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Thursday, 31 July 2008


a new post!

Yes, im finally posting. Just really trying to find interesting things to think of. I really cant wait until the September issues of magazines come out!!!! But im seriously low in money so its kinda hard....

Been applying for jobs so hopefully something will come along, and my students loans.. oh god.. not going so well. Long story short, waiting for them to ask me for passport stuff etc still which, compared to my friends, im ever so far behind. Which is worrying.

Applied for a few jobs so hopefully will hear from them with an interview? And then i gets job.

Got my Uni sumer project! Finally! Its not as fun as i hoped. Basically have to go to three different exhibitions (Skin+Bones at Somerset House, The Supremes at V&A and the one im looking most foward to, Viktor and Rolf at Barbican) and under three different headings of texture, line and form, i have to find garments under the headings (oh, texture has like beading, crochet, knit and some others) and draw them etc. I dont mind it all so much, but in my crappy situation, i have very limited funds and i have to buy a new A3 sketchbook and then pay to go see these exhibitions. I'll save money by taking the bus (free travel!) instead of train so i can save money on a travelcard, although it ill waste sooo much of my time. I would usually do what most people do and leave it until last minute, but the Skin+Bones exhibition ends next friday? (10th August is all i know) so i HAVE to go see that one at least. Kinda sucks though. Probs. go like on tuesday or wednesday. So if any fellow bloggers are around in London, please do come and visit, say hi, but not in some creepy way, i'll be on my own... going to be a long day.

Didnt really do much this week, seen some friends, potentially got a job somewhere... but i dont have any photos of my own to share. I brought my camera out yesterday and when i turnt it on, NO BATTERY! Nooo! But im going out again in saturday so hopefully i'll take something there...

So to pass the time, here's a photo of the ever-so cooooooooooooool Karen O. image taken from here.

I do love her, she's so cool like i just said earlier.

Apologies for the crappy posts. Im working on it. It will get better.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Interesting/boring things about me

Not sure what to post, i dont have any interesting photos that i can show so im going to talk - in bullet points - about stuff that has happened lately that you might be interested in and perhaps would like to comment about. I'll add a random picture at the end too incase it gets too boring.
  • Still antsy and waiting for my Uni to send me stuff, but i checked on UCAS and they congratulated me saying that im officially in or whatnot.
  • Dentist today, had a filling and have to cut down on sweets :(
  • Trying to find a certain, very cool magazine shop, RD Franks and failing miserably, i went to John Lewis and bought some lovely navy tights. I CANNOT wait until A/W starts so i can change what im wearing and start dressing my part as a styling/promo student.
  • Last week, tuesday to be exact, i briefly followed/stalked We Are Scientists, and Keith's hair is yes, very grey. But he's still hot. Sadly i didnt see them properly, only their backs -my friend pointed them out to me after they walked past - but Chris did turn his face to talk to Keith and i saw that. I wanted to run after them and get a photo but my friend was being crap and wouldnt 'accompany' me in my time of giddyness. Then i tried to wait for them to come out of whatever shop they were in so i could get a polaroid, after a few minutes i decided to give them their privacy and i gave up. Next time. And it was at Covent Garden. *sigh*

Err, thats the main things. Im always bad at thinking things off the top of my head.

Batman movie comes out tomorrow. Would like to see it soon. Heath Ledger looks SOOOOOO cool as The Joker.

Hopefully i'll have some new pictures to show tomorrow, i'll be going out to town in the horrible heat, the temperature keeps changing, earlier it said tomorrow would be 24, now its 28. Thats stupidly hot. Although my heritage is from a hot hot humid place, i was born and bred in London, i love the cold, hence my love for A/W seasons.

Stop. Picture time.

I did not take this picture, from google, or i guess musichead.com.au to be exact. This picture is neither very recent, or as recent as last week, Keith's hair was MUCH more grey and Chris' (on the left of Keith of course) hair was shorter. But they are as skinny as you'd imagine. And skinnier. Some SERIOUSLY skinny legs i saw on Keith at least.

Monday, 21 July 2008


Its annoying trying to write a decent post and then deciding that its crap. So last night i was bored and ive been planning on doing handwritten posts for a while..

(for those who cant read my writing: "I'm not sure what to say. Fill up the silence with actions. What does this all mean? Fuck it, im off to shower." Twas bit in a weird/bad mood, still kinda am. Grrr. Hate summer. At least its my birthday soon.)

That was done last night. Blogger is being really shit, took me ages to upload this one single image.

Need a job. Anyone hiring? Like UK based. want someone i dont know, to do some meaning-less chores for them in exchange for money?

Friday, 18 July 2008

Filler post2.

I havent posted something new for a while... just dont know what to post, well i have a few things but i want to make the posts interesting and not bore you too much.. ive been knitting and trying to figure out what im going to do as a summer project.... still havent heard from Uni yet... my friend who's going CSM has been told that she's getting a summer project.. and thats all. But I want a summer project!!! It feels weird not having a deadline and something to do. Internet and tv is getting old, im trying to avoid the library because i have a fine on my card and i dont yet have much money to pay that off so i can read like 100+ books.
Watching a lot of dvds though, mainly SATC boxset.

Oh and i bought the KARL LAGERFELD tee that was shown on the previous post :)

Want to get the new NYLON mag, but my friend is going to America tomorrow and she said she would get me a copy from there. Mainly because it is a LOT cheaper buying said magazine from there than here in UK. Stupidly overpriced in the UK.

Taken from here.

The dress is Doir? I cant remember.. Galliano for Dior? I will check later on. But this was the dress from Season 6 where Carrie was in Paris and she was waiting for The Russian and he never turnt up, she fell asleep, and the dress!!! If anyone who has seen that particular scene when you see her kinda asleep with the dress all around her.. like a massive circle and she's in the middle...

Tuesday, 15 July 2008


I want the Karl one!!!!!!!!!It also comes in Michael Jackson,
I've seen the David Bowie one before but i cant find a photo, but i KNOW it exists... i think it does... currently on sale at Urban Outfitters (look under 'Graphic tees'). Im off to go London now so i'll hopefully be able to get the Karl one if they're still availible!!!!! Otherwise i'll buy a plain white tee and make my own Karl tee.
Its too early to be bloggging. Friggin' its not even 9am!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Zac Posen 08

Oops, sorry for the recent lack of posts, i didnt know it had been so long! Doesnt help that i dont really know WHAT to blog about - its that 'bloggers block' thing...

I was going to do this on Luella A/W 8/09 but i know another blogger did a post on her already.. i cant quite remember who...

So this post is obvs. about Zac Posen.

(Images taken from Style.com)

I've always liked Zac Posen, i dont really pay attention to his work but when i do see it i tend to like what i do see (if that makes sense?). This collection - or the pictures ive shown at least - remind me of Luella, they have that Luella-style. But then maybe because im not that familiar with his usual style/designs. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Mary Janes. I love ANY Mary Janes. I dont wear heels but if i did? Mary Janes most of the way.


I got tagged by dearest Dapper Kid for Premio Award Tag.

Yay. I think someone needs to make some badges or something. But yay.

And the tagging rules are....

  1. When received, you may post your Premio award on your blog.
  2. Link the blogger you received it from.
  3. Give it to 7 other bloggers.
  4. and link those bloggers.
  5. Then leave a comment about the blogger receiving their Premio award!

Ok, im going to try, but i doubt i'll be able to tag 7 bloggers that havent been tagged already.. but i can think of some blogs already :)

And the bloggers im going to tag are.... Inside the Cabinet of Wonder, Yonctopus Is The Bomb, the tea drinking english rose and thats it so far... i would tag Dapper Kid if i could. I'll edit this post if there is anyone new.

Righty ho, off to sort out another post and then do some knitting!!!!!

Wednesday, 9 July 2008


I was tagged by fellow Londoner/blogger Dapper Kid - im reeeeally curious at what his answers were!!!! I cant figure them out!

Anyway, the rules of the tagging was:

- Type your answer to the questions into Flickr search,
- Using only the first page, pick an image,
- Copy and paste each of the URLS of the images into the mosaic maker.
  1. What is your first name? (Hayley)
  2. What is your favourite food? (Tuna and Cheese)
  3. What high school did you go to? (Ravensbourne School)
  4. What is your favourite colour? (Blue)
  5. Who is your celebrity crush (Ed Westwick)
  6. Favourite drink? (Apple juice)
  7. Dream vacation? (Rome)
  8. Favourite dessert? (Ice Cream and Cake)
  9. What do you want to do when you grow up? (Creative Director)
  10. Who do you love most in life? (Books)
  11. One word to describe yourself. (Weird)
  12. Your Flickr name. (Hayley.Laaau)

So here's mine.

(My answers and my images - most of them dont match. But I like the images. Except the third picture on the third row, they are some randomly weird people and was my only choice as an answer.)

Ok.. so i think im going to tag......

Head In the Clouds, Inside the Cabinet of Wonder, Sugar Pop and Style Rookie.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

French films

I've been watching a few recently.... well i dont actually own THAT many french films, just only Amelie, Paris, Je T'aime and some weird some called C.R.A.Z.Y. In a tiny nutshell, the plot to 'C.R.A.Z.Y' is boy has a 'gift' in healing people, gets caught dressing in Mother's clothes as a young kid, potential gay experiences, um.. druggie brother, wedding, random trip to somewhere random, Morocco?, Christmas Mass and a black eye. It's a really odd film.

My french is BAD. Like seriously crap. I guess i can get slightly by as you kinda recognise a few words, but in school i was always in the average/middle sets for french. I rely on subtitles, but regardless, those films are pretty good in their own way. But yes, im going through HMV website to look for some film bargains, and er, La Vie En Rose is on sale. 2dvd and only £3.99. Not including that 10% student discount... its soooo tempting! But im not sure whether to buy it or not. The only reason i can think of to buy it is PURELY because of the price... but i need something to watch and i am kinda going on a role with all these french films.

I would buy Juno but i still need the price to go down! I dont think Harry Potter would make me feel any better... i really WANT to buy something now...

Chronicles of Narnia? I want to see the new with, Prince Caspian but i need to see the first one first.

(Oh and now i think of it, The Science of Sleep is partially in french, ANOTHER french-ish film..)

Ok, its between La Vie En Rose and Cats. Yes, Cats the MUSICAL. I remember watching it like in year... 5? And since then i've always longed to watch it again.. But i dont have enough money to buy both!!!!! Or do i? But it would be ALL the money on my debit card... Or Memoirs of a Geisha? It looks soooooo pretty. And the weather is pretty shitty these past few days.. it would be nice to eat some warm microwave popcorn watching a potentially b-o-r-i-n-g but visually stunning film.. i need to get the book. I always feel fake not reading the book and just watching the film.. i cannot wait for these students loans to arrive!

Ok, enough words, and less 'ok's too. Here are some lovely pictures.


I know, i really am like i child :) These pictures - stills from the film of course, just sooooo stunning!!!!! And i ordered La Vie En Rose and Memoirs of a Geisha. Now im off to re-watch Paris, Je, T'aime and Corpse Bride.

EDIT: I cancelled La Vie En Rose yes despite the 2dvd and chose Cats (the musical) instead. Hahah, I do love a musical though.

Sunday, 6 July 2008


I miss Alien Ant Farm. I cant really care for them nowadays, but the song 'Movies', makes my heart cry a little. 'Cry'. I miss the old days of secondary school (aka high school).

I've only watched a few mini stories already, but if you havent already, you should all go out and buy (or go online) and watch Paris, Je T'aime.

It's meant to be about little stories of people showing off Paris...? Or something.. some of the films are SOOOOOOOO weird, but they're really cute and sweet, regardless of some of the language..... but i love the one done by Gus Van Sant... the guy chatting to the guy in french and it turns out the dude doesn't understand french!!! But starts running off - to find the french dude? - but we'll never know.. because it cuts to another film. Seriously, the films are sooo adorable and they're not very long.

Tomorrow im hopefully going to the Topshop sale, i will hopefully buy some clothing and hopefully will get the FIRST, actually, i'll say SECOND image of me somewhat 'dressing up' or whatever you young kids are calling it these days...

This is the closest thing to me dressing up so far, since i got my hard-drive replaced ages ago all my old pictures with me dressing up have long gone im afraid. This is me with Josh, and i'm trying to hide from the camera all pointing at me wearing my friend Kelly's (not pictured) hat.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008


Lovefoxxx - Lead Singer of CSS.

Trying to think of someone to post about, someone not too obvious, well, she is fairly obvious depending on how you see it, but to me obvious is Alexa Chung and The Olsens. I do want to post about them, but i'd rather just read it on someone else's blog rather than repeat similar ideas... so i racked my brains and thought of her......

I love love looooooooove her. At first, i thought she was overhyped so i paid no attention to her, then CSS grew on me.. and Lovefoxxx did especially.... why wouldnt she?

Here are more pictures.

Pop Magazine, 2007.

Fringing:Glastonbury 2007: Rocking the rainbow sparkle and headband. Alphabet dress: Soooo cute.

Drawn on glasses? Tick. With the guy you love? Tick.

Taken these images from Flickr.

She's wicked. I love how she's just dresses.... different. And that she has fairly faint eyebrows. But i guess thats partially an asian thing.