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Friday, 2 May 2008

FMP - part 2

So here is part twoooooo!

I didn't vote today. I kinda wanted to. But then i didn't. Didn't help that i didn't know the place of the school that was my local polling station. But so far it seems that Conservative is winning. Not all the results are yet in... but anyway less politics and more other stuff!

Yeah, these bad boys. Sorry for the badly aligned pictures, but really, this post does them no justice. Find them here from Urban Outfitters. Oops, it also comes in green but i just deleted the photo, but you get the jist.
At £8 each... not too shabby. But i need a proper job, i have a part-time job at my parent's shop, but that's not really enough and i only work if it's busy, otherwise i'm just standby and NO money. I can't wait for the busaries and the maintenance stuff. Yay.

I'm planning on changing my style. Like, lose some weight obviously, more dresses kinda thing, with cool tees and jumpers and layers and colour and ribbons and stuff. Cool shoes too. Customize more tees, plain ones, customize them. Oh yeah, the baby pics. I'm behind on pictures, on wednesday i'm organizing this mini picnic for my art class so i can take pics and draw - for my FMP - so hopefully i'll include the baby pics in that post...

This blog is a big messed up, quite scattered everywhere. I need to cut my nails.

So yes, i've written out my (badly written out actually, i've forgotten how to write them and my last copy went with my previous hard-drive :( RIP dearest hardd-drive) CV. It's not very long and there isn't a lot, it's not good basically. But i really didn't know what to write and i don't really want to be writing 'i'm a great team player and i can type up 200 words-per-min', it feels a bit fake writing that so i don't really want to write it... but i might put somethere... just a little thing.. but the sign on the shop - of the place i hope to work at, just part-time - says that experience would be nice but not neccassary - obviously not in the words of 'it would be nice...' - i have some mini experience of the type of shop it is as i as part of that industry in work experience in year10. Where some FAT humungous BITCH with huge fat feet made me cry! I was only on work experience. I should have said yes i work here, but as work experience. Grr her and that was like... 4years ago? Hahahah. Hmmm.

Ok, it's late. I'm jabbering and my bum is burning - don't ask please. I'll try and post the babies pics on sunday or monday otherwise it'll be something like thursday...

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