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Sunday, 11 May 2008


I'm gonna try and make a few small changes to this blog.

Not that anyone will notice.

Oh yeah, those macaroons i HAD attempted to make from last post. So bad. So bad. I hand-whipped the egg whites. I think that was the main problem. Not whipped enough. They turn't into flat sugar biscuits. Not as nice as it sounds. Incredibly sweet on the edge of diabetes-land.
On wednesday, i had an 'Art Picnic' with my art class. Here are some of the pictures i took. I didn't take much, but there is another one in wednesday, i'll try take some more and hopefully i would've ordered my polaroids by then... they'll look really good.

Yeah this is what we art students do. Make daisy chains, doodle in the sun, chill and have piggyback races. That could've been me in the middle on the second boy's back, but i refused, i would break his poor back! And the second photo, bottom third of that photo, all that stuff including the yellow crayola flask(!!!!!), food, Vans shoes, drinks... ok.. most of it is MINE. Hahah. It's ok, i share.

This next picnic is me doing stencils and vandalising the world of Tunny Wells oh yes. Being partially inspired by The Cans Festival, the booklet thing i bought there, there was this double page of four pics, that someone had written something quite witty and funny, like on a wall or even the white boards you see in a London Underground tube station, the ones that say how the line service are....


Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

ah looks like you are having lots of summer fun!!! i can't wait to make daisy chains and doodle in the sun!!!

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

oh yes michael cera in those shorts, a brilliant piece of cinema history! :)

yeah i will have to have a go at doing some drawings! I havn't had a good doodle in a while!