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Sunday, 30 March 2008

L-O-L-A Lola.

Today has been one very unproductive day. And i'm meant to have a mini portofolio review tomorrow... maybe I can try and reschedule it...? It's so bad.

Went to London though, with the Parents - Brother is away in Miami for his third year Uni, sadly, will be back in summer after the school year there has finished - and I did go to Cass Art, and therefore bought my 2 sketchbooks I wanted! Ah, if only my camera would link up to the laptop... there would be pictures.

Then, finally. Trying to look for Borders. It was a BITCH. I knew there one a branch in Charing Cross and Oxford Street, but I went to Oxford Street because Mother wanted to go John Lewis.. so anyway, The middle of Oxford Street, like the 4 corners of the world - TopShop, H&M, Ze....-something, it sells pants basically... and the other corner I can't remember, Nike Town? But yes, I went to all the other corners and right down their roads, they are LONG roads, I got the bus back up to the middle, Borders was on the Topshop side, I went there LAST. Took me about 45minutes to get there due to the walking and the traffic. But WOW. Damn that shop has some nice selections of magazines. I saw so many Vogues, some magazines I had never heard of yet they were UK editions... but I did manage to find my Lula magazine, I googled it up yesterday, and people were saying that it sold out quickly and stuff similar to that, but of what i've seen, it is some very cool magazine. Oh, didn't I mention I wanted to get the magazine? Oops, my bad, after seeing it on Magenta Peepshow I decided to curiously google it up. I found the magazine but couldn't help thinking that there was another magazine that I wanted... and having only about 10minutes until I was mean to go meet my (very late) Mother outside John.L, I rushed and faffed a bit. In the end, Amelia's magazine popped in the head and I found it, but it was the current issue and not the new issue 9 that I lust for, it didn't even have the notebook thing attatched to it :( after seeing it at the Deisgn Museum, after popping to London much after the first meeting of Amelia's and on the way back home on a very cold night, I saw this very cool girl - cropped hair black hair (she was asian, like my asian - not that this should bias any opinion but we must discuss the details), leather jacket, white fur Russian-esque hat and I think like tartan trousers. She was very cool looking and was clutching some books and Amelia's magazine. Which prompted me since to buy the next issue. Influences come in weird ways. Oh hang on. It's £10. Oh dear. Yeah, maybe not. I'm sure I can live without that and buy two magazines with that instead.

WAD - We Are Dfferent. I was suprised to see that there. I originally bought WAD in France - I went there earlier this month with my Foundation class, most of us went - and i'd thought it wouldn't be availible in the UK, it's a French based magazine? But it also has english, a bilingual magazine so I read, but yeah, it's a pretty good magazine, good amount for your £4.50. So yeah, i guess two new additions to my magazine buying, I currently on a regular basis buy Grazia and I have my supscription to Elle UK, Lula is joining on - though it comes out twice a year and WAD too, but I don't know how regularly i'll buy it. Might shop around for magazines when i'm next at Borders, broaden my choices... Need to change my room around too, i've been thinking of it for ages now, but maybe when I get my next assessment over and i'm on my FMP then i'll change it and stuff.

Damn I need a portfolio case. And a place in my first choice Uni.

Saturday, 29 March 2008


Have the idea of making mix tapes for studio at college.... change the tapes every week or so... that will be so cool... but seeing as I have one week left until a new Project.. the Final Project... i'll leave it until we come back then. After my assessment and all. It's going to go so bad my next assessment. I never know what to say and I always get semi-ripped apart somehow because of it.

So yes... first idea for Mix tape/s.. they're only 90minutes each so...

  1. 'After Hours' - We Are Scientists
  2. 'Show You How' - The Killer
  3. 'Coffee and Tv' - Blur
  4. 'Times Like These' - Foo Fighters
  5. 'Michael' - Franz Ferdinand
  6. 'Bitter Sweet Symphany' - The Verve
  7. 'Y Control' - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  8. 'Bliztkreig Bop' - Ramones
  9. 'Chocolate' - Snow Patrol
  10. 'No Suprises' - Radiohead
  11. 'Music When The Lights Go Out' - The Libertines
  12. 'Sorry You're Not a Winner' - Enter Shikari
  13. 'Girls Like Mystery' - The Cribs
  14. 'Girl All The Bad Guys Want' - Bowling For Soup
  15. 'Swing Swing' - All American Rejects
  16. 'Big Sur' - The Thrills

That's all I can think of at the moment... they would be a better playlist but as my hard-drive got replaced and haven't been bothered to re-burn songs onto the laptop and it's a mix TAPE, going old skool. I have all these songs on cd...

It seems like such a lame idea now I think of it... bummerrr..

I bought my first copy for I-D today, it's ok. I need to get magazines like this, but... I thought I saw some cool photos when flipping through in the shops, but when I bought it back home.. didn't look so great. I'll shop around for similar magazines in the meanwhile. Didn't get the checked shirts I wanted though. Couldn't find any in Primark and I didn't go to any other clothing stores. My friend was being a bit funny when I first mentioned wanting the checked shirts so I didn't really bother afterwards.

Going London tomorrow with the parents. They need to go to some weird chinese bank for something and while I'm out with them, I'll go to the Art Shop, Cass Art, for some sketchbooks, i'll get them tomorrow - if they're on the sale - instead of later in the week as I was thinking of.

Ouch. Gone to microwave my cold Greggs 'sausage and bean melt' from earlier, I was washing up my dear cup'o'milk, I stab, well got stabbed shall I say, by a fork. Enough to pierce some skin, but not enough to bleed. I know, gross. Sorry.

The Virgin Megastores in London, Picadilly Circus? they have some pretty good range of magazines as I so remember vaguely back when I was last there for the DVD signing of Green Wing. Aaaaah.... There is a picture of me and my friend with Julian Rhind-Tutt in the middle, but my face is so bad. I shant show it. I'll try and get some sort of free photo editing software thing and blur out of face and then i'll post it. Oh such vanity. It's just that it's the first proper photo on the blog and I don't want to ruin all potential better pictures of myself. I want to be 'cool' not weird faced freak with Julian and her friend. Julian R-T if you don't remember or didn't know, played 'Mac' in Green Wing, the strawberry blonde/ginger character with the shaggy-ish long-ish locks. The 'lion's mane' or something, I LOVE Sue White. She was, and still is my favourite character. Semi R.I.P Green Wing :(

Somwhere to write this down - Angels and Airwaves - The Gift. Want that song. Might as well get the album. Need to sort out my ipod problem, that my laptop won't detect USB cables... not my camera or ipod.

"I'll make your fear run away.." that's a cute line. See, inspiration already. There's my FMP exhibition in July... i'll put an open invitation when it's closer the time... omg... like the news of kids putting up invites to their birthday parties on the net.. what if MY college exhibition gets trashed... that would suck.. out work getting ruined... Hmm.. it is a college... I mean come on, it's not a rave, shouldn't in theory get trashed by loads of hyper drunk kids looking for a good time. In early afternoon that is.

Err, what was I going to say. Oh yes. What happens if you mix cappuccino and hot choc powder together? It's a cappio sachet and some hot chocolate powder.. I'm thinking something Mocha-esque... shame i've left my flask at college... I shall google it... Ah, Moccaccino, or according to Wikipedia, to yous in the US 'cappuccino made with chocolate'.

That reminds me, Amelia's magazine. Need to buy that too. While i'm in London. I saw it in the design museum when I was there for the Matthew Williamson exhibition back in january. But I want to get the 9th issue but I'm not sure when it comes out. I may be low on money but this is one of the things I do for my art.

Omg. Wow. I want this. I think there is one of these where I live. But I very much doubt they'll have them so I'll go London if I have to....

Eley Kishimoto & Cancer Research UK: Fukuro Bag

Like OMG! It's soooo damn cute and only £2.99. I'm fairly embarrased and ashamed, but I did try to get one of the Anya Hindmarch's 'I'm not a plastic bag' bags, but damn my bus and need to sleep. I missed the LAST one in my local Sains. by about 5mins! To some stupid silly girls in the year below me. Grrrrrrrrr.
Sorry for all the random-ness, but that's the blog. It's in the name.
If there are big gaps between paragraphs then... oops, they're not meant to be so big, i'm trying to make the big posts (like this one) easier to read, seperate the different subjects in their weird ways.
That's it for now. I'll let everyone have a rest. I might try and play around on the blog. Set up some links to some blogs that are cool in my mind. It's a growing list so bear with me yo....


Oh how I love thee.

I looked over at my blog just to check if it was a glitch. No. The big blob is still there according to my laptop. I changed the colour writing font to see maybe it was because I changed the colour and size of the thing I was writing. No difference except it's now a big black blob. Great. Never seen it before and I can't copy and paste the entry so I couldn't transfer it into a new post. POST. That's what they're called, I called them entry or blog because I couldn't think of the correct term. Oh how I should've looked up and see 'POSTING'.

I'm so addicted to Dymo label thingy. Just a moment ago I had it on my lap. The fact that i've taken THAT down with me - to my living room where i'm currently situated - instead of perhaps my phone or a blanket means quite a lot. The tape are QUITE expensive I must say. £6.99 per pack for two rolls which doesn't look like a lot and i've probably got half of one roll left - you get two rolls per pack - even though I bought it yesterday. Well, half roll and a full roll. It's just amazing the crap I write/type/emboss onto labels material thing. It's so good.

Eurgh. Had a conversation a little while ago with Mother, her talking about my current course - she still doesn't understand it and what I will do if I don't get in any of my chosen Unis. Well... I don't know either. There isn't many unis in the Londony area that do my course that I would have a CHANCE of getting in. It doesn't even HAVE to be London. Just somewhere that I can get to because I have to live at home :( which really sucks because that lowers my chances even more.

I'm off to Primark in a little while. To find those checked shirts. I'm seriously so poor right now. I get EMA.. but uh... havent been to all my lessons for the past two weeks. The first week I was ill - but couldn't be bothered to RING up my college and tell them this.. long story.. and then this week, thursday I missed a lesson or two.... I currently have £7.51 in the bank... so poor...

I thought my birthday was on a saturday due to it being on a friday last year. It's on a sunday. Darn you leap year. Hahah. So bad. Hopefully i'll be going to Reading this year. I do and I don't. But it would be a good birthday as I was meant to go last year and I would've turnt the 'big' 1-8 at Reading. Man...


I don't know if it's just me, but is there like a massive blue blob on the last post?

It's meant to say 'Sex, Drugs and Juliet' but on my screen it's like a big blue blob covering part of my blogging... it's very worrying....

If someone could comment or something.. let me know? I'll have to edit it and maybe delete and repost the blog entry...


I need to come up with much better titles.

Just wanted to change the colour of the writing.

Been looking around on other Fashiony type blogs. Very inspiring, but as you would know, there's inspiring and copying. I'm all for the inspiring. But there are some similarities to my style and other blogs', which I will try to make sure that doesn't happen. Or too often at least. Still need to get that card reader. Will have to wait for some money to come my way though before I can get one. My friend is going to try and get me some Reading Tickets when they come on sale, and I don't have the money so I'm going to have to ow her and pay her back slowly so It's going to be a long summer. Need to buy some polaroid film too, the 600 ones, get 40 exposures for £35, thats if they're still doing them in my locaaaal Argos. But i'm using the polaroids for my next art project so I guess I can wait a while.

You know something thats REALLY addictive? Dymo. The label maker stuff. WOW. I've been having SOO much fun just making up my usual stuff. 'I Dance Like Old People' was one I 'made up' today, my friend stole it and it took me ages to get it back. im the meantime I 'made' him 'Hello Im ____ and I steal labels' - the '___' represents his name, 'Label Stealer' and '_____ Dances Like Old Fruit' - that one had my name that I made as a replacement for the Old People one but it was crap i decided. I would have made a 'replacement' of the Old People, but I like to keep things original. Like the stuff I make up. For example, i'm going to 'copyright' this in my own little way, like proof it's made up by me before someone like GWEN STEFANI uses it. Due to the 'Harajuku Lovers' having the same initials as me, my young dreams of being a fashion designer, coming up with an actual design... Gwen stole it. The H and L is joined and there is a heart after the initials. Semi similar to the Harajuku one. Darn her. They're not even HER initials. So yes, my thing?


Hmm.. maybe I should've named this blog that. Darn.

I might go into Town tomorrow and go check Primark. I've been wanting to get some checked shirts now. Juno - the film - inspired me a lot more to go out and get one. Also, on wednesday - my day off college - I might pop into London and go to the Art Shop, can't remember the proper name, but it's Art-something with the red background(?) and get a sketchbook. I've got one already - of the one I want, but it's nice to have some backup, plus they were in the sale so why not stock up. It's square-ish, not the best quality paper, but it's a good sketchbook overall.

Just finished watching my episode of Gossip Girl, my friend downloaded and sent me a copy of the episodes last year but I never bothered or got the time to watch it, but Sky+-ed it and yeah... it's pretty good. The first few minutes I though 'Oh god, it's going to be so up their own arse' and I thought the Blair character was like the main one, I was wrong. Good show. May go to the library too, get the books out.

The book i'm currently reading - this is the inner geek/loser inside wanting to tell everyone what i'm doing in my sad life, by the way, the Nesquick straws.. not too bad, will have to try the Strawberry next time I go to Tescos... - is my Tate Hallaway.. I can't remember what it's called.. It's the second one... 'Dead Sexy'? It's about some witch and her vampire boyf... Vatican Witch Hunters... LAME I know, but it's not too bad. I read randoms.

Darn again. It seems my local library doesn't have Gossip Girl.. I could've sworn I saw it in there before... Finished my Milk/Nesquick straw... had two cups of apple juice.. have some orange...

Ok, as I was pouring orange juice, to waste less space and time, I could do the little bit like what I'm reading, watching and listening kinda thing. Like what people do with outfits, I'll do it with the crap stuff...

Watching: Now ER but later (yes, even though it's 1:03am, there's a later) Superbad
Reading: Dead Sexy(?)
Listening to: CDs, not right now, but it's something I would be if the CD part of my stereo would work - 'Brain Thrust Mastery' - We Are Scientist. Really good album. My favourite song at the moment is 'After Hours', my work, if I havent said already, is fairly influenced by songs and their lyrics... 'After Hours' is a great for lyrics.

'This night is winding down but time means nothing' - to me, it means a lot. I can't wait to do my Final Major Project - aka FMP.

I got acrylic on my skinny jeans. Sucks. I got it on there earlier during college. I will have to try and scrape it off in the morning. If you didn't know, acrylic isn't like most paints. Doesn't really get off clothes easily. At all. So be warned!

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Bonjour Monsieur et Ma-dames


New blog to start afresh. Deleted my old blog so I can start a proper new blog that will be sparkling with weirdness.

I'll bullet point some stuff about myself and my current thoughts -

  • I'm a Art Foundation student,
  • Main interests - as says my Personal Statement - Art, Music and Fashion,
  • Annoyed about not being able to stupidly find fashion/style blogs with girls that aren't slim/skinny so have decided to start this one,
  • Am not slim. Apple shaped. The hardest blody shape because it's crap! BELLY!
  • Am a late and inconsistant blogger but am trying,
  • Frustrated with my current laptop, get it repaired and now it's all messed up - get one next year?
  • Main collections: Hoodies, Converses and Topshop Shopper bags,
  • Chinese but born and bred in England,
  • Worry and procrascinate a lot but for others I am loyal and protective,
  • Am Indie/Rocker kinda gaaaal,
  • In-store gigs and movie premiers,

That's it for now... i'm never good with trying to come up with things like this off the top of my head.

Need to buy a memory card reader thing as my laptop won't detect my ipod nor camera USB but luckily my memory stick though... at least it's something.

This week and the next week it is my Easter Holiday for two weeks then my assessment for my work and then my Final Major Project for my art. Based on memories. I havent written my 'Statement of Intent' so I won't really go into detail of what the final project is about until I at least write the statement and hopefully have my first interview with uni!!!!! Need to work on that portfolio.