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Monday, 29 December 2008

Flickr and Weeds.

Just to fill in the blanks for not posting enough and probably not knowing when my next post is, just typing in phrases to flickr and finding some nice and interesting images. Some are kinda obvious to what i might've typed in......

Mission Accomplished

Ok, so maybe not so obvious, but they involved: Jelly Castles, Glowsticks polaroids, Glowstick writing and polaroids of Robert Pattinson. The crush will not die! Everything is getting all Vampire related in my life! Its wrong.

If you dont know about this show, i do suggest you try watch it, its sooooo good! I now own all three series that i can get my grubby hands on in the UK!

I present you, Weeds,
Basically, Nancy, mother of two has just been turnt into a widow and deals weed to maintain the lifestyle she has and to pay her bills for her family and stuff. Something like that. Its veeeeery good and the dude who plays her oldest son, Silas - Hunter Parrish is HOT.

Biro illustrations

* This was meant to be done AGES ago, my laptop has FINALLY decided to let me upload pictures!

Hopes you all had a very nice Xmas :) *
-STILL working on the happiness tag!-
Ages ago, much more before the tag, i said i would post some images of my work. Im just going to show some biro drawings. There are some more things i think i could show but i'll take photos of them later and do another post with those. For now this is what i have currently uploaded on the computer.
Yes, i understand her hand/arm is a bit odd but it looked good at the time.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Bad laptop.

Im trying to make a post, im TRYING to upload photos but my laptop doesnt seem to want to!!! Im working on an alternative way as i type dont you worry!

I've finished uni for this term - woo! - but im going back to do some last minute research for essays/projects due after Christmas which does suck a little but its fine, make the most of my weekly travelcard. How sad.

Twilight also comes out on friday! Like a NERD i will be there. On the first day. For the first showing, but i HAVENT booked my ticket. Now that a slightly teeny bit obsessive, even for me. But i have got my friend hooked on the book, i lent her the first one and she seems to have nearly finished it in one day.

Christmas is next week! I cant wait, not really sure what im doing but it usually has involved going to see family and seeing friends on Christmas Eve eating ice cream. They're selling Ben & Jerry's in Sainsburys for like £2 so... GO!

I also bought a Fisheye camera the other day, still on my first roll of film but its nearly finished. Is it kinda evil that i scared a poor innocent squirrel with the flash? Mind, you never realise how BRIGHT the flash is until it goes off... Oh, and i has a Nintendo DS too now. Its very geeky, it was a small gift for myself for my finishing work. I dont like that this post doesnt have pictures so thats why im not putting links to things. Crappy me.

Better standards next time.

Hope all is well.

Remember, TWILIGHT on friday :)

Wednesday, 3 December 2008


Today was the Twilight Premier. And i didnt go! Well i did, i went there briefly but didnt really want to wait on my own for 3-4hours. Plus i got there quite late in terms of premier so i wasnt really in a decent spot by the barriers, although it was quite small as some STUPID funfare thing was in the way in the Leicester Sq park where the you have most premiers and it was showing at Vue not Odeon - Vue in on the side and is tiny compared to the other cinemas there - Odeon and whatsitface.

I basically took two photos but only of the bit on top of the cinema with massive images of 'Edward' and Bella and it saying something about 'UK PREMIER'.

Sorry for the small talk, i really shouldnt even be online, i have my final assessment for uni due monday and i have projects to do and a portfolio to create and sort out.


And Twilight comes out in less than two weeks!