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Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Bad laptop.

Im trying to make a post, im TRYING to upload photos but my laptop doesnt seem to want to!!! Im working on an alternative way as i type dont you worry!

I've finished uni for this term - woo! - but im going back to do some last minute research for essays/projects due after Christmas which does suck a little but its fine, make the most of my weekly travelcard. How sad.

Twilight also comes out on friday! Like a NERD i will be there. On the first day. For the first showing, but i HAVENT booked my ticket. Now that a slightly teeny bit obsessive, even for me. But i have got my friend hooked on the book, i lent her the first one and she seems to have nearly finished it in one day.

Christmas is next week! I cant wait, not really sure what im doing but it usually has involved going to see family and seeing friends on Christmas Eve eating ice cream. They're selling Ben & Jerry's in Sainsburys for like £2 so... GO!

I also bought a Fisheye camera the other day, still on my first roll of film but its nearly finished. Is it kinda evil that i scared a poor innocent squirrel with the flash? Mind, you never realise how BRIGHT the flash is until it goes off... Oh, and i has a Nintendo DS too now. Its very geeky, it was a small gift for myself for my finishing work. I dont like that this post doesnt have pictures so thats why im not putting links to things. Crappy me.

Better standards next time.

Hope all is well.

Remember, TWILIGHT on friday :)


Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

yay, i am glad you are back! i missed your posts!
yay for twilight! i have got my friends hooked too!! :)
dont worry about the geekyness of a ds, i have one too!! what colour do you have???
hope you are well! :D

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

i got the light blue/green one! its great! it took me ages to get one though...i had to put up with the old school one for ages!!! hehe.
did you love twilight??? :) silly question really

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

through the whole film i was just waitning for the ray ban scene! love it!

i.am.GC said...

hai..new here, just searching for interesting blog to read and found yours.
thought it's been months since Twilight, what do you think of the movie? *lol*
can't wait for the sequeL *yay*