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Wednesday, 9 April 2008


So I did my photoshoot thing with my friend's little sis. The makeup was intented to be like the guy from Clockwork Orange but that didn't turn out the way planned because we didn't have a bowler hat so all you see is her with one eye with makeup. She doesn't usually wear makeup so I guess I should be happy that she was wearing any makeup at all.

But here are some of the pictures from today. I need to print some of the photos to make my sheet for my interview next week. NEXT WEEK!

Errr, so they're on the right... I can't be bothered to change it so it'll be left there.

This was shot in her garden - they have a swing AND a trampoline! It was a cold and sunny outside but it looks alright doesn't it?

The top is mine from H&M and the skirt I made myself.

Watching Happy Gilmore at the moment, I tapped it via my Sky+.

I love the Ben Stiller character. He's so mean yet lovable? Hahahah.

My Juno soundtrack should be arriving tomorrow. I hope. Been waiting since saturday for it to arrive. Been very impatient.

Anyone been watching Skins? I know it's late to mention it, but :O:O:O:O:O I saw the preview too! NOOOOOOO!!!! Don't you think Chris looks a bit like the lead singer - Rou - from Enter Shikari? Have I mentioned this already? My heart skips a beat, MARK HEAP IS IN THE LAST EPISODE OF SKINS!!!!!! I also love Heap, He played the great Dr. Stathem. Love.

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