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Saturday, 29 March 2008


Oh how I love thee.

I looked over at my blog just to check if it was a glitch. No. The big blob is still there according to my laptop. I changed the colour writing font to see maybe it was because I changed the colour and size of the thing I was writing. No difference except it's now a big black blob. Great. Never seen it before and I can't copy and paste the entry so I couldn't transfer it into a new post. POST. That's what they're called, I called them entry or blog because I couldn't think of the correct term. Oh how I should've looked up and see 'POSTING'.

I'm so addicted to Dymo label thingy. Just a moment ago I had it on my lap. The fact that i've taken THAT down with me - to my living room where i'm currently situated - instead of perhaps my phone or a blanket means quite a lot. The tape are QUITE expensive I must say. £6.99 per pack for two rolls which doesn't look like a lot and i've probably got half of one roll left - you get two rolls per pack - even though I bought it yesterday. Well, half roll and a full roll. It's just amazing the crap I write/type/emboss onto labels material thing. It's so good.

Eurgh. Had a conversation a little while ago with Mother, her talking about my current course - she still doesn't understand it and what I will do if I don't get in any of my chosen Unis. Well... I don't know either. There isn't many unis in the Londony area that do my course that I would have a CHANCE of getting in. It doesn't even HAVE to be London. Just somewhere that I can get to because I have to live at home :( which really sucks because that lowers my chances even more.

I'm off to Primark in a little while. To find those checked shirts. I'm seriously so poor right now. I get EMA.. but uh... havent been to all my lessons for the past two weeks. The first week I was ill - but couldn't be bothered to RING up my college and tell them this.. long story.. and then this week, thursday I missed a lesson or two.... I currently have £7.51 in the bank... so poor...

I thought my birthday was on a saturday due to it being on a friday last year. It's on a sunday. Darn you leap year. Hahah. So bad. Hopefully i'll be going to Reading this year. I do and I don't. But it would be a good birthday as I was meant to go last year and I would've turnt the 'big' 1-8 at Reading. Man...

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