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Thursday, 15 May 2008

*Clears phlegm from throat*

I know, *gross*, but hey, it's got to be done. I'm still trying to recover from last week's illing yo.

I feel like i should post something. So i'll post whatever comes to mind.

Here are some photos from yesterday's Art Picnic 2 in the park and some in my friend's flat. You can tell which are which because of the transition of park to inside a room.

Ok, this first one is at the train station, though you wouldn't be able to tell.

This is what i was wearing. This is meant to be a fashion-y blog. and compared to the usual blogs i read..... i've NEVER posted anything mentioning what my outfit of the day. So it is. Partially.

Cardigan: H&M, T-shirt (which you'll see in later photos): Hong Kong, Skirt: H&M

My two friends vandalised the bottom of my converses without me knowing. You can see some magazine names on one of the shoes, i do read half of them :) some are nicknames and one is where i'm going in september!!!! But some (namely 'Playboy, Playgirl, Marie Claire and Good Housekeeping(!!!!!!!!!!!!)') are nothing to do with me.

By these two mischievous little bastards. They are rocking out to 'Dance Dance' Fall Out Boy, we were trying to figure out what the lyrics were off the tops of our heads, but we couldn't figure them out after 5minutes (not helping that we were also drinking - see that WKD bottle in his hand?) so we resorted to the ipod.

I know its a super bad picture. But this is one of the rare few pictures you'll see of me on this blog. Face picture. Glasses belong to rascal bastard no.2 (the girl). Also this was taken at friend no.3's flat. She is not pictured of this blog at all yet.

My short stubby legs and skirt. My phone. Some tissue with butter i dropped on the floor. Butter and plate not mine. Bread ended up being lunch. It's scary how much i drank and still didn't get drunk. There's always next time.

DRINK RESPONSIBLY KIDS!!!! I am old enough to drink :D but for those underage? Tut tut! Your times will come soon enough.

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