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Wednesday, 3 December 2008


Today was the Twilight Premier. And i didnt go! Well i did, i went there briefly but didnt really want to wait on my own for 3-4hours. Plus i got there quite late in terms of premier so i wasnt really in a decent spot by the barriers, although it was quite small as some STUPID funfare thing was in the way in the Leicester Sq park where the you have most premiers and it was showing at Vue not Odeon - Vue in on the side and is tiny compared to the other cinemas there - Odeon and whatsitface.

I basically took two photos but only of the bit on top of the cinema with massive images of 'Edward' and Bella and it saying something about 'UK PREMIER'.

Sorry for the small talk, i really shouldnt even be online, i have my final assessment for uni due monday and i have projects to do and a portfolio to create and sort out.


And Twilight comes out in less than two weeks!


Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

hey!! i am so sorry! i have not been on blogger in such a long time!!
oh dear! you didnt get to see robert!! oh i cannot wait to go see twilight...ahhh!! not long, not long now!
hope all your work is coming together now!! :)

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

hey i tagged you on my blog!
love ya!