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Thursday, 27 March 2008

Bonjour Monsieur et Ma-dames


New blog to start afresh. Deleted my old blog so I can start a proper new blog that will be sparkling with weirdness.

I'll bullet point some stuff about myself and my current thoughts -

  • I'm a Art Foundation student,
  • Main interests - as says my Personal Statement - Art, Music and Fashion,
  • Annoyed about not being able to stupidly find fashion/style blogs with girls that aren't slim/skinny so have decided to start this one,
  • Am not slim. Apple shaped. The hardest blody shape because it's crap! BELLY!
  • Am a late and inconsistant blogger but am trying,
  • Frustrated with my current laptop, get it repaired and now it's all messed up - get one next year?
  • Main collections: Hoodies, Converses and Topshop Shopper bags,
  • Chinese but born and bred in England,
  • Worry and procrascinate a lot but for others I am loyal and protective,
  • Am Indie/Rocker kinda gaaaal,
  • In-store gigs and movie premiers,

That's it for now... i'm never good with trying to come up with things like this off the top of my head.

Need to buy a memory card reader thing as my laptop won't detect my ipod nor camera USB but luckily my memory stick though... at least it's something.

This week and the next week it is my Easter Holiday for two weeks then my assessment for my work and then my Final Major Project for my art. Based on memories. I havent written my 'Statement of Intent' so I won't really go into detail of what the final project is about until I at least write the statement and hopefully have my first interview with uni!!!!! Need to work on that portfolio.

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