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Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Statement of Intent

Also known as 'SOI' to us Art Foundation lot. As far as im concerned. So yes, i would love to blog something 'proper', but due to my missing of assessment - i so wish i had RUSHED some work and went to it because i heard that it didn't go down so well, for EVERYONE and just about everyone got a mini bollocking and it was just damn awkward. At least it's over for them! So yes, but the majorly important thing is the SOI. Like i've probably mentioned in past posts, it's about the FMP and what we intend to do (of course). This is a mini essay, 500words max. So far, i've written it briefly, very briefly, but im of course having trouble with bits. Mainly the first section, where you say what you are doing, along with the title and the propsed outcome. I've written that, and for someone who's never been good at writing long paragraphs and always been able to write short straight to the point stuff this is my problem. It's meant to be roughly 100words and i've written about 50. Half the recommended amount. Of course it's still brief, but adding 'My intended project is about' or adding a lot of 'a' , 'the' and 'also', yes it may seem a lot but i dont want to write a load of bollocks. This piece NEEDS to be good otherwise it will fuck me up in the long run. I emailed my tutor with my worries and have yet to have a response, which i hope he will soon.

And until recently, the influences and bits like that - section two, oh god, and contextual references. Um.. i don't have a lot. It's still early days and this is the INTENDED research and i will get to write about WHAT i did (past tense) in my last essay of the course, the Supporting Statement of Intent. I don't know the actual name off the top of my head but that's roughly what it's called. About what i DID in my project and why i didn't (or did,) things in my project that i said i intended to do in my first Statement. I'm sure after this week, or whenever i have that damned assessment, i will be a lot less stressed and will be able to post a decent post. For once. Ok, back to the desk.

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