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Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Lula Issue#7

I think i've gushed about Lula somewhere in this blog before.

For those who dont know, Lula is just this really pretty wonderful magazine, bi-annual, but worth ever penny. Low in advertising, but high in originality. This issue is fairly different from the last as the colours are much darker - and a lot of black involved, but thats perhaps because its the A/W copy.

The latest copy, weirdly, had two covers. At first when my friend showed me in the shop, we got extremely confused about it, but both ended up getting the same cover:

As i dont own a scanner, i have to rely on the internet to find (good quality) scanned images, and i got these from the facebook LULA group - if you look through all the uploaded photos on that group, you'll find MY version of a photo they had in issue #6, dunno, thought i'd tell you :)

Seriously, Lula is REALLY worth it, especially if you're into the arty/dreamy/fashion photo styling. I got my copy from Borders.

Last bit, regardless of what time it said i posted this, its actually about 2hours later because i went late-late-night food shopping with the parents, and uh... you know, we paid for it, me and my dad walking out to put bags into the back of the car, and well, just as we were coming out, i usually run with the trolley and then 'fly' my way to the car, i FELL. Oh man, i dont know what happened but right near the car the trolley rolled, causing me to roll. My knee still stings a tiny bit. I must've scared the crap out of my dad but all i was thinking was 'this is embarrasing/shit, get the bags into the car before my mum sees this and goes ape shit/i hope i get into trouble/man, that was pretty jokes'. I was deprived of that falling of my bike and hurting myself stuff. Now i need to fish out my old skateboard out and give it another go, i didnt react as badly as i thought i would in a flying-off-somewhere-to-the-ground type situation...

Thank you for the Happy Birthday stuff, my birthday SUCKED although my friend got me this really cool Owl necklace pendant, i just need the chain, i'll take a picture of it soon :)

Seriously though, Lula is worth buying!!!!!!

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Just hanging around.

Been neglecting this blog as usual.
Nothing really interesting really, this week has mainly been a build up to my birthday so ive been putting off things until the big day comes.

Last saturday i went out to my friend's pre-birthday do - her birthday is only a week before mine, and we went out to Black Sheep Bar which is like a alternative type bar, but it does some hip-hop type music while mainly focusing of the rock side. It was the first time i went there, and here are some of the pics i took, mainly because no-one was taking any.
Trying to get this post done before 12am - aka my birthday but it seems impossible as i type its 11:57pm.

The girl in the second photo, that was the pre-birthday girl.

Hoody:H&M, top:Urban Outfitters, bag:Topshop.

This thursday i re-went to the Black Sheep again, this time getting very nearly pissed and i havent uploaded the photos yet to my laptop. Oooh. Its nearly 12....

Going to be having a picnic i think for my birthday.. and getting drunk in the park too... DRINK RESPONSIBLY KIDS.


Happy 19th to moi :) and there is a random fly in my living room.

The Olympics are ending like any hour now, which is strangely making me feel kinda sad.. the passing of the torch to London is happening later too, i would probably like to go, just for the fun of it, but my friend did wisely tell me that is probably would be very very busy.... but Michael Phelps is going to be there! Not that i will see him. Im getting over this mini obsession/crush but its still funny. I cant wait until the 2012 London Olympics, but i'll be 22!!!! I feel weird enough that im now in my LAST year of being a 'teenager', i dont really want to be 20... im am honestly just ranbling here. Just wanted to share those photos :) im also slacking in the commenting of blogs, i am honestly reading them! I dont comment as much as i would as im not that articulate most of the time when im reading a blog, hence my 'wow thats cool... hmm... umm..*' type comments.

Im going to stop and open a birthday card and watch more tv.

Here is my friend's very cute baby :)

Isn't he cute? This was taken like 3weeks ago and he's 10months. The goo around his face is a mixture of Dairylea and Doritos. Mmm. E-numbers.

Sunday, 17 August 2008


From my last post, i was talking about my weird crush on Micahel Phelps. WELL. Not so much anymore. Yes, he betrayed me with Lily Donaldson!!! I cant 'compete' with models. Darn. That really sucks, this from Bryanboy has partially broken my heart, but on this post, you HAVE to watch the WHOLE little video at the end. If i could and there wasnt family behind me, i would have pissed my crappy pants. At the end of a shit day, that little video has made me smile.

Hint: Firebreathing.

There was also this picture in one of the posts, brace your eyes, he's looking SERIOUSLY HOT.

(taken from Sister Libby at Ice Cube Confidential)


I could probably stare at him - i was going to type 'image' but unconsciously typed 'him' - for a long long time. I dont know who that girl is.

I found where the image is from. April 2008 issue of Vogue, the one with Gisele and LeBron James dude, i remember the mini hype about it having a black dude on the cover and i remember seeing it and thinking 'i cant be bothered to get this issue', NOOOOO!!!!! That really sucks. There is a market thing near me on thursdays that usually has old (like just last months) magazines, hopefully if i go thursday there will be a issue lying around. OMG! I never knew he did Vogue. I never knew who he was until the Olympics. I didnt know who he was until i looked at the screen of the games after constantly hearing my brother and Dad mentioning some dude called 'Phelps'.

But that picture. Wow. Im used to seeing some pretty unflattering yet still cute images of him. My, my, my. He looks sooooooo hot. Like properly hot, not weird dodgy crush hot, but properly hot without having to be like 'hot but...', just HOT.

I'll do another post later with what i did last night - no biggie, just went out, got creeped out by my friend's cousin who has a crush on me, sadly he isnt hot :( - just to show i do get out and not just lust after hot swimmers (there was another hot dude somewhere in that team swimming relay race). I took pictures too, especially because i said i dont take enough pictures to share with everyone and no-one was taking pictures last night in general. But that is another post.

I would end this post with a picture, but if anyone can send me a link for a hot image of Michael then we'll have to make do with the Vogue one.


Saturday, 16 August 2008

Harry Potter

The new film is being pushed back until next year 2009 :( in July sometime...


Im a fairly big Harry Potter geek and uh... its a saddening moment. This is a bit of a miscellaneous post but i wanted to share my sadness. And some pictures of the film that i googled up, hahah.

Not a lot of pictures i know but i cant be bothered to put some mini trailer thingy in here.

Oh man, im quite saddened by this, i was really looking forward to the premier - it was meant to be mid-November as the film was meant to be released Novemeber 17(?) - as i went to the last one. It was SOOOOO fun and im re-reading the books because im very antsy about the films coming out and now i find out its being pushed back. I understand it because something about blockbusters and already having the Dark Knight there is no point of Harry Potter coming out and taking in more money. Or something, i read it from here - finding the link to it from E! website. Also sucks that i have to wait ANOTHER roughly one year for it, they could have done it like maybe march or something, but nooooooooo, its pushed back to summertime, also known as familyandkidsandeveryoneinthebloodyworldhastimetogoseeit so WHEN i go, i'll still be surrounded by little kiddies or people who wont shut up. This is why i STILL havent yet seen the Dark Knight. I guess i'll have to get it when it comes out on dvd, but, as a consolation to Harry P film being pushed back, the dvd wil l likely be released by Christmas :)

.....of next year though.

Not really sure what this blog is about, i say i'll do one thing and i never seem to do and there isnt really a theme except it being extremely weird and random.

So here's some more.

Please dont judge, and im not a groupie-fame-seeking-trend-sheep person, but im developing a extremely dodgy crush on American swimmer dude Michael Phelps.

I know i know, he is a scary 6''4-5 - i dont know his exact height, this is what i read in the newspapers - and considering im like 5''3..., massive hands, feet, nose, CHIN - im sorry, but its kinda too big for his face, ears and this shoulders are like soooo broad, something about him is strangely kinda hot. Not really my type - i *heart* the musicians but i dunnno.. i need to get out more and meet new people.

But to fuel this even more, look what i found on Pink Is The New Blog! (the last bulletin takes you here).

The link is about 'baby pictures' of him, but there are some BAD pictures of him as a teen and they are BAD. Like, if i saw the guy like that and not as he is now.... maybe its just bad photos? But he was a seriously cute baby and little kid though!!!!! When he's on tv and screaming and shouting out of happiness because of winning more swimming medal stuff, meh, not so flattering on him, pretty huge mouth, but he's sooo cute - i DONT KNOW WHAT.

After this current subject and the last post, i think i need some serious help.

Now and again i'll get these weird crushes and this time of my life is when it pops up. Maybe its a partially mid-life crisis? Im not even mid-life yet... though i am turning 19 next sunday!!!!!! My friend's birthday is tomorrow - she's only a week older than me, but as a pre-birthday thing, we're going 'pubbing' and hopefully i'll take a few pictures as i hardly take photos nowadays. And my birthday is pretty boring, going to Greenwich park (UK's Greenwich) to have a picnic. Oh and the weather is meant to be raining on that day. Oh. Will try to make most of my last few days of being 18!!!!!

One last thing, my friend - i did that 'Naddy' post for him a while ago, we met on my art foundation course, him - he's been seen to post a comment or two before on this blog although he has no blog of his own - is back from his home in Portugal, arrived in the UK just yesterday as he has a interview with LCF (London College of Fashion) on monday and came down just to attend that interview which he will hopefully get in!!!! Its a Foundation in Pattern Cutting or something or rather. I'll be going with him. You can check out me and him here, its just an old post but with a picture of the two of us :) i think he wanted both the polaroids but i gave him the one with me (on the left) while i kept the other (on the right), he's like my little brother. Will try and do a video post in the err, next post.

Ta ta for now.

(here's one last random image from my personal collection)

An extremely old picture, maybe from october/november 2007 - our first picture together! Taken at the Tate Modern (by who???!!?!?!) by the Doris Salcedo's 'Shibboleth' - its better to find the proper name for the exhibition than saying ....'s 'crack' like i was going to.

Jumper:Dorothy Perkins, Jeans:Primark, Red Converses, Bag:Topshop (from like 2002/2003, its one of my oldest bags that i still use and love - the inside lining are cute cartoons of apples!) and tee:H&M. Holding a blue A3 sketchbook.

Monday, 11 August 2008

Mary-Kate Olsen

I've been trying to avoid doing posts on something that i feel is 'common', as in a post that you probably have already read on another blog or in magazines, but this post has been itching to get out. Well, the post subject which you can see is Mary-Kate Olsen.Here she is with Irina. Im afraid i cant crop the picture at the moment so... i guess you'll have to get over it if it bothers you so.

I really do love her style. She's on the cover of Elle UK September issue, and because i subscribe i get a slightly different cover compared to the one image of MK currently on normal issues - just go over to the subscribe link button thing and you'll see the cover that i have with MK in three different poses.... and the cover... she looks so cool. I LOVE the current cover.

Less about the cover and more about my gushings of M-K O. As i was looking through images with her and Ashley and as well have watched their style form over the few years or so, it seem that MK's style is more... 'messy' and kinda wild, while Ashley is slightly more 'cleaned up'. Thats how i see it, because than otherwise i cant really tell the apart. Except that MK is looking like she kinda needs some sleep and look a bit less crazy. And that she seems pale compared to Ashley.

MK does, i have to say, really look kinda crazy with the pale face but she makes up for it with the cool red and white, while her sister looks lovely and tanned in a weird zebra-ishy dress.

Like i said earlier, i do oh-so LOVE MK's style, im gona try and use her as a partial influence when i start dressing better for uni. I should really descrive Ashley's dress a lot better than 'zebra-ishy' but im kinda crap with describing things in a 'proper fashion' and do often resort to using words like these. As you can tell. I love MK's style because of the scruffy but put together in a way you know the clothes are clean and havent been found off the streets in a rubbish bin. Even in the Elle interview she says something about just putting clothes on without really bothering or realising that she's got other stuff on. Im like para-phrasing? Is that the correct term?

Ok, here's the whole paragraph for you lucky people:

"Mary Kate could probably fit a few close friends inside her orange vintage flannel shirt, open to the navel and which, on her barely five-foot frame, seems almost Brobdingnagian. The sheer quantity of precious metals she is wearing would be preposterous on anyone else. Around her neck are four necklaces; on her tiny hands are five huge rings (one which opens like a locket to reveal a skull being strangled by a gold serpent); and around her wrists and up her arms are about 30 bracelets and bangles, which, at one point become entangled. ('Oh my God, I've handcuffed myself!' she says laughing.) The outfit is rounded off by a black seude Pedro Garcia heel and black Kova&T leggings. I've actually been wearing this for about the past 10 days, she says laughing, the jewellery jingling gently on her arms. It's natural for me to throw on whatever I'm going to wear and not think twice about it."

Im gona get sued for writing that arent i? Oh shit. And i know its NOT neccessary to type that whole paragraph but i thought i would share it with everyone.

Im not going to apologise for the poor quality of this post because i always do that but you know what im thinking.. i feel bad for not posting interesting things and for my lack of posting in general.

Will try and post up those pictures i got from Skin+Bones. Maybe that'll be a better post indeed. That post will come up sooner than later. Maybe later today or tomorrow or so.

Images taken from Style.com and GoFugYourself. And of course that article from Elle UK September issue 2008.

I really want some flannel shirts now (- i've wanted some for aaages like since 2006 but i had a few friends who wore them and i didnt want to feel like i was copying them. Then i watched Juno and my lust grew). And also some proper skinny black jeans. But i cant go out in just leggings. Im not thin. Even if my legs are the 'thinnest' part of myself it just wont work, my arse is just gona hang out.. hang? Well.. its pretty cold in the UK... my arse will FREEZE off... As much as i really would love to just go out in leggings, a long flannel top/shirt and some Converses. I see New Look are doing Flannel shirts... i might buy one on tuesday... i have one, but i got it from Topman. And its very blue based. And i look kinda lesbian-chic with it on.... so if i do wear it, it'll have to be with like a dress. Something extremely girly to take the masculine-ness of it away. And im meant to be a fashion/styling/promo student. I really should be doing outfit posts and stuff because of my great sense of style etc....


Thank you for getting so far. If you ever see me in the streets when im famous and you mention this part of the post, i'll buy you a Starbucks or something. Im suprised you got this far. I'll send you a hug as a way of saying thanks.

Last few words. This late morning thing is really getting to my part of the brain where i STOP typing. Its now 4:20am. Now 4:21am. Its taking a while to edit and re-edit this post. Im not making a lot of sense. Grrrr.

Monday, 4 August 2008

Oh wow.

Im getting antsy about not having yet received my copy of Elle Uk - i get a subscription - and remembering being told that Zooey Daschanel was on the cover of Elle US and curious to see what the cover was like... Jessica Simpson is on the cover?!?!!? I wonder where Zooey came from.. unless the image on Elle US website is old and have not updated the image of Jessica on the cover.. in the corner where it says subscriptions? ANYWAY. I saw this

and i HAD to see what else there was....
The third photo, there is another one in the slideshow of pictures you can see, which is similar to this, but from a wider angle and looks what Ashley Tisdale's legs.... like it was one of the many shots for idea and probably accidently put it in the slideshow because the pose from Zac and Vanessa are pretty similar in both photos (- did i just repeat myself?).

I've never been one of the millions of fans that are like 'OHMYGODIT'SZAC/VANESSA/ASHLEY/HSM1/2/3', although i DID watch the movies - well only 1 and 2 so far, and 2 was SHIT in my opinion. And, for a larf, i will try and get to the High School Musical 3 UK premier - whenever it comes out over here..... if i can past the crowds of screaming kids and their pushy mums.

These are my favourite two pictures. I really love Vanessa's stare/pose and the purple-y/pink background. And the last photo, i love the images that all three are together in. But the one with Zac and Vanessa seperated by a fence is kinda cute as they're a couple in real life. Until they break up. If they do. I didnt want to add any photos with Efron (yes, we're on last name basis's now) as i said before, i dont really *heart* him. THOUGH, the pictures with him buffed up does make me think 'Mmm..' but otherwise nah.

Im going to the Skin+Bones exhibition tomorrow and i bought my sketchbook today so all i need is a few pens and im ready. Will try and take loads of photos for a friend and for those who wont be able to make it. The exhibition is £6 for students and ends THIS sunday (10th) so hurry!!!!!!

(I hope by the time i post this no-one else has already done a post on this!)

EDIT: Dapper Kid has told me that there is a fountain!!!!!!!! In the Courtyard (i googled it like a LOSER). Im going alone so it may be hard and may even break my camera, but i am determined to at least run through this and even take a photo while inside. If that is possible. WOOOOOOOOP!