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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

8 Things....

I stole, 'stole' this from anther blog. Oh plagurism, how i do admire thee.

8 Things I'm looking forward to:
1. Finishing uni for the summer, techically im kinda finished now, but my tutor has made my class bitches/slaves/minions to set 3rd years, helping them in creating/finishing their graduate shows, then i have a tutorial with them on the 17th, then im done :) hopefully.
2. Paris. All i need to do is compare and contrast hotels i prefer to stay in with my friend's choices, then actually book the fucking thing.
3. My one night stay in Manchester, as said in the previous post, its my cousin's wedding, yeah, a lot of alcohol is planned to be drunk in a hotel room that night. By me. And my friend.
4. Roma!!!! This STILL needs to get booked!!!
6. Ugly Betty, season 3..?
7. Getting fit, this is getting crazy now, the past week or so, mentally forcing myself to get off my arse and do something.... this on my arse.
8. Snow. That means its around Christmas. Yessss.

See how im not mentioning my turning of 20? Yes, i dont really look forward to it, my counting down days of being a teen.

8 Things I did yesterday:
1. Be there for my friend before and after the breakup of her relationship :( She had to do it, she wanted to, she had to do it, but its a tough thing, its never fun breaking up with someone.
2. Watch the Gilmore Girls episode of the aftermath of after Emily tells Christopher that she doesnt like Luke and that he should be the one dating Lorelai, not Luke.
3. Eat wholegrain rolls with Dairylea cheese.
4. Found a new Paris buddy after Plan A bailed.
5. Think about exercising.
6. Pay off a little of my scary library fine.
7. Sneak out of the house.
8. Freeze in the cold/drizzle of rain waiting for the bus.

8 Things I wish I could do:
1. Measure myself and say, ''Hey, im 5''10 with great long legs''.
2. Skate and breakdance.
3. Sing. Sing well.
4. Be good with languages, i can pick little tidbits up, but nothing enough to speak in a coherent, correct sentence.
5. Not go red when i drink alcohol....
6. Not go red/blush easily, or at least hide my nervousness.
7. Robert Pattinson. Oh come on, its not like most of you wouldnt.
8. Go out and stay out, and just party party party. Without the parents on my back.

8 Shows I watch:
1. Desperate Housewives.
2. Green Wing (I miss it!)
3. Skins.
4. Gilmore Girls.
5. Greys Anatomy.
6. CSI - Vegas and NY
7. 30 Rock.
8. The Big Bang Theory

Now go, shoo and copy this list but change MY answers to yours!

Friday, 15 May 2009

Location, location, location.

I want to do a lot of things year, too many to mention here, some too personal to mention.

But this year, things that are pretty certain..

  • I'm going Paris,
  • Rome


  • Manchester.

Ok, Manchester, not that interesting because it's still in the UK, but i've never been so that gives it some excitement and it's for my cousin's wedding.

Paris, not official, it was just a thought i had on wednesday night, about going to Paris, alone, just spending a day though, taking photos with my various cameras (digital, Fish Eye and Polaroid - nothing fancy, i do want to buy a Diana), but i thought it would get pretty lonely, so it's best to go with a friend. She's interested, and although she's yet to reply to my facebook wall post thing, i plan to go late june, early july. Just to get uni out of the way, totally. I also want those 'I *heart* tees', i would love me one of those 'I *heart* NY' ones, like a tourist, but i'll have to go there myself. I went to France briefly last year, just a small place in Lille, and because it was a fairly small quiet town, no tourist shops selling such souveniers. In the lead up to this trip, i'll be watching Paris, Je t'aime over and over again, i'm so excited already!

Rome, again, not official, but i was meant to go last year, it was a idea i had for a while, and is the place i want to go to before i die. Last year was a we'll-see-when-it-gets-to-summer kinda idea, now it's a we're-going,-sort-out-the-flights/hotel. This will be around early summer, although i've read how the Romans (the residents of Rome, duh), leave for a long holiday in august, i hope that they haven't left by the time i arrive. (Would it be too fangirly if i went to stalk out the area that will be used in the New Moon film?) I'm not looking forward to the crazy heat though, here's hoping that there is air conditioning.

After all this, i'll be awaiting my 20th, it sucks it falls on the weekend/aftermath of the Reading/Leeds Festival, as some friends will be away. No idea what i have planned yet, maybe another trip away somewhere, i do want to go Liverpool at one point... or perhaps a day out in Brighton? There's plenty of time to think about that....

Oh, and i love me some french/italian accents, preferrably the french :)

Saturday, 9 May 2009

How To Be

Im flogging another Robert Pattinson based film. I sure am. I - like the NERD i am - have just booked a ticket to see How To Be :) (also see here)
Im not really sure what the film is about still. Ive read quite a few reviews from fans who have seen it, but im still a bit ......

Its at the Clapham Picturehouse on 20th June, but im seeing it alooone. I havent seen a film on my own for a while, its weird when there are people in the screening room.

I should have been working on my portfolio that is due on monday, im going to regret it later.

So, after my Gilmore Girls episodes finishes, im going to go shower, read my Atonement book, which is taking me a while just to get through one page, i dont know why, doesnt help im reading it around 3-4am while im knackered. The film i enjoyed though.

A few more days then its over :) well, im being forced to help the 3rd years on my course put up their space for the up-coming graduate based shows. Apparently, im in with the group who are putting IKEA furniture together. Oh yeah, cant wait!!!!

Also, after i had in my portfolio - 10:30am deadline, we're having a small meeting with the stylist/designer Thom Murphy who is doing a project with us in the 2nd year, if i make it that far!!!! I bought 3 supermarket Red Bull ripoffs in preparation for sunday night!!!

We're getting a step closer to me posting proper posts!!! Ooh the giddiness!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

*Lots of swearing*

Havent posted in nearly a month, dont give up hope on me, im still here. Oh crapping bollocks, i hadnt realised that i hadnt posted for THIS long.

This is pretty bad.


Uni is taking a toll and therefore i havent even thought about my blog until about an hour ago and when i started commenting on blogs i read - which is about 3, and i just commented on 2, yeah, i cant be bothered with some blogs anymore, they get so many readers and then they go all *blech* and change their style, this is like a mini bitch but its not on purpose, the blogs i stick to these days are still themselves and yeah, thats why i still read them. Its like a compliment that sounds like im sucking up to certains blogs, ok stop talking now.

Fashion is making me all bi-polar with how i feel about it. In a way im just trying to avoid it if i can, when in uni all im thinking about it fashion and how to make/design/create stupid things!!!

Personally, although i do it, i feel weird posting pictures that arent mine to fill a blog/apologise for lack of posting/breaking promises, but in the next/upcoming posts - WHEN i actually post them, i have work to actually show, i have to submit my portfolio for the whole year on monday and im planning to do quite a lot of illustration type work so i'll get to show it off here, and maybe update my incredibly-worse-than-blogger-blog-deviantArt profile. There is so much to do, so little time.

Today i went to a gig, yeah, i went on the WRONG day, its tomorrow. What a freaking twat.

I need to stop going on facebook so much, that is a big reason why im not on blogger, ever since facebook chat, its so distracting.

This picture makes me happy. Im mainly posting for that little ginger kid you see right in the middle. Dont question WHY, but ive developed a little love for the kid, even though i swear he's like 16 or so. Not sure who Pable is, but you see on the right, Tom, yep, same Tom as this guy. Arthur is from here. Its pretty hilarious from the video ive seen on youtube, and it has the other little kid from Son of Rambow - Will Poulter - if i could, and i will, im going to adopt him as my son.

Ok right, its 2:44am, regardless what the time blogger says, im off, I in theory, should be sleeping to get to uni early to do some work for said portfolio, im sure i can fill in a post there.

Fingers crossed.