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Friday, 23 May 2008

Stuff. Listy stuff.

TEN things you wish you could say to someone - no names!

  1. Stop talking! I'm trying to work. Why are dont you know anything?!??!!
  2. Please stop touching me so much. I know you're touchy feely but its slightly uncomfortable for me.
  3. Shut up. Stop blatently TRYING to flirt/get his attention. I dont want to listen to you constantly trying to get his attention. (I think he has a girlfriend.)
  4. You DO know that your 'tan' is very orange. And we all know it contrasts a lot against your white blonde hair extensions
  5. Go get a fucking job.
  6. Dont let the rejection letter get you down! Its stopping you from doing your work and you know you're talented! Loads of people dont get in every year, dont blame yourself in any way.
  7. Stop adding me on facebook. FOUR TIMES. Every single i will 'reject' yet you keep adding me.
  8. You too. Chat to me on facebook. The same things. What am i up to? Nothing has changed from the past 5 minutes that you asked.
  9. He doesnt deserve you. Take little Baby and find someone much better.
  10. Why am i bothering?

Hmm. I am passive aggressive. I did try thinking of nice things, but i've said most of them to the people already.

NINE things about yourself -

  1. Im a sucker for weird arty/illustration/fashion magazines.
  2. I can be so trampy sometimes.
  3. I cant take the late night early mornings anymore.
  4. Not reading before i sleep makes me feel fairly uncomfortable, but then i end up spending too long engrossed into the book and regretting not stopping when i wake up.
  5. Addicted to Spider Solitaire.
  6. Ice-cream is fine to eat whatever season/time/day.
  7. Generally when people are telling me fairly important things, i.e. teachers telling me what to do in my project, i cant help but have that information going into one ear and out of the other. I only remember half the information and have to rely on my friends to help fill in the gaps. Its a bad habit. I AM listening, but the mind doth wonder...
  8. I tend to half think before i say. Thats why i usually jumble/stutter/mumble/jabber..
  9. I am crap at told to come up with stuff while under pressure. My ideas take at least a few seconds to pop up into my head. i.e this list. I do apologise.

EIGHT ways NOT to win my heart -

  1. Pikeys. Please dont apply.
  2. Being serious all the time and not appreciate the fun and awkwardness of small talk.
  3. Lies.
  4. Unreliability.
  5. Bad hygiene.
  6. Calling me 'little lady' or that kind of stuff. Also slagging off just about everything i like. If i didnt want to date you back in year 10 i still wont now!
  7. Racist/Sexist/Homophobic remarks. Never good.
  8. Dont be a bitch.

SEVEN things that often cross my mind -

  1. I need to do some artwork asap.
  2. I need to lose weight before uni starts.
  3. Why does my CV suck so much. Someone MUST like my CV so give me a call back. Sucks not having a proper job.
  4. Thirsty/hungry.
  5. Hmm... im feeling sleepy, but its too early to sleep... or is it? Just a little nap...
  6. Why wont Mum cut my hair? I only want a trim.. i can trust her.. maybe i should cut the ends myself again..
  7. Lets check some blogs...

SIX things I wished i never did -

  1. That thing in 2002...
  2. Not buy enough Polaroids.
  3. Take that Applied Art course... but then i would have never made the friends i did...
  4. Fuck up that interview
  5. Eat so much sweets/food
  6. Regret so much

FIVE turn-offs -

  1. Those who are not open to the alternative
  2. Snobbery
  3. Dirt
  4. Selfish-ness
  5. Too many questions

FOUR turn-ons -

  1. Rocker boys
  2. A wicked sense of humour
  3. Creativity
  4. Intelligence.

THREE things i want to do before i die

  1. Get stupidly/drunk.
  2. A good career or some work experience in my specialism pathway thing.
  3. Visit Italy

TWO smilies that represent me -

  1. :L - its a 45-degree angle, eyes closed cute smile thing
  2. :O

ONE confession

  1. I need to change my pants.

Now go free my dear people, do this listy thing yourself, and if you got this off my blog, please let me know - via comments so i can read YOUR personal responses :D


Sister Libby said...

I am stealing this. And I like your blog.

rather-robyn said...

crikey, spider solitaire is indeed very very good