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Tuesday, 29 April 2008

FMP - part1

(I'm posting this post in two parts for some reason....)

Yay, i'm unofficially on the FMP! (Final Major Proj.) My tutor hasn't assessed my previous project yet, it's SO bad though. I really didn't do much at all. I don't want to dwell on it too much because i've spent so much time worrying about it already. But yeah, i'm kinda on my Final Proj now :)

I'm going to post a few pictures today, not personal pics, i'll post some tomorrow or something, but some random photos from interneet.

Oooh, i also bought some sharpies today

I gots them for £1.25 and 2xsquare-ish versions of a A3 sketchbook, not good quality paper mind, for £4.95 each. I've probably mentioned the sketchbooks before, I bought like (in the end) three of the square-ish (A4 sized) with the crap quality paper, one of the A4 types that i'm using for my FMP.

I do love the Cass Art, the website does not do the shop any justice, i've only been to the Leicester Sq. branch, i've heard the Islington one is like THREE FLOORS. It is like my slightly over-priced heaven *swoons*. Got my little discount card too. 15% off, but with student card and not on sale products. So no discount for me today. I usually tend to buy products that are on the sale. But i'm looking at buying some sharpie-esque pens...

I still haven't got the current (may) issue of NYLON. GRR. But i will be constantly checking for it.

Twas in London earlier, ooh, Ben and Jerry's 30th birthday today (Happy Birthday!) and to celebrate, they were giving out - well not giving out, you had to go up to their counters - free scoops. Mmmm, Cookie Dough....

Tasted good indeed.

Ok, i need to update my little bloggy list thing, i do look at more blogs than it says so on the list on the right, but for those who do wonder, for any person who reads this blog, yes it is a partial fashiony blog too. It tends to be more random than anything else. But that is me and this is MY blog. But i will try and add more fashion stuff and other bits too so it is not false advertising.

I don't know if i mentioned it before on the blog, if so, in the previous posts or so, but i got in my first choice uni!!!! Like officially too with the UCAS and accepting thing. Yay! All i have to do is pass my current course......

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