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Saturday, 31 May 2008

More listy stuffff.

My weird love and excitement for weird list thinsg that tell the very few readers/passers by more about my one self just will not stop.

I have been unofficially tagged by Meet The Freak - hey, she said that anybody could do this... and i must say i am one of the many 'body she is talking about..

1. What was you doing 10 years ago?
Hm.. i was 8 and that means year 5? No.. year 4... i dont know.. what does an 8 year old do? I was probably care-free and innocent, no worries or self-conscious of myself.. peeling prawns on weekends and also going to Chinese school..

2. What are 5 things on my to-do list?
  • Make the dolls
  • Do some sketchbook work
  • Watch 'The Science of Sleep' dvd i bought on thursday
  • shower
  • do some washing up

3. Snacks i enjoy (shut up Naddy) - say around 5:

  • Jelly
  • ice cream
  • toast
  • tuna baguette from Greggs
  • yoghurt

I couldn't think of a fifth one really.. not one that counts as a 'snack'. Crisps maybe? But perhaps its me, or age, i know, im soo old - i mean, im like 19 in less than three months.. nearing the end of my 'teens.

4. Places i have lived:

Well there is the place i live now, it can either count as Kent/London or Greater London.. and my old place, Plumstead. Its fairly ghetto-esque..

5. Things i would do if i was a billionaire:

I would love to say surgery and growth hormones, but for real life stuff

  • buy some much needed clothes/shoes/accessories
  • pay for my Uni stuff - including somewhere proper to live, tutition fees, books and stationary..
  • give more money to charities
  • buy a house/mansion in Hong Kong for my 'rents
  • a new laptop

6. People i want to know more about:

All the people whose blogs i read on a daily basis - i need to update my blog list, Mika - no idea why but it would be sooo jokes, Gok Wan - dont ask and the CSI:NY writers.

OMG, i just watched the ending of series4 because i didnt get to watch it earlier.. OMG. Mac!!!!!!!

I love CSI, especially NY... !!!!!!!!!!!

I went totally off-track but thats all the questions.. anyway... :O im still in partial shock about the CSI thing and i wont be able to watch series 5 until next year...

There isn't really a reason for blogging... there isnt usually a reason to blog nowadays.. because im trying to force myself to work.. it isnt working.. plus my life is annoying dull. But i have the private view on thursday so hopefully i'll get some decent photos and something to talk about!

I gots a new phone though! Same number, but new phone.. it wasnt the one i wanted - Sony Ericsson K660 becasue it apparently isnt 'out yet' - yeah, big fucking lie, so i got this one instead, i was second choice...

Except mine is 'ivory'... but yay, new phone.

Err... yeah, anyone know anyone who's looking for like 3-4 flatmates in Camden? Or north Londony.. me and some of my friends at college - mainly them, i already live in Londony area so i dont have to move out - are looking for a place to rent for our upcoming uni stuff.. i'll be a part-time flatmate.. but still.. we're looking and want a decently priced rent.. or just somewhere decent... so if anyone knows anything or can help? And yes, i have googled most possibilites...

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Research Links

Im currently at college, didnt bring a pen with me to the computer room, only brought my sketchbook err....

Anyway, incase i dont get to print it off, here is a list for people to check out and a reminder for me really...


theconstantgatherer.blogspot.com - where i got all these links from, its a REALLY nice website, for arty cute based stuff...

Du Bah Du Dolls



Julie Arkell 

Apolline a Paris

Thats all for now.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008


In the vain attempt to get my friend to start a blog, this post is dedicated to him. Then i'll post a proper post afterwards.

You want a fashion blog, i'll make it fashiony. Ish. Partly.

We'll take over Vogue wearing this outfit:

Photos all taken from yours truly Net-A-Porter.Com.

Burberry Prorsum Trench, 3.1 Philip Lim Shirt, Pringle Of Scotland Shorts/Pants, Burberry Heels and the Miu Miu Bag

I do quite like all the pieces.. not neccessarily all together, but remember, us in the park, Art Picnic 2, wearing just Hot Pants and Balenciaga heels? Well, Net-A-Porter doesnt sell Balenciaga. Not does it Chanel as i found out. It was actually the FIRST time i've been on N-A-P. It takes quite a while to do that, the outfit thing, getting the pictures, writing down who the designers are etc...

I added in the TRENCH coat and a shirt. And a bag. I dunno. Thought an outfit needed accessories and you cant just walk topless...

Ok, heres another try.

Kate Moss for Topshop and the Balenciaga sandals/heels, all the same.

THAT is our Art Picnic 3 outfit :D

Oh god this sucks. Im gona print these pictures off and take a photo of your body, then i will cut out the items and stick them on the photo. Then i will get the overall image and send it to CSM and tell them to give you a place. Then i will also send a copy to Anna. She will make you her HEIR. OMG. Anna Wintour will be your Mama. Mama W.

What is wrong with me. Why am i like this?

Saturday, 24 May 2008

In need of a scanner.

There are a few things i want to say, well two mainly, and here is the second which i'll put first.

I have a link on my Favourites list about an artist called 'Rinko Kawauchi'. And i cant seem to figure out why. Doesnt help that i cant copy+paste things straight into here otherwise i would have put the link i have... weird.

I need a scanner. Its hard to not have one because it'll be much easier to scan things rather than take a picture of the item. Especially if its something like an article or a photo...

Well i'll say it now and then take a picture later or something....

It know its probably not that hard to take a photo and then upload it, but seeing as it takes about at least 10minutes to upload my camera and many other factors really. Too long and confusing to explain. But im going to try and get a new laptop for my birthday this year... hopefully.

So anyway, the second thing, the important thing i wanted to share today,

Like YA HUH. I this, well i got two inivitations, in the post today. I didnt expect this at all. I was suprised that i actually got post, and then it said who i was from and then i was hoping it was detials about enrollment - talk about early and i havent even actually passed my current course yet, then i opened it and saw how thin the pack was, then it was like oh, probably something about their Open Day or something crap and formal. But no, it was a Private View invitation!!!!

Yeeeeeeeees! Going to try and get there semi early so i can be near the front for the Fashion Show. Maybe there will be freebies? Like a real designer fashion show... wow..

Friday, 23 May 2008

Stuff. Listy stuff.

TEN things you wish you could say to someone - no names!

  1. Stop talking! I'm trying to work. Why are dont you know anything?!??!!
  2. Please stop touching me so much. I know you're touchy feely but its slightly uncomfortable for me.
  3. Shut up. Stop blatently TRYING to flirt/get his attention. I dont want to listen to you constantly trying to get his attention. (I think he has a girlfriend.)
  4. You DO know that your 'tan' is very orange. And we all know it contrasts a lot against your white blonde hair extensions
  5. Go get a fucking job.
  6. Dont let the rejection letter get you down! Its stopping you from doing your work and you know you're talented! Loads of people dont get in every year, dont blame yourself in any way.
  7. Stop adding me on facebook. FOUR TIMES. Every single i will 'reject' yet you keep adding me.
  8. You too. Chat to me on facebook. The same things. What am i up to? Nothing has changed from the past 5 minutes that you asked.
  9. He doesnt deserve you. Take little Baby and find someone much better.
  10. Why am i bothering?

Hmm. I am passive aggressive. I did try thinking of nice things, but i've said most of them to the people already.

NINE things about yourself -

  1. Im a sucker for weird arty/illustration/fashion magazines.
  2. I can be so trampy sometimes.
  3. I cant take the late night early mornings anymore.
  4. Not reading before i sleep makes me feel fairly uncomfortable, but then i end up spending too long engrossed into the book and regretting not stopping when i wake up.
  5. Addicted to Spider Solitaire.
  6. Ice-cream is fine to eat whatever season/time/day.
  7. Generally when people are telling me fairly important things, i.e. teachers telling me what to do in my project, i cant help but have that information going into one ear and out of the other. I only remember half the information and have to rely on my friends to help fill in the gaps. Its a bad habit. I AM listening, but the mind doth wonder...
  8. I tend to half think before i say. Thats why i usually jumble/stutter/mumble/jabber..
  9. I am crap at told to come up with stuff while under pressure. My ideas take at least a few seconds to pop up into my head. i.e this list. I do apologise.

EIGHT ways NOT to win my heart -

  1. Pikeys. Please dont apply.
  2. Being serious all the time and not appreciate the fun and awkwardness of small talk.
  3. Lies.
  4. Unreliability.
  5. Bad hygiene.
  6. Calling me 'little lady' or that kind of stuff. Also slagging off just about everything i like. If i didnt want to date you back in year 10 i still wont now!
  7. Racist/Sexist/Homophobic remarks. Never good.
  8. Dont be a bitch.

SEVEN things that often cross my mind -

  1. I need to do some artwork asap.
  2. I need to lose weight before uni starts.
  3. Why does my CV suck so much. Someone MUST like my CV so give me a call back. Sucks not having a proper job.
  4. Thirsty/hungry.
  5. Hmm... im feeling sleepy, but its too early to sleep... or is it? Just a little nap...
  6. Why wont Mum cut my hair? I only want a trim.. i can trust her.. maybe i should cut the ends myself again..
  7. Lets check some blogs...

SIX things I wished i never did -

  1. That thing in 2002...
  2. Not buy enough Polaroids.
  3. Take that Applied Art course... but then i would have never made the friends i did...
  4. Fuck up that interview
  5. Eat so much sweets/food
  6. Regret so much

FIVE turn-offs -

  1. Those who are not open to the alternative
  2. Snobbery
  3. Dirt
  4. Selfish-ness
  5. Too many questions

FOUR turn-ons -

  1. Rocker boys
  2. A wicked sense of humour
  3. Creativity
  4. Intelligence.

THREE things i want to do before i die

  1. Get stupidly/drunk.
  2. A good career or some work experience in my specialism pathway thing.
  3. Visit Italy

TWO smilies that represent me -

  1. :L - its a 45-degree angle, eyes closed cute smile thing
  2. :O

ONE confession

  1. I need to change my pants.

Now go free my dear people, do this listy thing yourself, and if you got this off my blog, please let me know - via comments so i can read YOUR personal responses :D

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

More Flickr


This is just so cool. They say (on the polaroid 600 film pack at least) something about keeping (the) film in the refridgerator if possible... The above picture? Just wow.


With the end of my FMP drawing to an end soon - im on week 5, there is 8 weeks to the FMP - and of course, there is the Final Major Exhibition. We're starting to try and also figure out how we want our space to look like. I had a crit with my pathway group and now instead of making massive polaroid looking pictures, like a collaged picture, but borded to look like a huge polaroid, im now making dolls of my class. About 20-something of us. They dont have to be big or have faces so it shouldnt be as bad as it seems. So yes. I have to design my space. Im thinking of a space that looks like a room? Bedtoom kinda thing, but my friend on the course, her project is about making a dressing room thing look like it belongs to Count Olaf - haha, wow, upon google-ing 'Count Olaf' i found that website, its fairly amusing - and i feel my idea of doing a room thingy will be like copying her...
If anyone has ideas please do feel free to suggest.
My idea is about creating memories, and its about my Foundation class really, including the room idea, it would be to look like a room/desk with two walls, and there would be pictures of my class around on the walls. And thats all i got.
But anyway, i was looking through Flickr and came up with these two pics which i am definately taking some sort of inspiration from...
Polaroids of the Giant Molested Button

Oooh yay.

My brother arrived back from America yesterday.

I didn't get to see We Are Scientists :( and i missed my chance to watch an 'intimate' gig with Elbow. My hopes were up for W.A.S. But it seems Elbow were to play. Me and my friend were waiting for about 30mins then we decided to go and get her train home. We're not really fans of Elbow, well, im ok with them, she's not so much at all. I was kinda eventually hoping to watch Elbow, but you know, my friend wanted to go home more than watch the gig. She didnt even want to sit at the front either! I stupidly didnt take a photo of the stage. It was like... 5 rows of seats. She wanted the back, i wanted front row, so we sat at second. But we soon left though.

It's hard to find gig buddies really. Most of my friends from where i live - my college friends, they dont live within the London area unlike me so I dont tend to ask them to come out to London/gigs with me because i know it costs quite a lot for them to get there - dont share the same same music tastes as me, or the one who is usually willing to go, three gigs i've been with her, two of them was just the two of us, and the both two she semi-fainted. Well, the first New Young Pony Club - we were right at the front, and had just met Alex James of Blur at some book signing at Waterstones, and i turn to look at her, and she's sitting on the floor not looking well, so we left after about 4 songs, i couldn't leave her on her own on the floor! And the second time, One Night Only at Astoria 2, again we were at the front, she was leaning her head against the rail bar thing. I didn't want to leave the front, but she was ok and went to get a drink and never came back. I ended up finding her at the side of the room where we were earlier before the gig started. It wasn't like i didnt want to look for her, i didnt want to lose my place and i did keep looking round to watch out for her re-arrival. But she's fine. I'm starting to consider whether to go to gigs on my own now... the main ones i go are like instore gigs or small gigs so it's not too bad...

Anyway. Yes my brother came back. From San Fran. He spent most of the school year in Uni. Miami, but finished his exams and still had time to travel so he went Las V. and then San Fran. In San Fran, i emailed, well, facebooked, him, asking if he could find me some polaroids and told him what type and prices to look for, cos UK, is SOOOO expensive, and polaroids are a friggin.. stupidly priced things. But he got me my 4 packs that i asked for. And they are much cheaper than UK. I mainly asked for him to try find and then buy me some from the US is because it seems that America seems to easier access to finding and buying them rather than in the UK, or for me at least, were yesterday i searched SIX different Boots stores, well, actually it turnt out to be 8, and in ONE store did i find any sort of instant polaroid pack. That and a Jessops, but they were awaiting stock that had still yet to arrive.

Hmm.. i know a friend who is going to America in like.. July? I'll ask her if she can get me some from there too... i need to stock up lots and quick. As much as possible. I refuse to do ebay. That is so bad. I've looked around, not ebay, but on online shops. I saw one store selling 40films for like £60. Yes. It's that bad. So in dollars.. that's like... roughly, $90? Stupid price really.

Hopefully later i'll be going to my friend's house for a wee while, she has work at 6, and i plan to get there around 4:30? I'll spend like an hour there.. i just want to take a few polaroids!

Monday, 19 May 2008

Dizzy Dizzy

I've decided not to buy cakes now. I shall now spend that money on polaroids (hopefully) and around in the sales.

I'm feeling strangely dizzy. Its really weird why im feeling this way as it wasn't a hot day or anything and i do prefer the cold..

Im currrently reading Dangerous Liasons - its kinda hard to follow especially when Enter Shikari is blaring in my head via my ipod and In The Miso Soup. That one is a weird one and is kinda slightly freaking me out. So far, what i've read, it's about some japanese dude who's paid to show tourists around mainly in the Japanese version of Red-Light-District. The guy - Kenji - is showing around some american dude called Frank. Frank is a weird one, he's telling lies about some of his personal life, even in times when there's no reason to lie.. and he's just really kinda weird... it's a good book though, regardless of the creepyness.

Oh man, i really did want to post something today but i am not feeling stable, so yeah, London tomorrow. Yay. Bunking college indeedy.

Sunday, 18 May 2008


They look so fucking good.
(This is food post no#2)

I stumbled upon this blog Cupcakes Take The Cake. Just wonderful.

I should be going to London tueday for a We Are Scientists gig... I migiht pop along to one of these shops.... I was thinking of buying A cupcake and giving it to my friend as a early birthday present, the 'early' is because 1. Her birthday is on saturday, so therefore 2. I don't think that cupcake will last long enough to still be a tasty treat/present if i make it wait 4days!!! But then also, another factor, would it surivive the gig? Because i shan't be going home between the London and gig and i can't be bothered to buy another travelcard just to buy the wee cake and come back to suprise her with it. Though i just might... not that we're doing anything together for her birthday, i'm just that kinda friend.

And her birthday is like 3 months before mine. Woah. I'm 20 in like 1 year 3 months and 6 days? Roughly that. It's so weird. It's always weird. Soon it will be my last year of being a teenager and then i'll have to be slightly more mature and shizz. Shame i'll never look older than like... 14-15.

Ok, i'm off to do some work i was meant to be doing this weekend. But i spent a lot of time on the internet and did fuck all. Oops.

Need to add some stuffffff on my deviantART thing. Soon.


Thursday, 15 May 2008

Nava Nagila

Oh yes.

This is why i need a job.

Someone on my course asked me about what my work was about. As in the style. I wasn't sure. He said 'arty graphics?'. Yeah. I think he has a point. I'm not quite sure the exact definition of the term 'graphics' in the arty term, but i'll agree and say my stuff is more free hand though than any sort of computer based.

Those two books above, are REALLY good for those who like the illustrationy styles of art. Or for anyone really, but i would personally recommend them to those who are into that kinda stuff. Like me. I still need to buy those books. That's why i need a job, or will have to wait for student loans and shizz. Oh my god, the little induction packs i'll get. YAY! I love that shit.

*Clears phlegm from throat*

I know, *gross*, but hey, it's got to be done. I'm still trying to recover from last week's illing yo.

I feel like i should post something. So i'll post whatever comes to mind.

Here are some photos from yesterday's Art Picnic 2 in the park and some in my friend's flat. You can tell which are which because of the transition of park to inside a room.

Ok, this first one is at the train station, though you wouldn't be able to tell.

This is what i was wearing. This is meant to be a fashion-y blog. and compared to the usual blogs i read..... i've NEVER posted anything mentioning what my outfit of the day. So it is. Partially.

Cardigan: H&M, T-shirt (which you'll see in later photos): Hong Kong, Skirt: H&M

My two friends vandalised the bottom of my converses without me knowing. You can see some magazine names on one of the shoes, i do read half of them :) some are nicknames and one is where i'm going in september!!!! But some (namely 'Playboy, Playgirl, Marie Claire and Good Housekeeping(!!!!!!!!!!!!)') are nothing to do with me.

By these two mischievous little bastards. They are rocking out to 'Dance Dance' Fall Out Boy, we were trying to figure out what the lyrics were off the tops of our heads, but we couldn't figure them out after 5minutes (not helping that we were also drinking - see that WKD bottle in his hand?) so we resorted to the ipod.

I know its a super bad picture. But this is one of the rare few pictures you'll see of me on this blog. Face picture. Glasses belong to rascal bastard no.2 (the girl). Also this was taken at friend no.3's flat. She is not pictured of this blog at all yet.

My short stubby legs and skirt. My phone. Some tissue with butter i dropped on the floor. Butter and plate not mine. Bread ended up being lunch. It's scary how much i drank and still didn't get drunk. There's always next time.

DRINK RESPONSIBLY KIDS!!!! I am old enough to drink :D but for those underage? Tut tut! Your times will come soon enough.

Sunday, 11 May 2008


I'm gonna try and make a few small changes to this blog.

Not that anyone will notice.

Oh yeah, those macaroons i HAD attempted to make from last post. So bad. So bad. I hand-whipped the egg whites. I think that was the main problem. Not whipped enough. They turn't into flat sugar biscuits. Not as nice as it sounds. Incredibly sweet on the edge of diabetes-land.
On wednesday, i had an 'Art Picnic' with my art class. Here are some of the pictures i took. I didn't take much, but there is another one in wednesday, i'll try take some more and hopefully i would've ordered my polaroids by then... they'll look really good.

Yeah this is what we art students do. Make daisy chains, doodle in the sun, chill and have piggyback races. That could've been me in the middle on the second boy's back, but i refused, i would break his poor back! And the second photo, bottom third of that photo, all that stuff including the yellow crayola flask(!!!!!), food, Vans shoes, drinks... ok.. most of it is MINE. Hahah. It's ok, i share.

This next picnic is me doing stencils and vandalising the world of Tunny Wells oh yes. Being partially inspired by The Cans Festival, the booklet thing i bought there, there was this double page of four pics, that someone had written something quite witty and funny, like on a wall or even the white boards you see in a London Underground tube station, the ones that say how the line service are....

Monday, 5 May 2008


I've gotta go sleep soon, but I wanted to post this before I went off:

Bokchoyboy - there are some really nice pics on there in general.. besides this one of course...

MOMist - (i messed up the link sorry)

Lalatine Gourmande

Laduree - Very cute website too!!!!

I tried to make the links as accurate as possible and apologies if not. I found these off google images so go look as much as you want!

Yes i dedicated a WHOLE post to Macaroons, or 'Macarons' as their proper names are. So pretty. I'm attempting to make some later, it's 3:25am so best to get off now and sleep.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Art based

Wasn't planning to post today without the photos of the Art Picnic coming up on wednesday, but i was just itching to post. On friday i found out about the Cans Festival not going to bother explaining the event, but for those who bothered to click the link/heard of it/went to it will see what it's all about. I went to it the first day it opened, took me a while to find due it being semi hidden - I went into a big circle trying to find the place. But i eventually found it after some help from the lovely people at the National Theatre Museum and then the cool reception girl at the BFI (British Film Institute) - yes i am that useless, i only remembered the address of it being 3minutes walk from the London Eye - well, more about 5? and the nearest stop being Waterloo.

Here are some of the pictures i took!

And cos you was kinda encouraged to graffiti along in semi designated areas - and i was LOADS of people with MASSIVE stencil and shizz, and i had previously used spray painting stuff in my work, i joined in a bit!!!!

The pic above is my contribution. I found that it's going to cost me money to trademark 'Sex, Drugs and Juliet'(insert copywrite/trademark symbol here) which sucks as i would've liked to see that it gets back to, i.e like my 'tag' or something, but i would only 'tag' this in a stencil way..

This one, say's 'Trent - PITNB', i took a pic of the stencil as the pink spray in general was fairly runny and eventually didn't make sense on the final outcome so i took a pic of it basically so you knew what it was meant to say. Also, PITNB is http://www.pinkisthenewblog.com/, i LOVE this site, and i'm on it! Well, my contribution part thing is, click here to see!

The yaht bag (Topshop shopper), stencils and spray paints are mine, the bottom left stuff are not. So yeah, this is partially a mini insight into how i work! So proud :)

I easily spent around 2hours inside there, including the stencilling which took me around 15mins. It was SOOO good. I would go again tomorrow, to see it all end and see how the graffiti got and if anyone WENT OVER MY WORK, which you're not meant to, but alas, i am low on money and i have so many things to buy, mainly illustration books. Will have to spend roughly £80 and then about £43 on polaroids... and then i have my little Art Picnic. Oh dear.

Oh, and when i finished there, i popped over to Urban Outfitters and bought the Crayola Flask i mentioned in the previous post. Yellow one. So good.

I so need to get the job. I gave in my CV on friday and am now going to have to wait. My CV was crap though and will probably try and tweek it a bit and keep looking for other places hiring.

Wish me luck.

Friday, 2 May 2008

FMP - part 2

So here is part twoooooo!

I didn't vote today. I kinda wanted to. But then i didn't. Didn't help that i didn't know the place of the school that was my local polling station. But so far it seems that Conservative is winning. Not all the results are yet in... but anyway less politics and more other stuff!

Yeah, these bad boys. Sorry for the badly aligned pictures, but really, this post does them no justice. Find them here from Urban Outfitters. Oops, it also comes in green but i just deleted the photo, but you get the jist.
At £8 each... not too shabby. But i need a proper job, i have a part-time job at my parent's shop, but that's not really enough and i only work if it's busy, otherwise i'm just standby and NO money. I can't wait for the busaries and the maintenance stuff. Yay.

I'm planning on changing my style. Like, lose some weight obviously, more dresses kinda thing, with cool tees and jumpers and layers and colour and ribbons and stuff. Cool shoes too. Customize more tees, plain ones, customize them. Oh yeah, the baby pics. I'm behind on pictures, on wednesday i'm organizing this mini picnic for my art class so i can take pics and draw - for my FMP - so hopefully i'll include the baby pics in that post...

This blog is a big messed up, quite scattered everywhere. I need to cut my nails.

So yes, i've written out my (badly written out actually, i've forgotten how to write them and my last copy went with my previous hard-drive :( RIP dearest hardd-drive) CV. It's not very long and there isn't a lot, it's not good basically. But i really didn't know what to write and i don't really want to be writing 'i'm a great team player and i can type up 200 words-per-min', it feels a bit fake writing that so i don't really want to write it... but i might put somethere... just a little thing.. but the sign on the shop - of the place i hope to work at, just part-time - says that experience would be nice but not neccassary - obviously not in the words of 'it would be nice...' - i have some mini experience of the type of shop it is as i as part of that industry in work experience in year10. Where some FAT humungous BITCH with huge fat feet made me cry! I was only on work experience. I should have said yes i work here, but as work experience. Grr her and that was like... 4years ago? Hahahah. Hmmm.

Ok, it's late. I'm jabbering and my bum is burning - don't ask please. I'll try and post the babies pics on sunday or monday otherwise it'll be something like thursday...