrow... maybe I can try and reschedule it...? It's so bad.

Went to London though, with the Parents - Brother is away in Miami for his third year Uni, sadly, will be back in summer after the school year there has finished - and I did go to Cass Art, and therefore bought my 2 sketchbooks I wanted! Ah, if only my camera would link up to the laptop... there would be pictures.

Then, finally. Trying to look for Borders. It was a BITCH. I knew there one a branch in Charing Cross and Oxford Street, but I went to Oxford Street because Mother wanted to go John Lewis.. so anyway, The middle of Oxford Street, like the 4 corners of the world - TopShop, H&M, Ze....-something, it sells pants basically... and the other corner I can't remember, Nike Town? But yes, I went to all the other corners and right down their roads, they are LONG roads, I got the bus back up to the middle, Borders was on the Topshop side, I went there LAST. Took me about 45minutes to get there due to the walking and the traffic. But WOW. Damn that shop has some nice selections of magazines. I saw so many Vogues, some magazines I had never heard of yet they were UK editions... but I did manage to find my Lula magazine, I googled it up yesterday, and people were saying that it sold out quickly and stuff similar to that, but of what i've seen, it is some very cool magazine. Oh, didn't I mention I wanted to get the magazine? Oops, my bad, after seeing it on Magenta Peepshow I decided to curiously google it up. I found the magazine but couldn't help thinking that there was another magazine that I wanted... and having only about 10minutes until I was mean to go meet my (very late) Mother outside John.L, I rushed and faffed a bit. In the end, Amelia's magazine popped in the head and I found it, but it was the current issue and not the new issue 9 that I lust for, it didn't even have the notebook thing attatched to it :( after seeing it at the Deisgn Museum, after popping to London much after the first meeting of Amelia's and on the way back home on a very cold night, I saw this very cool girl - cropped hair black hair (she was asian, like my asian - not that this should bias any opinion but we must discuss the details), leather jacket, white fur Russian-esque hat and I think like tartan trousers. She was very cool looking and was clutching some books and Amelia's magazine. Which prompted me since to buy the next issue. Influences come in weird ways. Oh hang on. It's £10. Oh dear. Yeah, maybe not. I'm sure I can live without that and buy two magazines with that instead.

WAD - We Are Dfferent. I was suprised to see that there. I originally bought WAD in France - I went there earlier this month with my Foundation class, most of us went - and i'd thought it wouldn't be availible in the UK, it's a French based magazine? But it also has english, a bilingual magazine so I read, but yeah, it's a pretty good magazine, good amount for your £4.50. So yeah, i guess two new additions to my magazine buying, I currently on a regular basis buy Grazia and I have my supscription to Elle UK, Lula is joining on - though it comes out twice a year and WAD too, but I don't know how regularly i'll buy it. Might shop around for magazines when i'm next at Borders, broaden my choices... Need to change my room around too, i've been thinking of it for ages now, but maybe when I get my next assessment over and i'm on my FMP then i'll change it and stuff.

Damn I need a portfolio case. And a place in my first choice Uni.

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