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Saturday, 31 May 2008

More listy stuffff.

My weird love and excitement for weird list thinsg that tell the very few readers/passers by more about my one self just will not stop.

I have been unofficially tagged by Meet The Freak - hey, she said that anybody could do this... and i must say i am one of the many 'body she is talking about..

1. What was you doing 10 years ago?
Hm.. i was 8 and that means year 5? No.. year 4... i dont know.. what does an 8 year old do? I was probably care-free and innocent, no worries or self-conscious of myself.. peeling prawns on weekends and also going to Chinese school..

2. What are 5 things on my to-do list?
  • Make the dolls
  • Do some sketchbook work
  • Watch 'The Science of Sleep' dvd i bought on thursday
  • shower
  • do some washing up

3. Snacks i enjoy (shut up Naddy) - say around 5:

  • Jelly
  • ice cream
  • toast
  • tuna baguette from Greggs
  • yoghurt

I couldn't think of a fifth one really.. not one that counts as a 'snack'. Crisps maybe? But perhaps its me, or age, i know, im soo old - i mean, im like 19 in less than three months.. nearing the end of my 'teens.

4. Places i have lived:

Well there is the place i live now, it can either count as Kent/London or Greater London.. and my old place, Plumstead. Its fairly ghetto-esque..

5. Things i would do if i was a billionaire:

I would love to say surgery and growth hormones, but for real life stuff

  • buy some much needed clothes/shoes/accessories
  • pay for my Uni stuff - including somewhere proper to live, tutition fees, books and stationary..
  • give more money to charities
  • buy a house/mansion in Hong Kong for my 'rents
  • a new laptop

6. People i want to know more about:

All the people whose blogs i read on a daily basis - i need to update my blog list, Mika - no idea why but it would be sooo jokes, Gok Wan - dont ask and the CSI:NY writers.

OMG, i just watched the ending of series4 because i didnt get to watch it earlier.. OMG. Mac!!!!!!!

I love CSI, especially NY... !!!!!!!!!!!

I went totally off-track but thats all the questions.. anyway... :O im still in partial shock about the CSI thing and i wont be able to watch series 5 until next year...

There isn't really a reason for blogging... there isnt usually a reason to blog nowadays.. because im trying to force myself to work.. it isnt working.. plus my life is annoying dull. But i have the private view on thursday so hopefully i'll get some decent photos and something to talk about!

I gots a new phone though! Same number, but new phone.. it wasnt the one i wanted - Sony Ericsson K660 becasue it apparently isnt 'out yet' - yeah, big fucking lie, so i got this one instead, i was second choice...

Except mine is 'ivory'... but yay, new phone.

Err... yeah, anyone know anyone who's looking for like 3-4 flatmates in Camden? Or north Londony.. me and some of my friends at college - mainly them, i already live in Londony area so i dont have to move out - are looking for a place to rent for our upcoming uni stuff.. i'll be a part-time flatmate.. but still.. we're looking and want a decently priced rent.. or just somewhere decent... so if anyone knows anything or can help? And yes, i have googled most possibilites...

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Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

oh go watch the science of sleep straight away...stop reading this...go watch it!! :D
oh its wonderful, you will love it!