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Saturday, 29 March 2008


Have the idea of making mix tapes for studio at college.... change the tapes every week or so... that will be so cool... but seeing as I have one week left until a new Project.. the Final Project... i'll leave it until we come back then. After my assessment and all. It's going to go so bad my next assessment. I never know what to say and I always get semi-ripped apart somehow because of it.

So yes... first idea for Mix tape/s.. they're only 90minutes each so...

  1. 'After Hours' - We Are Scientists
  2. 'Show You How' - The Killer
  3. 'Coffee and Tv' - Blur
  4. 'Times Like These' - Foo Fighters
  5. 'Michael' - Franz Ferdinand
  6. 'Bitter Sweet Symphany' - The Verve
  7. 'Y Control' - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  8. 'Bliztkreig Bop' - Ramones
  9. 'Chocolate' - Snow Patrol
  10. 'No Suprises' - Radiohead
  11. 'Music When The Lights Go Out' - The Libertines
  12. 'Sorry You're Not a Winner' - Enter Shikari
  13. 'Girls Like Mystery' - The Cribs
  14. 'Girl All The Bad Guys Want' - Bowling For Soup
  15. 'Swing Swing' - All American Rejects
  16. 'Big Sur' - The Thrills

That's all I can think of at the moment... they would be a better playlist but as my hard-drive got replaced and haven't been bothered to re-burn songs onto the laptop and it's a mix TAPE, going old skool. I have all these songs on cd...

It seems like such a lame idea now I think of it... bummerrr..

I bought my first copy for I-D today, it's ok. I need to get magazines like this, but... I thought I saw some cool photos when flipping through in the shops, but when I bought it back home.. didn't look so great. I'll shop around for similar magazines in the meanwhile. Didn't get the checked shirts I wanted though. Couldn't find any in Primark and I didn't go to any other clothing stores. My friend was being a bit funny when I first mentioned wanting the checked shirts so I didn't really bother afterwards.

Going London tomorrow with the parents. They need to go to some weird chinese bank for something and while I'm out with them, I'll go to the Art Shop, Cass Art, for some sketchbooks, i'll get them tomorrow - if they're on the sale - instead of later in the week as I was thinking of.

Ouch. Gone to microwave my cold Greggs 'sausage and bean melt' from earlier, I was washing up my dear cup'o'milk, I stab, well got stabbed shall I say, by a fork. Enough to pierce some skin, but not enough to bleed. I know, gross. Sorry.

The Virgin Megastores in London, Picadilly Circus? they have some pretty good range of magazines as I so remember vaguely back when I was last there for the DVD signing of Green Wing. Aaaaah.... There is a picture of me and my friend with Julian Rhind-Tutt in the middle, but my face is so bad. I shant show it. I'll try and get some sort of free photo editing software thing and blur out of face and then i'll post it. Oh such vanity. It's just that it's the first proper photo on the blog and I don't want to ruin all potential better pictures of myself. I want to be 'cool' not weird faced freak with Julian and her friend. Julian R-T if you don't remember or didn't know, played 'Mac' in Green Wing, the strawberry blonde/ginger character with the shaggy-ish long-ish locks. The 'lion's mane' or something, I LOVE Sue White. She was, and still is my favourite character. Semi R.I.P Green Wing :(

Somwhere to write this down - Angels and Airwaves - The Gift. Want that song. Might as well get the album. Need to sort out my ipod problem, that my laptop won't detect USB cables... not my camera or ipod.

"I'll make your fear run away.." that's a cute line. See, inspiration already. There's my FMP exhibition in July... i'll put an open invitation when it's closer the time... omg... like the news of kids putting up invites to their birthday parties on the net.. what if MY college exhibition gets trashed... that would suck.. out work getting ruined... Hmm.. it is a college... I mean come on, it's not a rave, shouldn't in theory get trashed by loads of hyper drunk kids looking for a good time. In early afternoon that is.

Err, what was I going to say. Oh yes. What happens if you mix cappuccino and hot choc powder together? It's a cappio sachet and some hot chocolate powder.. I'm thinking something Mocha-esque... shame i've left my flask at college... I shall google it... Ah, Moccaccino, or according to Wikipedia, to yous in the US 'cappuccino made with chocolate'.

That reminds me, Amelia's magazine. Need to buy that too. While i'm in London. I saw it in the design museum when I was there for the Matthew Williamson exhibition back in january. But I want to get the 9th issue but I'm not sure when it comes out. I may be low on money but this is one of the things I do for my art.

Omg. Wow. I want this. I think there is one of these where I live. But I very much doubt they'll have them so I'll go London if I have to....

Eley Kishimoto & Cancer Research UK: Fukuro Bag

Like OMG! It's soooo damn cute and only £2.99. I'm fairly embarrased and ashamed, but I did try to get one of the Anya Hindmarch's 'I'm not a plastic bag' bags, but damn my bus and need to sleep. I missed the LAST one in my local Sains. by about 5mins! To some stupid silly girls in the year below me. Grrrrrrrrr.
Sorry for all the random-ness, but that's the blog. It's in the name.
If there are big gaps between paragraphs then... oops, they're not meant to be so big, i'm trying to make the big posts (like this one) easier to read, seperate the different subjects in their weird ways.
That's it for now. I'll let everyone have a rest. I might try and play around on the blog. Set up some links to some blogs that are cool in my mind. It's a growing list so bear with me yo....


gem fatale said...

I got a couple of those bags. Does your bag smell like joss sticks? Mine do! Don't know why!
They go for a couple of quid extra on ebay so it might be worth getting another one to sell in a couple months!

rather-robyn said...