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Saturday, 29 March 2008


I need to come up with much better titles.

Just wanted to change the colour of the writing.

Been looking around on other Fashiony type blogs. Very inspiring, but as you would know, there's inspiring and copying. I'm all for the inspiring. But there are some similarities to my style and other blogs', which I will try to make sure that doesn't happen. Or too often at least. Still need to get that card reader. Will have to wait for some money to come my way though before I can get one. My friend is going to try and get me some Reading Tickets when they come on sale, and I don't have the money so I'm going to have to ow her and pay her back slowly so It's going to be a long summer. Need to buy some polaroid film too, the 600 ones, get 40 exposures for £35, thats if they're still doing them in my locaaaal Argos. But i'm using the polaroids for my next art project so I guess I can wait a while.

You know something thats REALLY addictive? Dymo. The label maker stuff. WOW. I've been having SOO much fun just making up my usual stuff. 'I Dance Like Old People' was one I 'made up' today, my friend stole it and it took me ages to get it back. im the meantime I 'made' him 'Hello Im ____ and I steal labels' - the '___' represents his name, 'Label Stealer' and '_____ Dances Like Old Fruit' - that one had my name that I made as a replacement for the Old People one but it was crap i decided. I would have made a 'replacement' of the Old People, but I like to keep things original. Like the stuff I make up. For example, i'm going to 'copyright' this in my own little way, like proof it's made up by me before someone like GWEN STEFANI uses it. Due to the 'Harajuku Lovers' having the same initials as me, my young dreams of being a fashion designer, coming up with an actual design... Gwen stole it. The H and L is joined and there is a heart after the initials. Semi similar to the Harajuku one. Darn her. They're not even HER initials. So yes, my thing?


Hmm.. maybe I should've named this blog that. Darn.

I might go into Town tomorrow and go check Primark. I've been wanting to get some checked shirts now. Juno - the film - inspired me a lot more to go out and get one. Also, on wednesday - my day off college - I might pop into London and go to the Art Shop, can't remember the proper name, but it's Art-something with the red background(?) and get a sketchbook. I've got one already - of the one I want, but it's nice to have some backup, plus they were in the sale so why not stock up. It's square-ish, not the best quality paper, but it's a good sketchbook overall.

Just finished watching my episode of Gossip Girl, my friend downloaded and sent me a copy of the episodes last year but I never bothered or got the time to watch it, but Sky+-ed it and yeah... it's pretty good. The first few minutes I though 'Oh god, it's going to be so up their own arse' and I thought the Blair character was like the main one, I was wrong. Good show. May go to the library too, get the books out.

The book i'm currently reading - this is the inner geek/loser inside wanting to tell everyone what i'm doing in my sad life, by the way, the Nesquick straws.. not too bad, will have to try the Strawberry next time I go to Tescos... - is my Tate Hallaway.. I can't remember what it's called.. It's the second one... 'Dead Sexy'? It's about some witch and her vampire boyf... Vatican Witch Hunters... LAME I know, but it's not too bad. I read randoms.

Darn again. It seems my local library doesn't have Gossip Girl.. I could've sworn I saw it in there before... Finished my Milk/Nesquick straw... had two cups of apple juice.. have some orange...

Ok, as I was pouring orange juice, to waste less space and time, I could do the little bit like what I'm reading, watching and listening kinda thing. Like what people do with outfits, I'll do it with the crap stuff...

Watching: Now ER but later (yes, even though it's 1:03am, there's a later) Superbad
Reading: Dead Sexy(?)
Listening to: CDs, not right now, but it's something I would be if the CD part of my stereo would work - 'Brain Thrust Mastery' - We Are Scientist. Really good album. My favourite song at the moment is 'After Hours', my work, if I havent said already, is fairly influenced by songs and their lyrics... 'After Hours' is a great for lyrics.

'This night is winding down but time means nothing' - to me, it means a lot. I can't wait to do my Final Major Project - aka FMP.

I got acrylic on my skinny jeans. Sucks. I got it on there earlier during college. I will have to try and scrape it off in the morning. If you didn't know, acrylic isn't like most paints. Doesn't really get off clothes easily. At all. So be warned!

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rather-robyn said...

Hey.Erm, I just started reading your blog and decided to start from the start, so this comment may be irrelevant nowadays BUT on the Gossip Girl thing the books are nothing like the show, ie Chuck is not as cool in the books,etc. Sorry if you already knew this?

Also I understand what you say about copying other blogs, because loads are about runway collections rather than the person's life which is all very well and inspirational but its a bit too distant for me, which is why I like what I've read so far of yours! Sorry if this comment is well long, im fairly blog-new.