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Wednesday, 21 May 2008


With the end of my FMP drawing to an end soon - im on week 5, there is 8 weeks to the FMP - and of course, there is the Final Major Exhibition. We're starting to try and also figure out how we want our space to look like. I had a crit with my pathway group and now instead of making massive polaroid looking pictures, like a collaged picture, but borded to look like a huge polaroid, im now making dolls of my class. About 20-something of us. They dont have to be big or have faces so it shouldnt be as bad as it seems. So yes. I have to design my space. Im thinking of a space that looks like a room? Bedtoom kinda thing, but my friend on the course, her project is about making a dressing room thing look like it belongs to Count Olaf - haha, wow, upon google-ing 'Count Olaf' i found that website, its fairly amusing - and i feel my idea of doing a room thingy will be like copying her...
If anyone has ideas please do feel free to suggest.
My idea is about creating memories, and its about my Foundation class really, including the room idea, it would be to look like a room/desk with two walls, and there would be pictures of my class around on the walls. And thats all i got.
But anyway, i was looking through Flickr and came up with these two pics which i am definately taking some sort of inspiration from...
Polaroids of the Giant Molested Button

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